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  1. 1. No company can deny that a gold mine has been dug in the World Wide Web. Nearly all businessorganisations have been actively participating in online activities, both to advertise their goods and services and to find new business opportunities. Bringing ones business online is just so easy and it may take a week or two to establish an attractive web site and start marketing campaigns. Needless to say, each programis felt by the online world, anywhere and any time. This makes it possible for companies to generate newclients around the country and across national borders. There is no wonder why business owners, be it of small or large companies, explore the Internet.dedicated server Singapore
  2. 2. The first weapon in establishing a successful online business venture is Sinceyou can do nothing with a plain website, you have to sign up for a web hostingsolution so that your web pages are always connected in the Internet Having aweb hosting plan is a start The next thing that should be decided is the type ofservice Well, this depends on the nature and size of your business, theavailable funds and the goals that you set for this digital investment Why isthis important? Just so you know, the performance of your website depends onthe quality of your subscribed service
  3. 3. So, the choice really matters To guide you on what web hosting solution youshould opt for, here is a list of the services being offered by hosting providersin Australia •Virtual Private Server Hosting Also known as virtualdedicated server, this is the kind wherein a single physical server is dividedinto multiple, unique mini-servers In form, it is a shared hosting since severalcustomers are sharing the same server But in substance, it is like a dedicatedserver hosting because each mini-server is not affected by the processes andactivities of the other mini-servers
  4. 4. Faster performance at a lesser cost is what VPS can offer •ResellerHosting For those that desire to earn money out of web hosting services butdo not have the money to build a company, a reseller hosting plan can be thefirst ladder Web hosting service providers in Australia will allow leasing ofdedicated servers to be resold by you to end consumers Through this, youand the web host generate income
  5. 5. And who knows you can be the next big thing •Dedicated Server HostingIf you need highly-secured, high-speed and large resources, a dedicatedserver hosting fits for you You can also manage the server on your own if youare technically proficient Besides, you can expect no problems in makingupgrades and dedicated server Singapore maintenance with this solution
  6. 6. The main problem though is the price tag This service is downright expensivebut costs are not material when the returns on investment are realized•Colocation services/Data Centre Outsourcing Now, if you have your ownserver but want to avoid the huge costs of building an IT infrastructure anddepartment, you can outsource data centre services or sign up for colocationservices Through this, your tangibles are well-secured to the web hostsfacility while being pampered with around-the-clock Internet connectivity,remote access, security and unlimited bandwidth among others
  7. 7. •Cloud Computing This is an on-demand service where you can accessyour resources only in the Internet and without the need for large hardwarecomponents Cloud computing solution gives you convenience and comfortfrom running and operating tangibles It is also one way to save energy
  8. 8. dedicated server Singapore