The Law Of Gravity Can Be MagnetismFirst understood and explained inside oct 1983.ok , to all my personal supporters and h...
15mA, the actual contaminants fall down and form a new trail to theirrear. If we all position a major horse-shoe magnetic ...
acts in different ways if we replicate the idea beneath tension (fifteenvolt/cm and more , household power ) in the ough c...
holding chamber , the actual dynamic magnet sense of balance will bedisrupted and you can discover this specific by the he...
magnet property each and every time because light photon moves a newhydrogen atom. The consequence of that is which the li...
put phenol reddish or fat reddish 7B in the medium around the cathodebeneath existing of 40mA and seven-hundred volts, we ...
forces.4. The problem of lifestyle in the whole world.All of the productin the whole world for example stars and planets c...
indicators is where in the whole world wherever our sunshine was created.Only at that position the hazard has been which t...
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The Law Of Gravity Can Be Magnetism


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The Law Of Gravity Can Be Magnetism

  1. 1. The Law Of Gravity Can Be MagnetismFirst understood and explained inside oct 1983.ok , to all my personal supporters and helpers, you should undergo theidea , try out the idea , and comment along with just truthful responses.My spouse and i give you the Keeker theory.....Magnetism will be gravity!subjective inside physical-chemistry we all illustrate which gravity isoften a magnet pressure developed ,in the nucleus from the atom, by agreat induction mechanism , each and every time how the neutron will bechanged into a new proton and vice-versa by the swap of the . the finaloutcome is that just electromagnetic forces can be found in the wholeworld.We all in addition demonstrate that the photon from the electricityare present and now we make use of this photon to construct a new clinicalproduct to the examine from the whole world. This specific product seemsto be as being a technique of fermions.Our bottom line is that 1 kind offorces final results in addition a single kind of techniques , a system the event the whole world can be viewed as as you gigantictechnique of fermions our world our planet should be in the exclusivecircumstance – exclusivity basic principle of Pauli – benefits :wellprovide the viewer informed your own perspective in the field of physics.Inside three authentic findings inside physics we were able to illustrate, which gravity will be magnetism , which photons possess a magnetproperty knowning that purchase is made beyond disorder in the electricdiscipline of the clinical product wherever we can examine the behaviorfrom the whole world.Our conclusions from the findings are generally whichgravity is definitely an electromagnetic pressure knowning that justelectromagnetic forces can be found in the whole world. Because photonshave got magnet properties , we can offer one more explanation to thedisplacement on the reddish from the spectral traces of sunshine viasuperstars and still have questions around the theory from the increasingwhole world. We can assist the theory which eventually we have beenheading on the major meltdown from the whole world. One particular a new.The actual try out a great snow ball well identify right now one more trythings out which usually realises these brand-new tips. We all researchedthe behavior associated with an snow ball plus a absorb dyes demo withinan electric and magnet discipline developed in the ough condition cupcolumn of 3 cm diameter and thirty cm height.if we all complete the actualcolumn along with anionic leading buffer and now we put great ionic absorbdyes contaminants in the column and that is under a existing of 15 to
  2. 2. 15mA, the actual contaminants fall down and form a new trail to theirrear. If we all position a major horse-shoe magnetic field throughout thecolumn in the north to the south path (perpendicular for this ) we see anew deviation from the trail in the outdoors magnet discipline. The actualpath from the deviation is at perform from the path from the electricdiscipline and also the path of the actual magnetic field but not reliantfrom the control of the actual absorb dyes. In the next try things out weall complete the actual column along with leading buffer right up until anew height of something like 20 cm and put methanol to 28 cm. nOw we havea new denseness big difference in the column. If we all put a great snowball – well prepared of deionized drinking water : in the column , theactual snow ball drifts between the drinking water and also the methanolfrom its own denseness. If we all use the present of 10mA plus a majormount footwear magnetic field we all remember that the actual path of theactual deviation from the snow ball is always contrary on the path fromthe deviation from the absorb dyes trail.One particular t. Discussion fromthe try out the actual snow ball based on our theory deduced from yourisotachophoresis findings , the actual absorb dyes ions have got in theelectric discipline a new magnet property created by orientation from theelectron orbits which magnet properties will certainly work togetheralways in much the same way while using exterior magnetic field. In thesnow ball to the contrary the actual electrons are generally fixed in thecrystalline composition from the snow and usually are not liberal to shiftor modify their orbits. This makes how the nuclear magnet discipline isthe owning magnet discipline in the snow ball. The actual changing feeinvolving protons and neutrons in the nuclei results in : by induction :the actual magnet discipline throughout the nucleus. This specific magnetdiscipline seems to be contrary on the magnet discipline from the absorbdyes , and that is created by the actual electrons.. These connectionbetween the actual findings while using snow ball and also the absorb dyescontaminants are generally established by our isotachophoresis findings.This specific magnet discipline associated with an undamaged performingnucleus associated with an atom is often a brand-new property for atoms.It could clarify gravity.A couple of. Trial and error proof to theinformation on photons which has a magnet property.A couple of a new. Theactual try things out :if we put great ionic absorb dyes contaminantsinside deionised drinking water we all remember that the actualcontaminants destroy straight down in the water and form a good lookingtrail powering these. That is standard. However this easy try things out
  3. 3. acts in different ways if we replicate the idea beneath tension (fifteenvolt/cm and more , household power ) in the ough condition cup column(height thirty cm , diameter three cm ). Of these ailments the actualabsorb dyes contaminants (+ and : ) create a three-dimensional activityand also the trail right now will take the type of a new helix (picture )if we all use the strain just following the enhancement from the trail theactual helix is usually created. This specific sensation is best visibleany time the actual cereals destroy straight down in the column whichusually offers the anode. The actual absorb dyes phenol-red is definitelythe helicoidal composition in the trail extremely clearly. If we completethe actual column along with plain tap water or saline alternatives we donot understand the sensation. The actual findings are carried out inside ahandful of seconds. There isnt any warming up from the drinking water ,not do we all observe a new pH difference between anode and cathode areafollowing the findings. If we complete the actual column which has amixture of xylol and methanol and now we put nonionic inorganic dyes inthe conduit beneath tension we all perform not have rotator from thecontaminants and no helix enhancement in the trail.A couple of t.model :inthe findings we see which from higher tension the actual absorb dyes ionsacquire energy. With there being absolutely no ions in the technique , weall take on that the power will be transferred by photons. A new photon isdefinitely an energy particle inside an electric discipline. Mostly ,speaking about photons, we have been considering around the quanta ofsunshine , which can be made by the actual electrons in the atom. In thefindings it is not light photons however electric tension photons,produced in the strain discipline involving anode and cathode. Weve gotto think about the cup column , filled with deionized drinking water isactually tension , as being a technique for tension photon detectioncomparable to the actual device of Wilson, a technique to the detection ofincurred contaminants because electrons (qq. Thomson) or protons(Rutherford).well clarify this specific. How capabilities a new detectiontechnique for tension photons. We all demonstrated that most atoms andelements within an electric discipline obtain magnet properties.[ ref oneparticular ] in the technique along with deionised drinking water , evenas we utilize to the try things out , we now have a higher tension. Thisspecific brings about major magnet properties for all your atoms andelements from the technique. As well the river because absorb dyeselements will be in a new dynamic magnet sense of balance created by thestrain. If the tension photon moves by way of this type of detection
  4. 4. holding chamber , the actual dynamic magnet sense of balance will bedisrupted and you can discover this specific by the helix enhancement fromthe absorb dyes. The actual absorb dyes helix proofs the presence of a newtension photon and proofs simultaneously the magnet property. Particularlythe idea that the actual sensation is best witnessed around the anode isusually essential .the light photon to , will have a tiny magnet propertywithin our viewpoint. We can deduct this specific from your try things outof Einstein, to confirm the actual relativity theory. Einstein anticipateswhich light will certainly fall any time the idea moves near the size fromthe sunshine. He proposed to study the actual place of the legend if wepossess a full sunshine new moon. By the declination we will see theactual legend about one more position. The actual try things outestablished the actual conjecture. nOnetheless a new theory which makes anew conjecture will not clarify why the features take place. We allconfirm in the earlier point about this article how the gravity is often amagnet pressure.Towards the sunshine you can find significant "gravity "career fields or significant magnet career fields. If the light photonfeatures a magnet property as opposed to standard ,which will be , isreduced any time the idea moves near the magnet sunshine , a new magnetproperty to the light photon may be easily spelled out. The cause from thelight photon is in the electron. The light photon looks any time a greatelectron within an atom changes to some more inside of orbit. The actualelectron turns into a little more bad. The idea seems to lose an extremelymodest optimistic fee and that is using the actual photon. This specificphoton will need to have an extremely modest optimistic fee and also atbroadband this specific results in a tiny magnet property to the lightphoton. It has significant outcomes.Consequently we now have differentkinds of photons, which can be energy contaminants within an electricdiscipline. We now have the light photon, the electric tension photon andalso the graviton. The light photon is originating from your electron andpossesses an extremely modest optimistic fee. The strain photon isoriginating from your anode and that is optimistic and also the gravitonwill take the origin in the atomic nucleus and that is optimistic to.Acouple of d. The actual achievable outcomes , the idea of eventually amajor meltdown.Among the outcomes from the magnet properties of the lightphoton can be considered a brand-new explanation to the displacement onthe reddish from the spectral traces of sunshine via superstars fromhigher range. A light photon along with his magnet pressure will forfeit atiny quantity of energy around the hydrogen atom nucleus along with his
  5. 5. magnet property each and every time because light photon moves a newhydrogen atom. The consequence of that is which the light photons aregenerally poorer inside energy right now that individuals observe these ,the actual spectral lines are more on the reddish. This specificdisplacement not necessarily the actual reddish from the spectral tracescan suggest how the light has journeyed on a higher range but not how thewhole world will be increasing. Because hydrogen is the most significanttake into account the construction of the celebrities and now we have alot of totally free hydrogen, we can deduce which hydrogen and also theproton will be the actual all pervading particle in the whole world. Thisspecific proton features a magnet property and will need to have asignificant part in the full "magnet strength of size " from the wholeworld. My spouse and i declare that there exists sufficient hydrogen inthe whole world to allow about gravity to start interest and also themajor meltdown. Through data printed inside technological literature couldthat more and more african american product will be identified in thewhole world. This is probably nothing at all other than the importantmeltdown and that is taking place.Three a new. Clinical product to theexamine from the whole world.Three a new.. The actual product in order tocomplete our theoretical examine , well attempt right now to present anew clinical product to the examine from the behavior from the whole world.even as we think about the whole world as being a technique of fermionsand also the gravitons are thought because bosons, we can make an effortto create a new clinical product to get a technique of fermions and bosonswhich usually resembles on the whole world and examine what are theresults. Because it is not possible to place exoplanets in the clinicaldevice , we all consider one more fermion, for example a great or perhapsa absorb dyes , and as a new graviton is not used in a new clinicalproduct , we all consider one more boson particularly a new tensionphoton. Because range involving exoplanets is very empty of product tointeract with the actual graviton, we all consider a great isolatingmedium in the clinical product , a new medium not necessarily reachingtension photons. Consequently we now have a new clinical product to studythe actual discussion of fermions in the discipline of bosons out of thebox in addition within the actual whole world. Among this type of strategyis our ough condition cup column (three cm broad , thirty cm height )become filled with an assortment of 400 cubic centimeters methanol thatcontain something like 20 cubic centimeters NH3 and zero ,one particularmeters acetic acid solution and 400 cubic centimeters toluol. If we all
  6. 6. put phenol reddish or fat reddish 7B in the medium around the cathodebeneath existing of 40mA and seven-hundred volts, we see a lot of whirlsinside form of 50 percent groups in the adjustments from the absorb dyes.The actual actions are very strong. Theyve got the type of 50 percentgroups. With this particular kind of findings the behavior of thetechnique of milliards of fermions can be used. For some reason the actual50 percent eliptical of absorb dyes in the findings symbolizes the actualconfiguration and behavior of the universe , the actual ions stand forstars and planets. In the event the existing proceeds , the strain photonscreate the actual 50 percent groups of absorb dyes. They will form similarto "a system of fermions" in the conduit.Three t. You can find justtechniques of fermions.From your referred to findings we all deduce whichanyway you can find just electromagnetic forces , in addition gravity isdefinitely an electromagnetic pressure. Let me attempt right now to offera new uniform technique to the outline coming from all whats within theactual whole world.The important theory is that almost all what we shouldobserve will be constituted with a technique of fermions. Physics take onthat the actual nucleus associated with an atom will be built with atechnique of fermions reaching each other by the strong nuclear pressure.In the atom the actual electrons form a system of fermions reachingCoulombian forces. Im able to totally which within my 3 rd try things outin the ough condition conduit , we have additionally a technique offermions creating multiple 50 percent groups of absorb dyes. There existsdiscussion between the ions of absorb dyes by the power forces which canbe introduced in the technique. By these power forces purchase will becreated and activity plus a rate to the absorb dyes ions, it is deemed anvital portion for fermion techniques witnessed anyway. So it occurred inaddition in the whole world. Different superstars and exoplanets shiftalmost all in an instant inside place as they are an important part of thetechnique of fermions wherever gravity isthe pressure generating purchase, gravity is the regulating pressure. This is actually the just manner todescribe why stars and planets move around in the actual whole worldknowning that there exists purchase. When it had not been therefore thewhole world should be chaotic , in the same way the actual syndicationfrom the absorb dyes ions within my clinical product will be chaoticbefore im introducing the electric existing. Weve got to deduce whichnature , from your littlest right up until the biggest , will be built byfermion techniques. Massive mechanics , by my personal feeling , canclarify which. The actual regulating forces abound electromagnetic
  7. 7. forces.4. The problem of lifestyle in the whole world.All of the productin the whole world for example stars and planets can be thought to be anew fermion. The actual exclusivity basic principle of Pauli will bebeneficial for all your fermions, not just for electrons. This specificbasic principle of Pauli can be formulated in the standard form like a newconglomerate of fermions, a person fermion by no means can inhabit aperson state for example which 2 fermions should be identical ". In theconglomerate of fermions each fermion features a extremely distinct personstate. If we all use this specific on the whole world weve got to deducewhich inside our interstellar technique only 1 earth might have the actualmassive actual established circumstance of our planet earth.If we allthink about the complete whole world as you conglomerate of fermions, andthen we have been in the exclusive circumstance. Then a complete wholeworld will have a great effect about all the person superstars andexoplanets. In the event the conglomeration of fermions to which we allfit in is often a super group of galaxies , stars and planets , you canalso find more options. Modern day astrophysicists think about whichgenerally there are generally atmost so many these kinds of super clusterstransferring separately through each other. With this circumstance aminumum of one earth inside each super group might have a similar statebecause our world or maximum thousand exoplanets may possibly have theidentical massive actual circumstance because our world.we all think aboutthis massive actual state of the world because required for arsenicintoxication lifestyle since this circumstance depends on the actual sizefrom the sunshine , the actual size of the world , the actual migrationrate from the earth throughout the sunshine , the actual migration ratefrom the sunshine in the universe , the speed from the universe , theactual size of exoplanets and superstars around our place etc. From theseparameters are generally depending the length on the sunshine , the actualgravity on the planet , the presence of a great atmosphere , the actualtemperatures of the world , the morning and night groove , the actualprofile of drinking water through this very long time , the actualtectonic action of our planet , the actual effect from the celestialsatellite around the actions of the world and the like.these are almostall basic ailments correct to your earth and essential for the creation oflifestyle. A few additional ailments necessary to add mass to lifestyleought to simultaneously become satisfied.Just about the most essential isthe part of hazard which usually plays from virtually every minute fromthe advancement from the whole world. One of these hazardous critical
  8. 8. indicators is where in the whole world wherever our sunshine was created.Only at that position the hazard has been which there are enough weightyatoms to add mass to a new earth while using denseness of theworld.Virtually all of the aspects can be found about our world. That is ,alone , an extremely extraordinary circumstance inside the actual wholeworld. This disorder will be depending on the earlier lifetime ofsuperstars in this region , which were to blame for the production fromthe weighty aspects. After hormone balance begins the actual hazard playsa new part in each and every part of the actual atomic advancement. Onemore result from the hazard is the profile of nitrogen in the atmosphere.Nitrogen will be extraordinary in the whole world in the actual atmosphereof our earth we find 80% nitrogen.If all these and a lot of additionalreductions are generally proper , weve got to deduce which lifestyle inthe whole world should be very very uncommon , we can question our self ifour life is achievable in such a whole world. The solution around theprevious query anyways should be yes , definitely due to the fact we allare wordpress