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Sales Webinar | Enabling Social Enterprise Through Sales


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Greg Brush, Vice President of Sales and Customer Success at Insideview shares how social selling is impacting how, to whom and where you sell your products and services.

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Sales Webinar | Enabling Social Enterprise Through Sales

  1. 1. Enabling Social EnterpriseThrough SalesGreg Brush | SVP Sales | InsideViewWill Wiegler | CMO | The TAS Group
  2. 2. Talking • Market trends in “Social”Points • What is Social CRM & Social Selling? • Why Social Selling? • Getting started & points to consider • Q&A
  3. 3. 1,180 Twitter reaches 1 in 10 global online TOTAL UNIQUE VISITORS (MM) 917 users 445 1 in 5 min spent online is spent social networking Social networking Email IM Social reaches 82% of world populationSOURCE: COMSCORE OCT 2011 We now create as much information every two 1.2 billionusers worldwide days as we did from the dawn of civilization to 2003 ERIC SCHMIDT - FORMER GOOGLE CEO, 2011
  4. 4. Social CRM spending is rising 5% of all CRM spend lastyear to an expected 30% by end of next year.GARTNER SOCIAL CRM MAGIC QUADRANT REPORTS 2011 86% of business buyers engage in web 90% of businesses are using social research independent of the sales cycle. media to market their business. FORRESTER 2011 B2B SOCIAL TECHNOGRAPHICS STATE OF EMAIL, SOCIAL, & MOBILE MARKETING 2011 65% of businesses report using social media in their sales efforts. Buyers are skilled at navigating the internet…and no longer need sales RICHARDSON/MCCORD SOCIAL MEDIA IN SALES reps to shepherd them through the early buying process... SIRIUSDECISIONS CRM SOCIAL INITIATIVES
  5. 5. Social CRM is a business strategy thatmutually benefits onlinecommunities, and the business byfostering engagement while generatingopportunities for sales, marketing, andcustomer service. Social Selling is a business strategy that mutually benefits buyers and sellers by fostering meaningful engagement throughout the buying and selling process to generate efficiency, value, and relationships.
  6. 6. Data: Spray & Pray
  7. 7. 92%of prospects & customers never takea cold call or email People are not contact records. Selling is about relationships, and relationships are about people – not faceless contact records 70% DONE 70% of buying process completed before sales contact Buyers are technologically savvy & socially connected The Conversation Has Begun…Without You! 75% business buyers likely to use social media in purchase processSocial channel creates meaningful conversationsFrom scalable 1:M interactions to 1:1 relationships
  9. 9. PEOPLE INSIGHTS COMPANY INTELLIGENCE Right Right Right Person Time Message Meaningful Conversion Research Engagement Rate Time
  10. 10. Why Social Selling? Traditional means are degrading in effectiveness The Buyers are already there It’s effective “In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.” -Charles Darwin
  11. 11. Now What? Optimize your Build watchlists on Share content at Grow your Commit to a plan social profiles prospects least twice a week networks• Focus on • Add value to your • Mention them • Mention people • Quality over networks your prospects and the news and businesses quantity prospects are about the spending time in industry
  12. 12. Where You Can Find Us • US (415) 728-9300 • • Twitter: @insideviewMore Info••• Your CRM supplier
  13. 13. Free Resources• Score your sales effectiveness. Get advice. See how you compare.• Create a customized sales process.• Read our blog featuring insights on sales effectiveness.• @dealmaker365 @thetasgroup • US 866.570.3836 Follow us on Twitter. • UK 01189 253 251 • International +353 1 631 6140• • Learn more on our website. • Twitter: @thetasgroup © The TAS Group 2012