Weekly equity market report for 14 to 18 may


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A bad week ended red with Nifty and Sensex both down more than 3.2 %.
U.S. Unemployment claims came at 367K; Trade Balance came at (-) 51.8B.
This week has given a weak ending for almost all international markets.

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Weekly equity market report for 14 to 18 may

  1. 1. Weekly Newsletter ly Newsletter-Equity14 MAY 2012EQUITY ANALYSIS - DAILY
  2. 2. Weekly NewsletterContents Market Wrap Market Performance NSE Gainers NSE Losers Volume Toppers World Indices Indian Equity Market Technical Analysis Nifty Spot Bank Nifty Future
  3. 3. MARKET WRAP A bad week ended red with Nifty and Sensex both down more than 3.2 %. U.S. Unemployment claims came at 367K; Trade Balance came at (-) 51.8B. This week has given a weak ending for almost all international markets.This was a dismal week for the Indian market which saw almost all sectoral indices endin the red. Infrastructure took the most beating, followed by technology, metals andbanks. The range for the indices shifted further down and next week it is expected thatthis will continue to be choppy and negative. Nifty this week has closed below itspsychological level of 5000 to end at 4929 and Sensex shredding 3.2% to end at 16293.Negative cues from domestic and global markets made the markets vulnerable.Indias industrial output unexpectedly contracted 3.5% in March compares withFebruarys annual increase of 4.1%, government data showed. Manufacturing, whichconstitutes about 76% of industrial production, shrank an annual 4.4% from a yearearlier. The overall output grew 2.8% in the fiscal year that ended on March 31, muchslower than 8.2% in the year-ago period. Indias economy has slowed considerably dueto surging inflationary pressures, which have resulted in high interest rates.It was a volatile week for global markets, Global cues remained cheerless as concernsover Greece continued to haunt traders. Wall Street ended its worst week this year witha sharp selloff on Friday after a slowdown in job creation in the worlds top economyraised the biggest question mark yet about the prospects for US growth. Theimplications of French and Greek elections for the regions drive to impose fiscalausterity will be crucial, while March readings on industrial production.
  4. 4. MARKET PERFORMANCE NSE GAINERS COMPANY NAME CURRENT PREV. CLOSE(RS) CANG.(RS) CHAG.(%) Kothari Sugars 8.90 6.30 2.60 41.27 Guj. Lease Fin 3.35 2.40 0.95 39.58 M & B Switchgears 75.70 56.95 18.75 32.92 Nu Tek India 0.70 0.55 0.15 27.27 Chemplast Sanmar 14.55 11.55 3.00 25.97 NSE LOSERS COMPANY NAME CURRENT PREV. CLOSE(RS) CANG.(RS) CHAG.(%) REI Six Ten Retail 6.10 9.85 -3.75 -38.07 Bartronics India 25.55 33.85 -8.30 -24.52 Sanwaria Agro Oils 24.75 32.50 -7.75 -23.85 Global Vectra 10.05 13.05 -3.00 -22.99 Jubilant Ind 206.95 266.75 -59.80 -22.42VOLUME TOPPERS COMPANY NAME CURRENT PREV. CLOSE(RS) CHAG.(%) Volume in (‘000s) Lanco Infratech 12.15 12.40 -2.02 33442.26 Suzlon Energy 18.95 19.45 -2.57 27866.25 HDIL 64.40 62.95 2.30 26957.30 JP Associate 62.90 60.30 4.31 23335.25 Unitech 20.45 21.15 -3.31 21022.88
  5. 5. SECTORIAL INDICES Indices Country Date Index Net Change Change (%)Hang Seng Hong Kong 20-May-10 20227.28 -858.72 -4.07 Jakarta Indonesia 21-May-10 4133.63 -83.05 -1.97CompositeNikkei 225 Japan 21-May-10 9009.65 -370.60 -3.95 KLSE Malaysia 21-May-10 1588.06 -2.98 -0.19Composite Seoul South Korea 21-May-10 1944.93 -44.22 -2.22CompositeStrait Times Singapore 20-May-10 2883.40 -107.19 -3.58 UnitedFTSE 100 21-May-10 5544.00 -111.06 -1.96 Kingdom United Nasdaq 22-May-10 2933.64 -22.70 -0.77 States United DJIA 22-May-10 12855.04 -183.23 -1.41 States United S&P 500 22-May-10 1357.99 -11.11 -0.81 StatesINDIAN EQUITY MARKET INDICES VALUE CHANGE % CHANGE NIFTY 4931.00 -167.00 -3.28 BANK NIFTY 9379.00 -415.00 -4.24 SENSEX 16293.00 -538.00 -3.20
  6. 6. TECHNICAL VIEW NIFTYWEEKLY PIVOTINDICES R4 R3 R2 R1 P S1 S2 S3 S4 NIFTY 5710 5470 5230 5081 4990 4841 4750 4510 4270OUTLOOK Trend: - Consolidate Resistance: - 5100 5250 0, Support: - 4800, 4 4640 Strategy: - Sell on High NIFTY WEEKLY
  7. 7. BANK NIFTYWEEKLY PIVOT SCRIPT R4 R3 R2 R1 P S1 S2 S3 S4BANK NIFTY 11504 10841 10178 9778 9515 9115 8852 8189 7526OUTLOOK Trend: - Consolidate Resistance: - 9700 10200 9700, Support: - 9100, 865 8650 Strategy: - Sell on High BANK NIFTY DAILY
  8. 8. DisclaimerThe information and views in this report, our website & all the service we provide are believed to be reliable, but we do notaccept any responsibility (or liability) for errors of fact or opinion. Users have the right to choose the product/s that suitsthem the most.Sincere efforts have been made to present the right investment perspective. The information contained herein is based onanalysis and up on sources that we consider reliable.This material is for personal information and based upon it & takes no responsibilityThe information given herein should be treated as only factor, while making investment decision. The report does notprovide individually tailor-made investment advice. TheEquicom recommends that investors independently evaluateparticular investments and strategies, and encourages investors to seek the advice of a financial adviser. TheEquicom shallnot be responsible for any transaction conducted based on the information given in this report, which is in violation of rulesand regulations of NSE and BSE.The share price projections shown are not necessarily indicative of future price performance. The information herein,together with all estimates and forecasts, can change without notice. Analyst or any person related to TheEquicom might beholding positions in the stocks recommended. It is understood that anyone who is browsing through the site has done so athis free will and does not read any views expressed as a recommendation for which either the site or its owners oranyone can be held responsible for . Any surfing and reading of the information is the acceptance of this disclaimer.All Rights Reserved.Investment in Commodity and equity market has its own risks.We, however, do not vouch for the accuracy or the completeness thereof. we are not responsible for any loss incurredwhatsoever for any financial profits or loss which may arise from the recommendations above. TheEquicom does notpurport to be an invitation or an offer to buy or sell any financial instrument. Our Clients (Paid Or Unpaid), Any third party oranyone else have no rights to forward or share our calls or SMS or Report or Any Information Provided by us to/with anyonewhich is received directly or indirectly by them. If found so then Serious Legal Actions can be taken.