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Web 2 .2 Encoding Solutions


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Web 2 .2 Encoding Solutions

  1. 1. Web 2 .2 Encoding Solutions (Seventy Three Sites )Coding, demos , proof-of-concept, program bit expressing sites1. 301url : tiny link (#,a-b)2. Abaqueinside : online ajax list (#,a-b)3. AJAX Devmo : mozilla dev middle regarding ajax (#,a-b)4. Ajax showcase : blogging platforms.0 directory (#,a-b)5. AJAX only using an image : ajax only using an image (#,a-b)6. Ajaxian : ajax brand new weblog (#,a-b)7. AjaxImpact : ajax reports (#,a-b)8. Ajaxpatterns : ajax database (#,a-b)9. ajchat : ajax dependent chitchat space (#,a-b)10. aPop : ajax, php, mysql database run gallery (#,a-b)11. Ataja : tiny link (#,a-b)12. b2evolution : free weblog powerplant (#,a-b)13. Codase : programming rule bit expressing (c-d)14. Code Snippets : resource rule database (c-d)15. Cyber Dummy : ajax rule thoughts (c-d)16. del.icio.people direc.tor : ajax dependent user interface regarding tasty (c-d)17. del.icio.people tag cloud : tasty clouds on your account (c-d)18. DIY Map : clickable driving chart (c-d)19. Django : net software construction (c-d)20. Dojo : free javascript toolkit (c-d)21. dotproject : open-source task supervision program (c-d)22. EasyUtil : recommendation assistance api (e-f)23. ElfURL : small urls using numbers (e-f)24. eyeOS : online pc method (e-f)25. FCKeditor : open-source html wording publisher (e-f)26. fileNice : php record internet browser (e-f)27. Flickr rss or atom Widget : javascript to come up with reddit feed (e-f)28. Flowermaker : art/flower producing assistance (e-f)29. footoo : ajax image gallery (e-f)30. FreeVolution : isometric porcelain tile powerplant regarding online games (e-f)31. gDisk : employ googlemail account for online storage (g-h)32. GrokThis : ruby and zope and plone and mono hosting (g-h)33. Hula : free appointments as well as postal mail server (g-h)34. Instant Rails : train track runtime option (i-j)
  2. 2. 35. IssueTrackerProduct : online bug-tracking; open-source (i-j)36. Krugle : programming rule bit look for (k-l)37. Lite cause Checker : cause check out trial (k-l)38. Locomotive : ruby upon train track option regarding macintosh (k-l)39. Loudblog : website cms regarding audio tracks media (k-l)40. Memory : memory space video game coming from google pictures (m-n)41. Meta : online community software package using marking , standing , stay modernizing (m-n)42. MochiKit : javascript libraries (m-n)43. Montage-a-google : yahoo image montage (m-n)44. MyProgs : cultural programs/software listing expressing (m-n)45. Nopaste : programming rule bit storage (m-n)46. NotLong : tiny link (m-n)47. openrico : javascript libraries (o-p)48. OPML Workstation : handle opml data (o-p)49. Orbeon : form-based net software (o-p)50. OSZone : free directory (o-p)51. Pastebin : programming rule effort (o-p)52. PhotoStack : photograph gallery making use of ajax/php (o-p)53. Phrasr : phrase coming from reddit photograph (o-p)54. Plogger : open-source photograph gallery (o-p)55. Processing : free surroundings regarding image/animation/sound (o-p)56. ProgrammableWeb : blogging platforms.0 reference website (o-p)57. : javascript libraries (s-t)58. SWiK : free directory (s-t)59. Tagnautica : reddit look for interface (s-t)60. TextDrive Snippets : programming rule bit expressing (s-t)61. TextSnippets : resource rule database (s-t)62. The free Zone : free jobs database (s-t)63. TNX : short-term wording storage (s-t)64. Treehouse AJAX chitchat room : ajax chitchat space (s-t)65. TurboDbAdmin : ajax repository option (s-t)66. url(times ) : link shortening assistance (u-v)67. Userscripts : opera greasemonkey texts (u-v)68. VGMap : software package catalogue to include in yahoo roadmaps (u-v)69. what is always that file : ajax dependent record explanation (w-x)70. wsfinder : net providers and api directory (w-x)71. YubNub : command range look for (y-z)72. zenphoto : photograph gallery making use of ajax/php (y-z)73. Zmanda : free backup/recover (y-z)
  3. 3. pastebin