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Pseudo-disadvantages of Bonding• It’s “Chemistry” ! It’s a mess !? = Operator dependent• Environmental aspects: – Water ba...
Failure Types Medical needles• Cohesion failure: lack of cure• Material failure: plasma treated + fully curedSurface Treat...
• RFID – Identification Systems• SMD in Electronics• Watch Mechanism with Chip• Stacking Potentiometers• Piezo Diesel Inje...
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Jan Lambrechts - LCS Belgium


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Jan Lambrechts - LCS Belgium

  1. 1. © µ-Joining µC 121206121203 LCS Micro - Joining, the Adhesive Bonding Approach. Themadag Mikrocentrum Eindhoven – 6 december 2012LCS Belgium bvba, Consultancy in Adhesive Bonding Technology www.lcs-adhesivebonding.com Where it’s all about …• Introduction … always with examples• Bonding as alternative for …• What is bonding ? The theory …• Surface Treatment Methods• External Influences• Adhesive Types• Design with Adhesives• Examples including equipment and QC• ConclusionNASA – Spaceshuttle – Heatshield vs Medical Needle – PP to InoxBonding: an alternative for …• Welding: – Electric Arc Welding, – Ultrasonic Welding, – Laser Welding• Soldering• Screws, Bolts & Nuts• Clinch-nails & Rivets• Folding, Pressing en Flowdrilling• Clasp constructions & Springs• Sewing, Stitching & StaplingAdvantages of Adhesives• Easy & Fast: less rework• Also for dissimilar materials – e.g. metal-plastic & thick-thin• Higher Strength: uninterrupted joint – No or less weak points• Improved Stress-distribution & -reduction – Higher fatiguestrength• Sealing: corrosion prevention – Liquid- & gastight• Damped Vibrations – less Noise S&R• Light: weight reduction• Esthetic: invisible• Bonding also “Thin” & “Small” components• Less componentsµLCS Adhesive Bonding bvba Copyright © 2012-06-07
  2. 2. Pseudo-disadvantages of Bonding• It’s “Chemistry” ! It’s a mess !? = Operator dependent• Environmental aspects: – Water based adhesives – Recycling of adhesive and cleaners• Cleanliness of substrates• Design flexibility: is manageable• Speed: adhesive type dependent• Dangers: exothermic reactions, H&S• Difficult Disassembly: recycling• Limited Strength & Temperature ResistanceSticking as a Gecko – IFAM• Subtle hairs with a molecular bond: van der Waals forces What’s “Bonding” ? Definition Joining of two substrates by means of a third medium = the adhesive Adhesion vs Cohesion LCS 100218 Copyright LCS ® 18What’s “Bonding” ? Mechanisms (cfr Wikipedia)• Vanderwaals: – Glassplates experiment• Chemical: – Si primer• Mechanical: – Surface roughnessBut what’s really on the ‘Surface’ ?!Surface condition of substrates !!!Why Surface Treatment ?• Strength: adhesion - cohesion ( rupture )• Wetting ( > 40 Dyne/cm)• ‘Contact Angle’ measurement• WatertestPretreatment of substrates• Degreasing: cloth, vapour, ultrasonic• Grinding: roughen = > surface• Blasting: grit-, ice- . NON-recirculating !• Primers: silanes – thickness = µm• Chemical etch: bv Aluminium• Flame & Corona: foil & sheet• Plasma: vacuum & atmospheric – CA!• Laser: surface structure changeFailure Types• Cohesive failure: in the adhesive• Adhesive failure: on the surface of at least one of the substrates• Material Failure: one of both substrates• Mixed Failure: a combination of the aboveLCS Adhesive Bonding bvba Copyright © 2012-06-07
  3. 3. Failure Types Medical needles• Cohesion failure: lack of cure• Material failure: plasma treated + fully curedSurface Treatment with Atmospheric Plasma – VideoExternal Influences• Time: aging – degradation in function of time• Temperature: -change en thermoshock – under the hood: -55° tot +125° C C• Vibrations & Shock: noise - S&R• Chemical: salt + humidity = corrosion• Radiation: X-ray, α-, β-, γ-radiation – Radioactive – Light: UV degradation – color permanency• Medical: USP Class VI – ISO 10993 - sterilisation, biocompatibility, citotoxicityAdhesive Types - Graph• Epoxy: highest performance, chemical resistant• Polyurethane: humidty sensitive, cheap• Silicone: flexible, price ↑, Mix-Ratio, Visc ≠ f(T)• Phenolics: high temperature applications• UV & light- curing: fast, price ↑, light sensitive• Acrylates: highest strength, smell, initiators• Cyanoacrylates: moisture cure• Anaerobics: thread lock – metal+ & air cut off• Hybrids : EP/Si, PU/EP, UV + moisture or T …• Exotics: polybutadiene, MS-polymer, PSA, …• Hotmelts: cheap, reactive types, performance• Tapes: single and double sided• Ceramic : HT – WaterglassInk CartridgesGas FiltrationHeat ExchangerSolvent Based Adhesives• Medical disposables: – Stress Cracking• Urgency repair of panty’s: – Acetone based nail remover• Solvent alternativesAdhesive Types – UV & LIGHT Curing• Medical needles• Glass & plexiglass structures• CD – DVD lens focus mechanism• ‘Carglass’ repair• Jewelry – Cristal’ clear • Refractive index • Non-yellowing • Fast curing • No oxygen inhibition – not tacky • StrongHealth & Safety – H&S - That’s why there are Safety Measures …Design = alternative thinking• Tensile - Trekbelasting• Shear – Afschuiving L&R – Best for Bonding Applications• Cleavage - Splijtbelasting• Peel - AfpelbelastingExamples (cont’d)• Tea bags• Medical Needles en Catheters• Curing of Adhesives - Timing• Ra-ra-ra what’s this ?• Glucose Test• Blood Tubes• Detector in Toothbrush• Modelbouw• Balloon Catheder• Pacemakers & Hearing Aids• Surgical Glue & Dental Surgery• Nageltrends• Scanner Sensors• CA Rubber Bonding• CD/DVD Laser• Motor ControlLCS Adhesive Bonding bvba Copyright © 2012-06-07
  4. 4. • RFID – Identification Systems• SMD in Electronics• Watch Mechanism with Chip• Stacking Potentiometers• Piezo Diesel Injection• Piezoelectric Evaporation Device• Biological Pest Control• Shaver Blade Cover• Dosing Equipment – Volumetric – XYZ – 2K• Nano dispensing equipment - 1 mm - 10 nl• Chip Packaging in Micro-Electronics• Fiber-OpticsQuality Control with Vision System• A: non Fluo • B: non Fluo • C: OK • D: DefectA few Trends• Multiple functionalities: Vibration dampening - S&R• More composites and ‘all-in’ adhesives• Increasing Price pressure ↑ : Lopez effect - raw materials & energy price increases• Nanotechnology in adhesives• It all happens on the surface, less in the adhesive• Selfhealing Adhesives• More automation with adhesives• More ‘Bonding’ for your new ApplicationConclusionThe only chance realising bonding projects successfully, is that the“Triumvirate” of – the customer with his project – the glue manufacturer with the adhesive – the machine manufacturers with their equipmentis working intensively and expertly together, from the design phase on andon all aspects of the application.Success Guaranteed !Thanks for your attention, and we welcome you in ’The Adhesive’s World’LCS – Your partner in Adhesive BondingLCS Adhesive Bonding bvba Independent Consultancy in Adhesive Bonding TechnologyIng. Jan A. LAMBRECHTS MSc.Bergenstraat 84B-3053 Haasrode – Leuven+32-(0)16-38 90 45+32-475-45 48 98jan.lambrechts@consultant.comwww.lcs-adhesivebonding.com121203 LCS © µ-joining µC 121206LCS Adhesive Bonding bvba Copyright © 2012-06-07