Sales Performance CRM Automation And Integration


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This White Paper is about CRM and your Sales Team. It covers the role that sales performance solutions, built around the needs of today's sales professional and sales manager, can play in driving up CRM Adoption and increasing your CRM Return on Investment. It also speaks to the benefits of integrating sales methodology and sales process into the CRM system for sustained and predictable profitability. As such, it leans heavily on solutions from The TAS Group.

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Sales Performance CRM Automation And Integration

  1. 1. SalesPerformance,CRM Automationand IntegrationWHITE PAPER
  2. 2. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.Sales Performance, CRM AdoptionAnd Integration INTRODUCTION This White Paper is about CRM and your Sales Team. It requirements, since the ideas and recommendations covers the role that sales performance solutions, built have applicability right up the leadership hierarchy. around the needs of today’s sales professional and However, if you want to dig deeper or move wider, we sales manager, can play in driving up CRM Adoption urge you to get in touch with us individually. You can and increasing your CRM Return on Investment. do this via email to: It also speaks to the benefits of integrating sales methodology and sales process into the CRM system This White Paper will cover 4 key areas. We’ll start by for sustained and predictable profitability. As such, it analyzing why CRM systems aren’t great for the sales leans heavily on solutions from The TAS Group. professional or sales manager, drawing on expert independent opinion as well as our own. We’ll then As with any of our White Papers, there will be a outline the good things that happen when you fix big variance in the seniority and experience of the CRM compliance and have the sales teams wanting to readership. Some of you will perhaps be in your first actively use their CRM system because it helps them managerial role looking to focus on what’s really make more money. After that, we’ll cover how you important in the deal. Others may be more seasoned get to that nirvana situation by looking at the deep sales leaders at Director, Managing Partner, or VP integration of sales methodology within the CRM level tuning in to make sure you’re in step with the system. We’ll conclude by summarizing the benefits latest thinking and technologies. This White Paper that we’ve covered. aims to provide something for the complete range ofCRM SALES RESISTANCEFrom the sales organization’s perspective, seeing the return that will benefit other departments. As a result, it is fair toon CRM deployment and investment has been problematic generalize that sales productivity results from CRM systemto say the least. CRM systems are enterprise-wide and serve deployments have been poor.more than one master: sales, sales operations, marketing,customer service, product management, and finance, to However, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. A lackname a few. It’s easy to see how the specific needs of each of ‘What’s In It For Me’ (‘WIIFM’) for sales is shared withdivision can become blurred or lost. independent sales analysts as well, such as ES Research. ES Research goes so far as to say: “We have spoken with dozenFurthermore, the quality of the data is often suspect and of sales and sales operations leaders who come to us seekingany forecast or reporting that is generated can only ever be new ways to try to get their sales people to input data intoas good or reliable as the underlying data. Sales people are their corporate CRM systems. There is really only one answer:not motivated to enter the quantity or accuracy of data that Make sure that the CRM system delivers value to the rep byis often asked of them. They have to have a laser-like focus helping them sell more.” (ES Research, Technology and saleson what will bring in revenue and consequently they do not Force Productivity, 2007, the value of taking time away from selling to input dataShare this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 1
  3. 3. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.THE BENEFITS OF IMPROVEDCRM COMPLIANCEThe secret to increasing sales use of CRM systems, as ES Research Under these conditions, CRM data quality improves because ithas said, is to help them sell more. This is all about installing and benefits sales leaders and professionals. Also, with an integratedintegrating a sales methodology into their CRM system, which is sales methodology, sales best practices become self-reinforcingdesigned, built and optimized around how they want to do their since sales professionals and managers make more money, arejob more successfully; where the data they enter directly helps happier, and stay longer in their current role, thus reinforcing thethem do their job and get better at it. virtuous circle.The TAS Index ran from 2007 to 2009 and surveyed around Again, we have the benefit of outside expert opinion on this.2000 companies to help them benchmark their own sales ES Research goes much further and they comment as follows:effectiveness. (In November 2011 we launched the Dealmaker “We espouse, wherever possible, building or adopting, thenIndex, which extends the scope of The TAS Index, and you can using a sales methodology for a period of time before acquiringtake the Dealmaker Index for free at www.dealmakerindex. a CRM solution. In most cases the CRM package should becom.) We found that CRM systems were used more than 75% customized to the methodology and not vice-versa. Whenof the time by just 45% of respondents. When the CRM system the CRM package was installed and implemented without aintegrated a proven sales methodology, however, CRM system foundation methodology in place, the result was little more thanusage increases by 44% (those companies using it more than the automation of the chaos that existed from the start.”75% of the time). This is an almost doubling of the 33% (those (ES Research, Technology and Sales Force Productivity, 2007,using it more than 75% of the time) measure that applies when methodology is not integrated.THE VALUE OF SALESMETHODOLOGY TO SALESSales Process and Sales Methodologies are terms that tend to CSO Insights research shows the statistics. Sales methodologies,be used interchangeably. A sales methodology, however, is not which support a consistent sales process, are the optimal waya sales process. Sales Process is what people do day-in and day- to drive improved results. We know that in a down economyout, more or less consistently, as they prospect, qualify, propose, pipelines are likely to be smaller; therefore our win rates havenegotiate and close deals. These are the activities that sales to be higher to achieve targets. We also know that as fewerpeople do every day and they are also the ‘Where am I in the deals are pursued by your sales team and their competitors,Sale?’ In other words, the steps customers realize that they haveyou take from A to Z. Level of Methodology Adoption <50% >75% significantly more power in the Quota Attainment 51.9 65.7 sales cycle and can put intenseMethodology is the common pressure on pricing – which can Win/Loss/No Decision 47/31/22 55/22/33vocabulary to describe and erode profitability. (CSO Insightsstructure how they do these Seen by Buyer as: Sales Performance Optimizationthings. How am I doing in this Vendor 19 9 Survey 2007, relative to my competitors? com) Preferred Supplier 26 16How can I progress thisopportunity? For example, step Consultant 30 30 The percentage lift from a salesone of your sales process may Contributor 19 33 methodology can be higher. Ifto be to qualify a lead. Among Partner 7 12 you automate that methodologyother things, a sales person needs and integrate it with yourto determine whether a budget (All figures in percentages) CRM system, the results areexists, the degree of urgency for significantly better. When salespurchase, and if so, what’s driving the urgency, the identification people use technology-enabled methodologies in intelligentof the key players and so on. A methodology or program will applications like Dealmaker, the critical components are in placeoffer suggestions of how best to phrase, map and track roles and to insure adoption.functions of individuals. Sales processes and sales methodologiesare very powerful when leveraged by sales technology.Share this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 2
  4. 4. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.DEALMAKER – SALES PROCESS,METHODOLOGY AND CRMINTEGRATIONOur opportunity, account management and planning To illustrate this further, when the sales people have enteredmethodologies have been automated in an easy to use into their CRM system the details of a new opportunity, theysolution – Dealmaker. The sales methodology application sits can immediately go to the sales process or opportunitytransparently in the CRM environment, and the organization’s management screen, transparently integrated into thesales process is optimized and configured to their specific set- CRM system. The opportunity details have all been pulledup. Sales people reuse CRM data which are pulled through through from the CRM system, needing no further rekeying orautomatically to Dealmaker with no need for information duplication of effort. Now the sales people can immediatelyre-keying. Plus, the encapsulated methodology and sales start to work the opportunity, follow the on-screen process,process intelligently guide sales people to do the right thing, qualify the deal and progress through the sales stages whichthereby freeing up sales leaders to coach, not chase. have been configured specifically for the company.An everyday example of this is that the sales person can So in this example, the opportunity called ‘New Opportunity’take just a few clicks to update their Opportunity plan using drops users in at the first sales stage, Qualify, and presentsDealmaker Smart Playbook and Forecast. They learn the them with the qualifying questions they need to satisfy beforenext steps that they need to perform in order to advance they can either qualify out early or progress the deal to thetheir opportunity right inside the application, which next stage. Updating the plan and forecasts are thereforereinforces continuous learning. In this hosted, web-enabled done automatically in a few clicks. There are also text fields forenvironment, a virtual sales team can see the changes in real them to document further details.time. Also, leadership can monitor usage and understandwhat has changed week to week,month to month.Share this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 3
  5. 5. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.So the Dealmaker sales performance automation technology “We consider the architecture of the Dealmaker methodologyguides the sales person through the sales process, the revolutionary in the sales performance arena. The TAS Group‘what’ they should do. It also, of course, automates the sales is the first methodology-based sales training company tomethodology, the ‘how’ they should progress the deal (see deliver a methodology that separates step-by-step processabove). Again, information on things like competitors is from skills-based techniques...The Dealmaker solutionpulled through from the CRM system, eliminating re-keying. incorporates both the work-flow management technology and the step-by-step process in a unique, electronic platform.”Dealmaker is an intelligent application, and as you can seetowards the bottom of the screenshot above, the TAS 1-20 When sales people are committed to using a system that‘how am I doing’ methodology is interleaved with the sales is built around their needs, their compliance improves andprocess questions (for those customers who take both the quality of the data they input improves. Databases andDealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager and Dealmaker reporting are only as good as the underlying data, so whenSmart Playbook and Forecast) to make sure there are no the data is of the right quality the reporting is more reliableinconsistencies in responses, which throws up a red triangle and it brings more predictability to things like forecast analysiswarning system. and pipeline analysis. This in turn breeds confidence and certainty around sales leadership decisions and more focus onES Research said in the 2008 Sales Training Vendor Guide: “The what is working and what is not.first TAS Group breakthrough is a recognition that process(what) is separated from method (how)”. They go on to say,Share this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 4
  6. 6. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.Sales Process, Sales Methodology, and Sales technology are Small/Mid Enterprise Requirementsthe components that enable you to achieve sustainable and • Intuitivemeasurable behavioral change in your sales force. It is these • Methodology Automationnew behaviors in your sales force that enable you to achieve • Sales Process Automationsustained, predictable and profitable sales growth. • Sharing plans across teams • CRM Integration (read and write)The TAS Group has designed Dealmaker to fundamentally -- Account Data, Opportunity Data, Contact Data,improve how companies approach or adopt sales Buyer Roles, Sales Hierarchyperformance solutions. Because we have our own multi- -- Activity/Task Management, Progress Reporting,million dollar R&D center and our own world-class software Administrationengineering team, we have been able to achieve the • Customizablestandards we believe are necessary to provide a world-class, • Secure, robust and scalablecomplete, enterprise-wide, sales performance solution. These • Reinforcement and sustaining technologyare the minimum requirements we believe enterprises shouldexpect. The degree to which The TAS Group’s Dealmaker integrates with the CRM system is evidenced by the amount of dataLarge Enterprise Requirements we read from the CRM system, collect within the Dealmaker • Intuitive application, and write back to the CRM system. • Methodology Automation • Sales Process Automation Dealmaker is synchronized with the CRM system at all times, • Multi-lingual, multi-currency reading the CRM data and writing it back to the CRM system, • Multiple concurrent sales processes which it has collected within the sales methodology and • Sharing plans across teams process application. Below is an example of write-back, • CRM Integration (read and write) where Dealmaker allows you to draw a Political Map of the -- Account Data, Opportunity Data, Contact Data, Opportunity in your customer’s organization in an easy-to-use Buyer Roles, Sales Hierarchy graphical way. Contact names, titles and reporting lines are -- Activity/Task Management, Progress Reporting, pulled from the CRM system automatically, and any additions Administration you make or any reporting lines you change are then written • Consolidation back to the CRM system. • Customizable • Secure, robust and scalable • Reinforcement and sustaining technologyShare this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 5
  7. 7. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.Dealmaker brings sales methodologies right into your CRMsystem so that sales best practices are instilled in sales people Intelligent Sales Effectiveness Dashboardfrom day one. Tight integration ensures that data is always Forecast Pipeline Performance Virtualup to date and optimal individual and team productivity is Analysis Analysis Coach Learningassured. The TAS Index Sales Benchmark Study found thatorganizations who effectively deploy sales methodology andsales process integrated with their CRM system achieve sales Intelligent Sales Platform Configuratorquota nearly twice as often as those who do not. Embedded Sales Methodology, Sales Process Company Tailored • Account Management • Business Rules • Opportunity Management • Pipeline Structure • Channel Management • Industry Context CRM Integration Microsoft Oracle CRM Standalone Dynamics CRM On Demand Dealmaker Siebel SAP Other SUMMARY Dealmaker can deliver impressive, measurable benefits • Sales teams and leaders see tangible value to organizations looking to drive up CRM adoption and when sales methodologies are integrated into in so doing, increase revenue growth. One customer the CRM systems of The TAS Group reported back that CRM compliance • Dealmaker sales performance automation was 20% before a Dealmaker implementation. provides the components that equip sales Sometime after implementation, compliance was people to win more deals, make more money, re-measured and was found to be 92%, a more than be happier and stay longer with their employers fourfold increase in CRM use by sales people. If you wish to find out more, please contact us at To recap on the main points of this White Paper: • Sales teams often don’t see the value in CRM systemsShare this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 6
  8. 8. ABOUT THE TAS GROUP The TAS Group helps sales professionals sell smarter and manage better. Through a unique combination of deep salesmethodologies and intelligent software applications, customers achieve measureable results including increases in winrates, deal sizes and qualified opportunities, as well as decreases in sales cycle length. According to the Aberdeen Group,customers of The TAS Group realize 21 percent greater attainment of sales quotas.Dealmaker® intelligent software is the engine driving revenue growth and sustained adoption of improved salespractices.The TAS Group has helped more than 850,000 sales professionals in more than 65 countries, from small privatecompanies to market leaders. For more information visit and read the dealmaker365 blogat DEALMAKERDealmaker software from The TAS Group delivers real-time opportunity and account management, intelligentdeal coaching, accurate sales forecasts, smart playbooks, self-paced learning, and predictive analytics, resulting inmeasurable sales growth.Dealmaker can be delivered as a standalone application or can be integrated with Salesforce CRM, Microsoft DynamicsCRM, Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle’s Siebel CRM and SAP CRM, or with any third party software application throughthe Dealmaker API. For more information visit © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. This briefing is for customer use only and no usage rights are conveyed. Nothing herein may be reproduced in any form without written permission of The TAS Group.