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  2. 2. Elpidio Quirino The Sixth President of the Republic of the Philippines
  3. 3. Biography Date of Birth : November 16, 1890 Place of birth : Vigan, Ilocos Sur Father: Mariano Quirino Mother : Gregoria Rivera Date of Death: February 29, 1956 (aged 65) Spouse: Alicia Syquia Occupation: Lawyer Religion: Roman Catholic Signature:
  4. 4. Definition Purpose GuidesPresidency •6th President of the Guide 1 Guide 2 Philippines Guide 3 •In office: April 18, 1948 – Guide 4 December 30, 1953 Guide 5 •Vice President: Fernando Guide 6 Lopez (1949-1953) •Preceded by: Manuel Roxas •Succeeded by: Ramon Magsaysay •Political party: Liberal Party
  5. 5. EDUCATIO Definition Purpose GuidesN Guide 1 •Young Elpidio graduated from elementary Guide 2 school in nearby Caoayan where he became Guide 3 a barrio teacher Guide 4 Guide 5 •He received a secondary education at Vigan High School and then he went to Manila and Guide 6 graduated from Manila High School
  6. 6. EDUCATIO Definition Purpose GuidesN •In 1915, Quirino earned his law degree from the Guide 1 Guide 2 University of the Philippines (UP) Guide 3 Guide 4 Guide 5 Guide 6
  7. 7. POLITICS Definition Purpose Guides1919 to 1925 - Member of the Philippine House of Guide 1Representatives1925 to 1931 - Member of the Philippine Senate Guide 21931 - Secretary of Finance and then Secretary of Interior Guide 31934 - Member of the Philippine Independence Mission toWashington, D.C. Guide 41943 - his wife and 3 of his children were killed during the Guide 5Battle of Manila1946 - Elected Vice-President and appointed Foreign Affairs Guide 6Secretary1949 - Elected as President of the 3rd Republic of thePhilippines
  8. 8.  When Roxas died on April 15, 1948 Quirino suceeded to the presidency Upon assuming the office of presidency, Quirino presented his plan for a better government. His agenda is centered on two main objectives: 1. Unity among the Filipinos through the establishment of peace and order 2. Maintanence of the people’s faith in the efficiency and sincerity of the government
  9. 9.  Elpidio Quirino was reelected president in November 1949 President Quirino’s administration faced a serious threat in the form of Communist-led Hukbalahap (HUK) movement When Quirino’s negotiations with Huk commander Luis Taruc broke down in 1948
  10. 10.  Quirino appointed Ramon Magsaysay to suppress the insurrection. Quirino ran for the president again in the 1953 presidential elections, but was defeated by Nacionalista bet Ramon Magsaysay
  11. 11.  Quirino retired to private life and died of a heart attack in February 29, 1956Quirino retired to private life anddied of a heart attack in February29, 1956
  12. 12. Issues The widespread poverty and acts of graft and corruption in some government offices also contributed to the declining faith of the people in government. Scandalous transactions of some government officials lowered the prestige of government. On top of all these was the increasing threat of the Huks who burned and ransacked towns and barrios.
  13. 13. Issues Quirino’s bid for a second term of office in 1949 was believed to be one of the dirtiest elections held in the country – next next to the 1969 election wherein Ferdinand Marcos won via massive cheating and intimidation. In the 1953 election, Quirino was defeated by one of the greatest presidents in Philippine history, Ramon Magsaysay.
  14. 14. PROGRAMS FOR DEVELOPMENT Improvement of the Economy Improvement of the Economy  establishement of farm-to-market roads  establishment of the Central Bank of the Philippines  Making the Magna Carta of Labor at Minimum Wage Law which aims to give the laborers a better life  Increased tariff rates in order to earn more dollars.  Quirino launched and Economic Mobilization Program to industrialize the country and give more jobs to the Filipinos.
  15. 15. •Amnesty for the Huks  Ramon Magsaysay was appointed by the president to combat the HUK insurgency. With his witty strategy, he made Luis Taruc surrender to the government  President Quirino negotiated with Luis Taruc in Malacanang  The Economic Development Corps (EDCOR) was established. It stated that all those who will surrender will be forgiven by the government and will be provided by land for farming
  16. 16. ACHIEVEMENTS Passed the economic mobilization program in industrializing the country through the opening of some industries Increased economic aid from the United States Established the Central Bank of the Philippines in order to stabilize the currency of our country Created the president’s action committee on social amelioration to alleviate the life condition of the poor especially in the rural areas Established the hydroelectric project in Lanao and the Burgos irrigation project in Zambales
  17. 17. CONCLUSION Quirinos six years as president weremarked by notable postwar reconstruction,general economic gains, and increasedeconomic aid from the United States. Basicsocial problems, however, particularly in therural areas, remained unsolved. Quirinosadministration was tainted by widespreadgraft and corruption.
  18. 18. ENDPrepared by : Ann Jearen Flores