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Emma's story


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Emma's story

  1. 1. Emma’s Story ENTER
  2. 2. Objectives: The children will know and understand that:  Bullying can be stopped.  There are ways of tackling bullying.Teacher’s Notes Next Page
  3. 3. Emma got out of the car and wavedat her mum. She turned to walktowards the playground and heardher mum’s voice in the distancecalling, ‘Have a lovely day, darling!.’ Next Page
  4. 4. Suddenly, two big boys and their huge dog surrounded her and shouted, ‘Give us your money!’ Emma held on tightly to her purse.What words can you think of to describe Emma’s feelings? Next Page
  5. 5. ‘No,’ shouted Emma and tried to dodge the boys. One of the boys grabbed her hand and snatched the purse. The other boy pushed her and whispered, ‘ Don’t tell anyone or you’ll get hurt.’ The boys ran away laughing and Emma quickly hurried into the school building and into her classroom. Her teacher sat at her desk and smiled at Emma.Did Emma tell her teacher about the boys? YES NO
  6. 6. The teacher took Emma to the headmaster who rang thepolice. Emma described the boys and their dog who weresoon found and taken away in a police car. They apologisedfor what they had done and Emma never had any problemswith them again. How does Emma How do the bullies feel now? feel now?
  7. 7. At lunchtime Emma was playing with her friends on the playground when she saw the boys who bullied her outside the school gate. She could see that they were taking money from another child.Did Emma tell her dinner ladies about the boys? YES NO
  8. 8. The dinner lady took How does Emma feel now?Emma to theheadmaster who rangthe police. Emmadescribed the boysand their dog whowere soon taken to thepolice station. They How do the bullies feel now?apologised for whatthey had done andEmma never had anyproblems with themagain.
  9. 9. At the end of the day Emma waitedoutside school for her mum to arrive.Once again the boys surrounded herand whispered a warning. “We’ll beback for more money tomorrow.Make sure you keep your mouth shutor you’ll end up seriously hurt,” theysaid. They quickly ran off as Emma’smum arrived in the car.“Who were those boys you weretalking to?” mum asked. Did Emma tell her mum about the boys? YES NO
  10. 10. Mum took Emma to the How does Emma feel now?police station andEmma described theboys and their dog.They were soon caughtby the police andbrought back to thestation. They How do the bullies feel now?apologised for whatthey had done andEmma never had anyproblems with themagain.
  11. 11. Later that evening Emma started crying. Mum came over and asked her what the matter was. Emma decided to tell her mum about the bullies and Mum telephoned the police .How does Emma feel now? Next Page
  12. 12. Next morning Mum took Emma toschool as normal. The police werewaiting near the school gates andEmma was able to show them thechildren who had stolen her money.The police took the boys and the dogback to the station to question them.Emma skipped happily into school andwas never bothered by the bulliesagain. How does Emma feel now? How do the bullies feel now?
  13. 13. Teachers Notes  Discuss how the victim and bully will feel  Discuss what choices the child has when being bullied  Use interactive pen to record ideas from class discussion Click Here Choose appropriate buttonYES NO to make choice. Press this key (escape) to Esc exit the presentation. Forward button – takesNext Page you to the next page in the presentation. Home button – takes you to the beginning of the presentation.