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Terms of Reference for UNWTO Volunteers Program in Buthan. 2013-2015.

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Bhutan terms of reference 031011 edit

  1. 1. Terms of Reference for a UNWTO Volunteer to support the Tourism Council of Bhutan in Marketing Activities PreambleThe United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is a specialized agencyof the United Nations in the field of tourism. It serves as a global forum for tourismpolicy issues and a practical source of tourism know-how. UNWTO plays a central anddecisive role in promoting the development of responsible, sustainable and universallyaccessible tourism, paying particular attention to the interests of developing countries.The Organization encourages the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics forTourism, with a view to ensuring that member countries, tourist destinations andbusinesses maximize the positive economic, social and cultural effects of tourism andfully reap its benefits, while minimizing its negative social and environmental impacts.Its membership includes 161 countries and territories and more than 390 AffiliateMembers representing the private sector, educational institutions, tourism associationsand local tourism authorities. Direct actions that strengthen and support the efforts ofNational Tourism Administrations are carried out by UNWTOs regional representatives(Africa, the Americas, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and SouthAsia) based at the Headquarters in Madrid.UNWTO.Themis Foundation is an operational branch of the United Nations WorldTourism Organization, and it is responsible for the implementation of the programme ofwork of the Department of Education and Training. One of its objectives is to improveand support development assistance through applied training and educational
  2. 2. programmes, achieved through the UNWTO.Volunteers Programme. One goal of thisprogramme is to strengthen the Volunteers’ Corp, which is composed of professionalswho share a high commitment to service and solidarity, purposely trained inDevelopment and Poverty Reduction through tourism from the UNWTO.ThemisFoundation. At present the UNWTO.Volunteers’ Corp is composed by over 150professionals from all continents, aged between 22 and 55 years and coming fromdifferent disciplines, many of them with an established career.The UNWTO Volunteers’ programme, managed by the UNWTO.Themis Foundation, isa high value added service designed to identify professionals who can provide servicesand perform a wide variety of specialized tasks to support development projects in thefield of tourism, which are ran by UNWTO and /or other international organizations.The Tourism Council of Bhutan is an autonomous body under the chairmanship of thePrime Minister of Bhutan. It is the sole national tourism organisation of Bhutan and isresponsible for guiding, monitoring and regulating the tourism industry in Bhutan. It isalso responsible for promoting the country as a high end destination keeping in view thetourism policy of “high value – low impact”. One of the main functions of the TCB inthe next few years is also to maintain a high standard of hospitality and services inBhutan and to ensure adequate infrastructure for tourism to maintain Bhutan as a highquality tourism destination.The participation of volunteers in the implementation phase of UNWTO.Volunterrsassignments aims to provide specific expertise in tourism development and support toproject teams. On the other hand, the experience is expected to effectively and positivelyinfluence the understanding between the Volunteer and the local and social reality bycreating links with the receptive community, which will ensure a productive andsatisfactory mission.1. Title of UNWTO Volunteer assignment: Destination Marketing and PR Specialist
  3. 3. 2. Type of mission (international or National UNWTO Volunteer): UNWTO International Volunteer.3. Project title: Marketing and Promotion Department (MPD).4. Duration: 24 months5. Place of assignment: The UNWTO.Volunteer job location is the Tourism Council of Bhutan Secretariat office in Thimphu.6. Desired start date: Last week of February 20127. Hosting Organization and Organizational Context: Tourism Council of BhutanThe Royal Government of Bhutan recognizes that tourism is a world-wide phenomenonand an important means of achieving socioeconomic development particularly for adeveloping country like Bhutan. It also recognizes that tourism, in affording theopportunity to travel, can help in promoting understanding among people and buildingcloser ties of friendship based on appreciation and respect for different cultures andlifestyles. The government took up facilitating and regulatory role with the establishment ofthe Tourism Authority of Bhutan, and later the Department of Tourism. . In 2008,realizing the importance of a multi-sectoral approach towards sustainable tourismdevelopment, the department was renamed the Tourism Council of Bhutan and wasgranted autonomy under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister. The main areas of functions and responsibilities of the Tourism Council of Bhutanare: a) Tourism Planning & Policy: Formulate, implement and update a national tourism policy and strategy in consultation with relevant stakeholders; b) Regulation and Monitoring: Develop and implement relevant tourism guidelines and regulatory measures towards sustainable utilization of natural and cultural resources and ensure compliance. c) Facilitation and Co-ordination: • Establish a safe, secure and healthy environment for visitors; • Promote and facilitate private sector investment in the tourism industry;
  4. 4. • Promote tourism as an important national priority and mobilize adequate resources for its development; • Co-ordinate tourism related efforts among all stakeholders in the industry; • Facilitate daily operational procedures; and • Facilitate and assist in improving visitor relations and experience. d) Marketing and Promotion: Actively carry out/facilitate promotion & marketing of the country as a preferred tourism destination through various promotional activities. e) Development of Tourism Products and Services: Diversify and develop new tourism products to create a balanced and sustainable tourism most compatible with the environment and society. f) Human Resource Development: Facilitate manpower and skills requirements of the tourism sector through training and advancement opportunities.9. Description of dutiesIn 2010 TCB and UNWTO.Volunteer initiated a one–year intervention funded byTourism Council of Bhutan and candidates were placed in the Marketing & promotiondivision with the objective of strengthening the positioning and visibility of Bhutan bydeveloping appropriate marketing tools in the national and International Tourism arena,using the following strategies: A. Tourism destination promotion and marketing; B. Strengthening of Public- Private Partnership for Tourism Development in Bhutan; C. Institutional support for the Destination Management Organization; D. Strengthening business linkages in the tourism supply chain between international and local tourism industry E. Creating a venue for Private Investors to acquaint themselves and appreciate the economic potentials of Bhutan as a Tourism Destination. F. Ensuring and executing media coverage for Bhutan as a travel destination G. Developing a marketing strategy by source market and execute
  5. 5. The UNWTO volunteer will respond to a TCB focal point. His/her immediate supervisorat TCB, will be the Director, Marketing and Promotion. The UNWTO Volunteer will haveto give support to the TCB on the following actions: 1. Support to the activities a. Develop marketing strategies by source markets and of the Marketing and ensure cost effective promotional activities Promotion Department b. Assist the TCB to explore and liaise with appropriate (MPD) high end publications and travel writers to feature Bhutan c. Liaise with the private sector to work out cost sharing in the implementation of the marketing and promotional strategies. 2. Development and a. Strengthen the administrative and technical capacities strengthening of business of the TCBS in undertaking their mandate and tasks linkages between private providing technical guidance and backstopping. sectors. b. Facilitate and execute co-marketing alliances and events to ensure wider reach of Bhutan as a preferred destination c. Interact with international tour operators to ensure Bhutan’s introduction as a destination and formation of marketing alliances to increase tourist flow to Bhutan. 3. Assist the TCB in the a. Work with TCB in planning, organising and planning and managing of management of travel fairs, road-shows and other travel trade related events. promotional events. 4. Others Assist the TCB to fulfil its mandates in general through execution of other tasks that may be assigned to him/her by the supervisor.10. Expected outcomesThe volunteer will contribute to the following expected outcomes:
  6. 6. R1. The TCB marketing strategy is put in motion by different stakeholders: TCB, public and private sectors, and civil society. R2. Bhutan is marketed by national and international operators as a unique and high end tourism destination. R3. There are more investments by the private sector in Bhutan. R4. More business linkages between tourism private sector and local Community Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs) and Medium and Small Size Enterprise MSMEs.11. Requirements • Belong to the UNWTO.Volunteers Corps. • Interest and experience in developing marketing and promotion strategies. • Commitment to UN values and volunteerism. • Academic background in marketing of tourism destinations, social sciences, economics, business administration and/or sound experience in tourism. • Have preferably a degree on issues related to tourism marketing and promotion or relevant experience in tourism. • Good knowledge of tourism marketing and promotional tools for tourism products and destinations. • Willing to work and live in a developing country and cope with a hard working environment. • Be able to work with people from different backgrounds and be respectful of any diversity. • Ability to work independently and as part of a team. • Excellent knowledge of English. • Excellent computer skills.The following can be considered as advantages: • Prior experience in developing countries (preferably in South Asia). • Have experience in the tourism sector possibly in promoting the development of Tourism destinations and in the development of business linkages in the
  7. 7. supply of services and goods between the private sector and local communities, individuals, products development and marketing.12. Conditions of stay A. The volunteer is going to be based in Thimphu (Bhutan) and will work in the TCB office in Thimphu; B. He/she may undertake field trips in Bhutan and missions abroad if necessary; C. Office space will be provided as well as internet and a desktop computer. D. Transport for field trips will be provided by TCB. E. TCB will provide technical support to the volunteer for the development of his daily tasks as well as for the organization of field visits, as well as for finding accommodation.13. Conditions of serviceThe UNWTO.Themis, will provide a return air ticket from the capital city of his countryof residence to the capital city of the country of destination, as well as the cost of amedical insurance covering the whole length of stay.The selected volunteer will receive a monthly allowance of 525 USD This amount will betransferred monthly to the Volunteer’s bank account by TCB, to cover localtransportation, meals, and other expenses. Accomodation will be provided by TCB.The total length of the mission is 24 months subject to confirmation after a probationaryperiod of 2 months.14. How to applyThe UNWTO.Volunteers’ Corps members interested in participating in this projectshould send their updated CV and a letter of interest to Lucy Gardner before 15 februaryIf you do not belong to the UNWTO Volunteers Corps, please visit the UNWTO.ThemisFoundation’s web page ( for further information.