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Power Hour 12 | Design your website on a budget – WordPress 101

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world with over 450 million active websites and over 35% of the market share. It has been crowned as the most versatile and scalable website builder and is perfect for businesses of all sizes from start-up to market leaders across the globe.
This WordPress 101 session will explain the basics of setting up and building a website for your business. With our 10 step process you will be given the tools and knowledge to create a beautiful website for your business.
10 Steps to Website Success
1) Domain
2) Hosting
3) CMS
4) Plugins
5) Theme
6) Page Builder
7) Content
8) Extra Features
9) Mobile Friendly
10) Launch

How does it work?

Every Friday at 12:00 we hold a Zoom training session (Power Hour) focusing on a specific aspect of digital marketing. The key points are then transformed into a “Bitesize Marketing Guide” each with a dedicated page including step-by-step marketing guides plus Q&As with local business experts and advisors.

Using the same principles that we apply to our own marketing campaigns and client projects, you will get practical advice that has been proven to deliver results. The aim is to bring together decision-makers from across London to learn new skills, with the opportunity to network with over 270 qualified attendees and counting.

Why Bitesize Marketing Guides?

These guides are carefully designed to give business owners and marketing teams a solid foundation and free tools to develop their own campaigns. Each topic is separated into bite-size chunks with clear action points and no jargon so they can be implemented by anyone.

We cover topics such as Website Design, SEO, Social Media, Networking, Sales Funnels and more. Building a comprehensive reference point over time, driven by your shared challenges

How do I get involved?
1) Subscribe for free marketing guides and exclusive content
2) Join the live Zoom events every Friday at 12:00
3) Network with our local business community
4) Get a free 1-2-1 Digital Marketing Clinic* via Zoom by emailing

*These are bespoke sessions to review your website and marketing activities or solve a specific challenge. Limited to one place per week with a free 3-month action plan and follow-up call.

Speaker / Contributor Callout
We are always looking for key speakers and contributors to add the series. Please get in touch if you have valuable knowledge or practical skills to share with our community.

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Power Hour 12 | Design your website on a budget – WordPress 101

  1. 1. Design your business website on a budget AIM: To understand the 10 easy steps of building a WordPress website Objectives: • To Identify the 3 core elements of a website: • Domain – Your unique ID • Hosting – Where your website data is stored • CMS – How you design and edit how your site looks • Understand the benefits of plugins • Learn what a theme and page builder are and how to use them • Ensure your site is mobile friendly and get ready to go live
  2. 2. 10 Steps to build your new website Step Action Notes Follow up 1 Domain 2 Hosting 3 CMS 4 Plugins 5 Theme 6 Page Builder 7 Content 8 Extra Features 9 Mobile Friendly 10 Launch
  3. 3. • A domain is a unique ID for your website • Make it simple/memorable and focus on your brand • Try to use .com or (or .org for charities) • You can have multiple domains for one site but can hurt SEO / / / 1. Domains Recommendation: – (budget) approx. £7 / year Google Doamins – (User friendly) approx. £10 / year
  4. 4. 1. Domains
  5. 5. • Hosting is where your site lives on the internet and where you manage email & settings • Basic troubleshooting will be via your hosting provider - NOT CMS ISSUES! • Some hosting companies have one click WordPress installs • Be careful hosting companies can offer a cheap deal for the first year and then the price may by 1000% (Focus on support! BH VS SG) Recommendation: Contact me for hosting reccomendations to suit your needs Starting from £5/month forever 2. Hosting
  6. 6. 2. Hosting
  7. 7. • You must install a CMS on your hosting to create your new website • CMS’s allow you to create and manage your website content and design Two main options 1) Fully customisable with more flexibility like WordPress 2) All in one solutions creation but limited functionality, WIX & Squarespace Recommendation: with Elementor page builder for the best of both worlds! 3. Content Management Systems
  8. 8. Task WordPress Setup Domain, Hosting and CMS required Simple all in one solution Design 100% Customisable Limited templates Price Cost of Domain & Hosting – Min £67 / year From £0 – but very limited! Time 4–8 hours 2-4 hours Functionality Anything Priced ceilings Suitability Anyone Start-up Maintenance Medium Low £36 – basic £84 - to have GA £240 – Plugins £432 – ecommerce 3. Content Management Systems
  9. 9. 3. Content Management Systems
  10. 10. • There are thousands of plugins in WordPress • Some are paid and others have free or pro versions • Even Elementor is a plugin itself • Less is more – Having many plugins can slow your site down Important plugins to consider • Elementor (Contact me for pro version) • GDPR - Popup cookie bar • Speed – WP supercache (not everyone has 4G/5G • SEO – Yoast / Rank Math • Security – WordFence 4. Plugins
  11. 11. Recommendation: Check reviews, last updated, compatibility and details 4. Plugins
  12. 12. • A WordPress theme is a pre-built template to help you design your website • Gives your site structure and standardises the font, colours and styling • If you notice two sites which look almost identical they may use the same theme • All WiX, Squarespace and sites use themes • Themes work as skins and can be swapped easily on smaller websites Recommendation: OceanWP & Hello 5. Themes
  13. 13. Recommendation: OceanWP & Hello 5. Themes
  14. 14. Recommendation: I use OceanWP & Hello 5. Themes5. Themes
  15. 15. • Small business websites are rarely built on code anymore • Visual page builders include Elementor, WP Bakery & Divi • Drag & Drop functionality but also fully customisable 6. Page Builder
  16. 16. 6. Page Builder
  17. 17. • Think about your Customer Journey Home / About / Services / Contact / Privacy • Text – Min 600 words per page – SEO • Images – Never copy from google – Royalty Free • Video –Always host on YouTube • Importance of regular updating – SEO tip Recommendations: Use Pexels/Pixabay/Unsplash for Free images & Grammarly for writing 7. Content
  18. 18. • E-commerce (Online store with checkout) • Blogs / Resources • Event Calendars • Newsletter signup • Memberships / E-courses Think about what value you can provide to your customer and if they will use it New features can always be added later as your business grows 8. Extra Features
  19. 19. • Being mobile friendly means that your site will dynamically resize to fit “any” screen size • Elementor has Desktop, Tablet and Mobile sizes which you can easily edit • Create your desktop website initially and adjust the mobile view once the desktop site is ready • Check the order of images / text for mobile – you can easily swap the order Pro Tip: Always test on various devices before going live 9. Mobile Responsive
  20. 20. 9. Mobile Friendly
  21. 21. 9. Mobile Friendly
  22. 22. 9. Mobile Friendly
  23. 23. • Check everything twice and get someone else to check – especially links • Is your site mobile friendly? • Is your site GDPR compliant – Privacy Policy, SSL certificate & Cookie Banner • Launch the website – review again and test on a new computer • Promote your website via google, social media, word of mouth, business cards, listings, leaflets…. everywhere 10. Launch
  24. 24. • Free 1 month demo website to try everything for yourself – on request • Free 121 marketing / website health-check with full reccomendations • £5/month SME Hosting / £10/month SME managed hosting • Website & Marketing Support £50ph or £100 monthly • Showcase website from £500 inc 2 years hosting • Google Business setup with £75 ad credit - £100 How to get started?
  25. 25. Questions 07709 852 364 Contact me to get a 1 month Elementor trial or a free website health check Subscribe to Bitesize Marketing Guides to receive monthly tips and advice for your business.