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Weekly newsletter equity 05 nov2012


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Weekly newsletter equity 05 nov2012

  1. 1. Weekly Newsletter ly Newsletter-Equity 05-Nov Nov-2012EQUITY ANALYSIS - WEEKLY WEEKL
  2. 2. Weekly NewsletterContents Market Wrap Market Performance NSE Gainers NSE Losers Volume Toppers World Indices Indian Equity Market Technical Analysis Nifty Spot Bank Nifty Future
  3. 3. MARKET WRAP Nifty and Sensex were almost flat; gains 0.24, 0.40% respectively this week. U.S. Unemployment claims came at 363K; ISM Manufacturing PMI at 51.7. U.S. & Euro market were mixed; Asian markets too were mixed last week.Indian markets ended with gain on Friday wiping out almost half of previous day’s loss,gain in Mfg sector, Auto sector major Maruti Suzuki, Bajaj Auto, IT majors TCS, Wiprolead the market. The earnings season is well underway, & will vie for investors’ attentionin the coming week as well. Technically Nifty may is expected to remain consolidate ora short term range bound movement this week; Nifty this week may range 5550-5820.The RBI on Tuesday cut the cash reserve ratio (CRR) by 25 basis points to 4.25%, butkept the key policy rates including the repo rate unchanged. The CRR cut is meant toinject Rs 17500 crore into the banking system. It is intended to pre-empt prospectiveliquidity crunch. The reverse repo, at which RBI absorbs excess liquidity throughborrowings from banks, remains at 7 percent . Retail inflation for industrial workersin September declined marginally to 9.14 percent from 10.31 percent in previous month.The S&P 500 scored its best day in seven weeks on Thursday as bullish consumerconfidence and private-sector jobs data gave investors reason to cheer following superstorm. Sandys devastating sweep through the US Northeast. The major indicesdeclined sharply for the week, with the Dow jones down nearly by 2.5 percent. TheCBOE volatility index closed above 18. Consumer confidence is expected to rise to 74and construction spending is expected to come in positive at 0.6%.
  4. 4. MARKET PERFORMANCE NSE GAINERS COMPANY NAME CURRENT PREV. CLOSE(RS) CANG.(RS) CHAG.(%) Ponni Sugars 314.30 205.60 108.70 52.87 Birla Ericsson Optic 13.50 9.45 4.05 42.86 20 Microns 148.05 106.55 41.50 38.95 Maxwell Industries 27.40 20.75 6.65 32.05 De Nora India 215.90 165.70 50.20 30.30 NSE LOSERS COMPANY NAME CURRENT PREV. CLOSE(RS) CANG.(RS) CHAG.(%) Zylog Systems 120.65 220.70 -100.05 -45.33 Antarctica 0.30 0.40 -0.10 -25.00 S Kumars Nation 13.60 17.30 -3.70 -21.39 DCM 101.70 127.20 -25.50 -20.05 KEC International 62.45 75.15 -12.70 -16.90VOLUME TOPPERS COMPANY NAME CURRENT PREV. CLOSE(RS) CHAG.(%) Volume in (‘000s) Apollo Tyres 86.35 88.50 -2.43 19470.45 Unitech 24.10 23.90 0.84 17876.89 Lanco Infratech 12.45 12.45 0.00 17741.97 Union Bank Of India 223.10 206.40 8.09 13855.72 Kingfisher Airlines 13.85 13.20 4.92 13086.11
  5. 5. SECTORIAL INDICES Indices Country Date Index Net Change Change (%)Hang Seng Hong Kong 2-Nov-2012 22111.33 559.57 2.60 Jakarta Indonesia 2-Nov-2012 4338.89 7.64 0.18CompositeNikkei 225 Japan 2-Nov-2012 9051.22 48.54 0.54 KLSE Malaysia 2-Nov-2012 1656.13 -10.22 -0.61Composite Seoul South Korea 2-Nov-2012 1918.72 -25.12 -1.29CompositeStrait Times Singapore 2-Nov-2012 3040.75 -10.78 -0.35 UnitedFTSE 100 2-Nov-2012 5862.65 -33.50 -0.57 Kingdom United Nasdaq 2-Nov-2012 3020.06 14.44 0.48 States United DJIA 2-Nov-2012 13232.62 -110.89 -0.83 States United S&P 500 2-Nov-2012 1427.59 -5.60 -0.39 StatesINDIAN EQUITY MARKET INDICES VALUE CHANGE % CHANGE NIFTY 5697.70 13.45 0.24 BANK NIFTY 11551.00 45.55 0.40 SENSEX 18755.45 73.14 0.39
  6. 6. TECHNICAL VIEW NIFTYWEEKLY PIVOTINDICES R4 R3 R2 R1 P S1 S2 S3 S4 NIFTY 6049 5921 5792 5745 5664 5617 5536 5408 5279OUTLOOK Trend: - Bullish Resistance: - 5900 6100 900, Support: - 5560, 5 5400 Strategy: - Buy on Dips NIFTY WEEKLY
  7. 7. BANK NIFTYWEEKLY PIVOT SCRIPT R4 R3 R2 R1 P S1 S2 S3 S4BANK NIFTY 12923 12440 11957 11747 11475 11264 10992 10509 10026OUTLOOK Trend: - Bullish Resistance: - 1200 12500 00, Support: - 11300, 10600 , Strategy: - Buy on dips BANK NIFTY WEEKLY
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