The Google Arena


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A look at all of the important Google updates from the past year and more.

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The Google Arena

  1. 1. The Google ArenaHow your website went from the top ofthe search results to the bottom, in just one year.
  2. 2. What the Business Owner Sees
  3. 3. The Battle Begins
  4. 4. How many Google updates?“There are over 500-600 changes to it’s algorithm in a year.” – Matt Cutts 550 / 365 = 1.5 updates a day
  5. 5. PenguinThe Attack against the Black Hat• keyword stuffing• participating in link schemes• duplicant content
  6. 6. Google PandaAttack of the low content:- Ezines
  7. 7. Search + Your WorldThe Knowledge Graph enables you to search forthings, people or places that Google knowsabout—landmarks, celebrities, cities, sportsteams, buildings, geographical features, movies,celestial objects, works of art and more—andinstantly get information that’s relevant to yourquery.
  8. 8. Exact Match DomainThis update, dubbed the “EMD update,” focuseson ridding the SERPs of spammy or low-quality“exact-match” domains.
  9. 9. 7 Page SERPS- More Ads- Local search results- Pictures- Videos
  10. 10. YouTube ViewsYouTube has recently adjusting the ranking ofvideos in YouTube search to reward engagingvideos that keep viewers watching