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Gravity Can Be MagnetismFirst recognized and also explained in april 1983.ok , to everyone my fans and also helpers, you s...
latest of 10 to be able to 15mA, the particles drop and also variety anypath to their rear. In the event that all of us lo...
test acts in a different way whenever we do it again the idea underneathpressure (20 volt/cm and much more , direct curren...
chamber , the powerful magnetic sense of balance is actually disrupted andyou can observe this with the helix enhancement ...
because the lighting photon moves any hydrogen atom. The consequence ofthis is which the sunshine photons tend to be not a...
whirls in variety of 50 % circles inside the configurations from the dye.The moves have become robust. They have the type ...
basic variety such as any conglomerate of fermions, someone fermion nevercould inhabit someone express for instance which ...
condition is actually with regards to the earlier life of celebrities inthis region , which were responsible for the fabri...
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Gravity Can Be Magnetism


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Gravity Can Be Magnetism

  1. 1. Gravity Can Be MagnetismFirst recognized and also explained in april 1983.ok , to everyone my fans and also helpers, you should go through the idea, try out the idea , and also opinion with simply factual remarks. Ipresent to the Keeker theory.....Magnetism is actually the law of gravity!subjective in physical-chemistry all of us display which the law ofgravity is really a magnetic pressure made ,inside the nucleus from theatom, by a great induction procedure , each and every time that theneutron is actually transformed into any proton and also vice-versa withthe swap of an . the conclusion is the fact that simply electromagneticcauses are mixed together inside the world.All of us in addition show thata photon from the electrical energy can be found and that we employ thisphoton to make any lab design for your analyze from the world. This designseems to be as a system of fermions.Our own bottom line is the fact that asingle sort of causes outcomes in addition a single sort of methods , amethod of fermions.when the world can be viewed as as one huge system offermions our planet planet earth have to be inside a exclusivecircumstance – exclusivity rule of Pauli – intro :were going to providereaders of this article a personal perspective in the field of physics. Inthree original tests in physics we had arrived capable of display , whichthe law of gravity is actually magnetism , which photons have a magneticproperty understanding that buy is done beyond condition inside theelectrical discipline of an lab design wherever you can analyze thebehaviour from the world.Our own a conclusion from the tests tend to bewhich the law of gravity is definitely an electromagnetic pressureunderstanding that simply electromagnetic causes are mixed together insidethe world. Because photons have got magnetic qualities , you can suggestan additional description for your displacement on the red-colored fromthe spectral traces of light via celebrities and possess questions aboutthe theory from the growing world. You can support the idea whichultimately were heading for the large crunch from the world. 1 any. Thetry out a great snow basketball were going to illustrate now anadditional test that concurs with these types of fresh suggestions. All ofus examined the behaviour of an snow basketball along with a dye trial ina electrical and also magnetic discipline made inside a oughout formgoblet column of three centimetres size and also 25 centimetres theevent that all of us fill up the column with anionic leading buffer andthat we throw good ionic dye particles inside the column which is under a
  2. 2. latest of 10 to be able to 15mA, the particles drop and also variety anypath to their rear. In the event that all of us location a major horse-shoe magnetic field round the column inside a upper south path(perpendicular to the present ) we view any change from the path insidethe exterior magnetic discipline. The path from the change is perform fromthe path from the electrical discipline along with the path of themagnetic field and not dependent from the control of the dye. Inside asecond test all of us fill up the column with leading buffer untileventually any top of something like 20 centimetres and also add methanolto be able to twenty-eight centimetres. nOw we have any occurrencedifference inside the column. In the event that all of us throw a greatsnow basketball – ready of deionized drinking water - inside the column ,the snow basketball glides between the drinking water along with themethanol with its occurrence. In the event that all of us utilize thepresent of 10mA along with a large mount boot magnetic field all of usobserve that the path of the change from the snow basketball is usuallyopposite on the path from the change from the dye path.1 b. Debate fromthe try out the snow basketball as outlined by our own theory deducedthrough the isotachophoresis tests , the dye ions have got inside theelectrical discipline any magnetic property produced by positioning fromthe electron orbits and these magnetic qualities will certainly socializeforever in exactly the same with the outside magnetic field. Inside thesnow basketball on the other hand the electrons tend to be fixed insidethe crystalline structure from the snow and also arent absolve to shiftas well as modify their orbits. This makes that the nuclear magneticdiscipline is the dominating magnetic discipline inside the snowbasketball. The changing demand between protons and also neutrons insidethe nuclei creates - by induction - the magnetic discipline round thenucleus. This magnetic discipline seems to be opposite on the magneticdiscipline from the dye , which is produced by the electrons.. These typesof connection between the tests with the snow basketball along with thedye particles tend to be established by our own isotachophoresis tests.This magnetic discipline of an unchanged functioning nucleus of an atom isreally a fresh property pertaining to atoms. It could clarify the law ofgravity.A couple of. Fresh proof for your information on photons using amagnetic property.A couple of any. The test :whenever we throw good ionicdye particles in deionised drinking water all of us observe that theparticles sink lower in the water and also variety a good looking pathbehind all of them. This is regular. nEvertheless this straightforward
  3. 3. test acts in a different way whenever we do it again the idea underneathpressure (20 volt/cm and much more , direct current ) inside a oughoutform goblet column (top 25 centimetres , size several centimetres ). Overthese circumstances the dye particles (+ and also - ) create a three-dimensional movements along with the path now will take the type of anyhelix (picture ) in the event that all of us utilize the strain simplyfollowing enhancement from the path the helix is also created. Thisphenomenon is better seen when the grains sink lower inside the columnthat contains the anode. The dye phenol-red presents the helicoidalstructure inside the path very obviously. Whenever we fill up the columnwith regular water as well as saline alternatives do not begin to see thephenomenon. The tests are carried out in just a number of a few moments.There is no warming up from the drinking water , neither does all of usobserve any pH difference between anode and also cathode area followingtests. Whenever we fill up the column using a blend of xylol and alsomethanol and that we throw nonionic inorganic dyes inside the pipeunderneath pressure all of us perform not need revolving from theparticles with no helix enhancement inside the path.A couple of b.meaning:inside the tests we view which with large pressure the dye ions receiveelectricity. As there are no ions inside the system , all of us take onthat the energy is actually transferred by photons. Any photon isdefinitely an electricity particle in an electric discipline. Mainly ,speaking about photons, were pondering about the quanta of light , thathappen to be made by the electrons inside the atom. Inside the tests itsnot lighting photons nevertheless electrical pressure photons, stated inthe strain discipline between anode and also cathode. We should look atthe goblet column , stuffed with deionized drinking water sufficientreason for pressure , as a system pertaining to pressure photon prognosismuch like the piece of equipment of Wilson, which is a system for yourprognosis of billed particles because electrons (jj. Thomson) as well asprotons (Rutherford).were going to clarify this. Exactly howcharacteristics any prognosis system pertaining to pressure photons. Allof us turned out that most atoms and also substances in a electricaldiscipline get magnetic qualities.[ ref 1 ] inside a system with deioniseddrinking water , once we use for your test , we have an increasedpressure. This leads to large magnetic qualities for all you atoms andalso substances from the system. As well the river because the dyesubstances are in any powerful magnetic sense of balance produced by thestrain. If your pressure photon moves via this type of prognosis holding
  4. 4. chamber , the powerful magnetic sense of balance is actually disrupted andyou can observe this with the helix enhancement from the dye. The dyehelix proofs a good any pressure photon and also proofs as well themagnetic property. Specially the fact that the phenomenon is better seenabout the anode is also crucial .the sunshine photon to be able to , couldhave a small magnetic property in your thoughts and opinions. You candeduct this through the test of Einstein, to be able to show therelativity theory. Einstein predicts which lighting will certainly declinewhen the idea moves next to the size from the sunshine. This individualproposed to study the place of an star whenever we have a full sunshinenew moon. With the declination we will have the star on an additionallocation. The test established the prediction. However any theory helpingto make any prediction doesnt clarify why the features take place. All ofus show in the previous much of this content that the the law of gravityis really a magnetic pressure.nEar the sunshine youll find huge "the lawof gravity " fields as well as huge magnetic fields. If your lightingphoton carries a magnetic property as opposed to regular ,which isactually , diminishes when the idea moves next to the magnetic sunshine ,any magnetic property for your lighting photon may be easily explained.The origin from the lighting photon is in the electron. The sunshinephoton seems when a great electron in a atom adjustments to some morewithin orbit. The electron turns into just a little a lot more negative.The idea manages to lose a very small positive demand which is choosingthe photon. This photon have to have a very small positive demand and alsoat broadband this creates a small magnetic property for your lightingphoton. Its huge implications.Consequently we have different varieties ofphotons, that happen to be electricity particles in a electricaldiscipline. We have the sunshine photon, the electrical pressure photon aswell as the graviton. The sunshine photon is resulting through theelectron and has a very small positive demand. The strain photon isresulting through the anode which is positive along with the graviton willtake his / her beginning inside the nuclear nucleus which is positive tobe able to.A couple of c. The probable implications , thinking aboutultimately a major crunch.One of several implications from the magneticqualities of an lighting photon could be described as a fresh descriptionfor your displacement on the red-colored from the spectral traces of lightvia celebrities with large long distance. The light photon along with hismagnetic pressure will miss a small level of electricity about thehydrogen atom nucleus along with his magnetic property each and every time
  5. 5. because the lighting photon moves any hydrogen atom. The consequence ofthis is which the sunshine photons tend to be not as good in electricityat the moment that we observe all of them , the spectral lines are a lotmore on the red-colored. This displacement certainly not the red-coloredfrom the spectral traces could indicate that the lighting featurestraveled on the large long distance although not that the world isactually growing. Because hydrogen is the most important element in theconstruction of the stars and that we also have a lot of no cost hydrogen,you can deduce which hydrogen along with the proton is actually theubiquitous particle inside the world. This proton carries a magneticproperty and also have to have a significant part inside the full"magnetic electrical power of size " from the world. I claim that theressufficient hydrogen inside the world to allow on the law of gravity tostart appeal along with the large crunch. Through info published incontrolled novels we all know more and much more black substance isactually identified inside the world. This might be nothing other than thetop crunch which is occurring.Several any. Lab design for your analyzefrom the world.Several any.. The design so that you can full our owntheoretical analyze , were going to test now to be able to existing anylab design for your analyze from the actions from the world .once we lookat the world as a system of fermions along with the gravitons are believedbecause bosons, you can try to build any lab design for the system offermions and also bosons that resembles on the world and also analyze whathappens. As it is not possible to place exoplanets inside a lab piece ofequipment , all of us get an additional fermion, as an illustration agreat or possibly a dye , so when any graviton cannot be found in any labdesign , all of us get an additional boson namely any pressure photon.Because the long distance between exoplanets is very empty of substance tobe able to talk with the graviton, all of us get a great identifyingchannel inside the lab design , any channel certainly not reachingpressure photons. Consequently we have any lab design to study theconversation of fermions inside a discipline of bosons as is also inaddition within the world. Among this type of strategy is our own oughoutform goblet column (several centimetres wide-ranging , 25 centimetres top) become stuffed with an assortment of 300 ml methanol that containssomething like 20 ml NH3 and also 3 ,1 michael acetic chemical p and also300 ml toluol. In the event that all of us throw phenol red-colored aswell as body fat red-colored 7B inside the channel about the cathodeunderneath latest of 40mA and also seven-hundred volts, we view a lot of
  6. 6. whirls in variety of 50 % circles inside the configurations from the dye.The moves have become robust. They have the type of 50 % circles. Withthis type of tests the behaviour of an system of milliards of fermionscould be used. In some manner the 50 % eliptical of dye inside the testsrepresents the setting and also actions of an universe , the ionsrepresent planets and stars. When the latest continues , the strainphotons develop the 50 % circles of dye. They will variety such as "amethod of fermions" inside the pipe.Several b. Youll find simply methodsof fermions.Through the referred to tests all of us deduce which anywayyoull find simply electromagnetic causes , in addition the law of gravityis definitely an electromagnetic pressure. I am going to test now to beable to suggest any consistent system for your explanation of most whatexactly is within the world.The top theory is the fact that most what weobserve is actually constituted by the system of fermions. Physics take onthat the nucleus of an atom is actually created by the system of fermionsreaching the other with the robust nuclear pressure. Inside the atom theelectrons variety a method of fermions reaching Coulombian causes. I willin addition which during my third test inside the oughout form pipe ,weve another system of fermions creating several 50 % circles of dye.Theres conversation between the ions of dye with the electric causes thathappen to be launched inside the system. By these types of electric causesbuy is actually created and also movements along with a speed for your dyeions, it is really an vital portion pertaining to fermion methods seenanyway. So it happened in addition inside the world. The severalcelebrities and also exoplanets shift most automatically in room becausethey are part of an system of fermions wherever the law of gravity isthepressure generating buy , the law of gravity is the regulatory pressure.This is the simply manner to explain why planets and stars move around inthe world understanding that theres buy. Whether or not this wasnttherefore the world needs to be disorderly , just as the submission fromthe dye ions during my lab design is actually disorderly before we arepresenting the electrical latest. We should deduce which dynamics ,through the tiniest until eventually the biggest , is actually created byfermion methods. Quantum mechanics , by my experiencing , could clarifywhich. The regulatory causes are everywhere electromagnetic causes.Some.The issue of existence inside the world.The many substance inside theworld for instance planets and stars may be regarded as any fermion. Theexclusivity rule of Pauli is actually useful for all you fermions, notjust pertaining to electrons. This rule of Pauli may be designed inside a
  7. 7. basic variety such as any conglomerate of fermions, someone fermion nevercould inhabit someone express for instance which 2 fermions needs to bethe exact same ". Inside a conglomerate of fermions every single fermioncarries a very distinct personal express. In the event that all of usutilize this on the world we should deduce which in our own interstellarsystem only 1 earth may have the quantum actual determined circumstance ofour own planet earth.In the event that all of us look at the total worldas one conglomerate of fermions, after that were inside a exclusivecircumstance. Then the total world could have a great effect on each ofthe personal celebrities and also exoplanets. When the conglomeration offermions this agreement all of us fit is really a very group of universe ,planets and stars , and then there are a lot more opportunities. Modernastrophysicists think about which presently there tend to be atmost somany these kinds of very groupings shifting independently through theother. Within this circumstance no less than one earth in every singlevery group may have the identical express because our planet as well asmaximum thousand exoplanets can sometimes have a similar quantum actualcircumstance because our planet.all of us consider this to be quantumactual express of the planet because important for the presence ofexistence as this circumstance is determined by the size from the sunshine, the size of the planet , the migration speed from the earth round thesunshine , the migration speed from the sunshine inside the universe , therate from the universe , the size of exoplanets and also celebritiesadjoining our own place etc. rEadily available details tend to bedependent the distance on the sunshine , the the law of gravity that isknown , a good a great ambiance , the temp of the planet , your day andalso nighttime tempo , the existence of drinking water through such anlong time , the tectonic task of planet earth , the effect from the silentcelestial body about the moves of the planet etc etc.these are generallymost simple circumstances suitable to your earth and also important forthe introduction of existence. Some various other circumstances needed forthe development of existence need to as well become achieved.The mostcrucial is the position of risk that has with virtually every singlesecond from the development from the world. One of them hazardousimportant factors is the place inside the world wherever our own sunshinecame to be. At this squeeze risk has been which there are completely heavyatoms for the development of any earth with the occurrence of theplanet.Virtually the many components are mixed together on our planet.This is , in itself , a rather excellent circumstance in the world. This
  8. 8. condition is actually with regards to the earlier life of celebrities inthis region , which were responsible for the fabrication from the heavycomponents. When biochemistry begins the risk has any position atlantadivorce attorneys part of the nuclear development. An additional influencefrom the risk is the existence of nitrogen inside the ambiance. Nitrogenis actually excellent inside the world but in the ambiance of our ownearth find 80% nitrogen.In the event that each one of these and lots ofvarious other deductions tend to be right , we should deduce whichexistence inside the world have to be extra unusual , you can inquire ourown home in the event that our life is probable in this world. The resultabout the very last query anyways have to be affirmative since all of uscan be found.wordpress