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Webinar | Opportunity Management - Mind the Reality Gap


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Process matters. If you don't follow a solid opportunity management process routinely, you’ll miss important signs that could end up killing deals.

Too often sales teams have vague conversations about the most challenging issues in opportunities. We’d like all sales teams to learn how to get to the heart of the matter.

Roger White, Sales Operations Manager at Level 3 Communications, EMEA, and our AVP Sales, Tim Foster explain how to surface deal vulnerabilities and wring every drop of value out of your opportunity management process.

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Webinar | Opportunity Management - Mind the Reality Gap

  1. 1. Opportunity Management:
  2. 2. © The TAS Group 2014 Roger White EMEA Sales Operations Mgr. Tim Foster AVP Sales EMEA Maureen Blandford EVP Marketing.
  3. 3. Agenda • Why Opportunity Management Fails • How to get the Data you need • The most critical Question • Manager Effectiveness © The TAS Group 2014
  4. 4. Why Opportunity Management Fails? © The TAS Group 2014
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  6. 6. Gap# 1- The Process Gap Impact Analysis Awareness Evaluate Accept Implement of Need Qualify & Discover Collaboration Commit Implement Business Development © The TAS Group 2014 Buyer Decision Stages Sales Process Stages Operations & Planning Solution Customer is here You are here
  7. 7. Gap #2 – The Coaching Gap © The TAS Group 2014 TIME Buyer Sophistication Effectiveness Of Sales Rep SOPHISTICATION Manager Coaching: Close the Gap
  8. 8. Gap #3 – The Strategy vs Execution Gap © The TAS Group 2014 Strategy Objections Execution Evidence Key Players