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CCTVision first edition


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CCTVision first edition

  1. 1. CrimehasanewenemyCapeTownhasanewfriendAndVISIONneversleepscctvCity of Cape Town vision
  2. 2. visionIntroducingOne night, in theCape of storms…A bolt of mysticallightning struck thecity, hitting a CCTVcamera full force.In a flash of light,Vision was born!Now a tirelesssentinel watchingover the city……Vision worksto protect usall.Crime has anew enemy.Cape Townhas a newfriend.And Vision is always onduty, Exposing the methodsused by criminals whilesharing advice on the bestways for citizens to protectthemselves against crime.
  3. 3. vision’
  4. 4. SMASH!smash&grabchapter01TIME ELAPSED : 00:03TIME ELAPSED : 00:07TIME ELAPSED : 00:08TIME ELAPSED : 00:00The place - A busyhighway intersection.The crime…WHAT’S THIS?WHY IS THAT GUYRUNNING INTOTRAFFIC?He’ssmashingthat car’swindow!Ha! The driverleft a bag onthe seat. Easymoney!
  5. 5. vision’sadviceIfyourvaluablescanbeseen,theycanalsobestolen.Remember:Stashit,don’tflashit!TIME ELAPSED : 00:09TIME ELAPSED : 00:12He’s got thegoods and ismaking a runfor it!In a split second thewindow is broken andhe’s going for thebag!Don’t leave yourvaluables in plain sight.Criminals are looking forsomething to steal, sodon’t give them a target!Make sure you don’tstop too close to thecar in front of you.Leave yourself someroom to move in anemergency.
  6. 6. ZZZZMTremotejammingchapter02TIME ELAPSED : 00:00TIME ELAPSED : 00:21TIME ELAPSED : 00:25The place - A busy streetin the Cape Town CBD.That guy waslucky to getthat parkingspace.…but his car didn’tlock. Is somethingblocking the signal?Hey, that’s nothis car! And howdid he know thatit was unlocked?The crime…After the driver has left,a stranger approachesthe car…That’s weird.He hit the remotelocking button…
  7. 7. vision’sadviceSomecriminalsaregettingmoresophisticated.Theyhavespecialdevicesthatcanjamyourcar’sremotelockingsignal.TIME ELAPSED : 05:10He’s stealing thatlaptop! He musthave been the onewho was jammingthe remote signal!Make sure your car is lockedbefore you leave it by manuallychecking the door.If your remote locking signalisn’t working, play it safe andfind somewhere else to park.
  8. 8. SNIP!SNIP!bagsnatchingchapter03TIME ELAPSED : 00:00TIME ELAPSED : 00:09 TIME ELAPSED : 00:20The place - Late nighton Long Street.The crime…Now! Whileher back isturned!Uh-oh! It looks likethese guys are workingtogether to keep thatwoman distracted.Her back is exposed andshe doesn’t notice thatthief behind her, cuttingthe straps on herhandbag.
  9. 9. vision’sadviceDon’tletthishappentoyou.Beawareofyoursurroundingsanddon’tgivecriminalsachancetostrike.TIME ELAPSED : 00:37TIME ELAPSED : 00:52He’s got herbag! He’s hiding itunder his clothesand he’s on themove!He’s handingthe bag off tohis partner sothey can make aquick getaway.Got it! Nowto get outtahere!Maybe Ishould hangonto this?Chill!You’ll getyour cut.Be aware of strangers surroundingyou. If you are isolated, you becomean easier target.Try not to leave your backunprotected. Stand againsta wall or in a doorway.
  10. 10. atmfraudchapter04TIME ELAPSED : 00:00TIME ELAPSED : 00:22TIME ELAPSED : 01:33TIME ELAPSED : 01:05TIME ELAPSED : 01:37They want to get a look athis PIN number and maybeeven switch his card with afake or swipe it to make acloned card.Those twodon’t look likecriminals. Thetourist doesn’teven realise thathe was beingscammed.Do you needsome help? SouthAfrican ATMs aredifferent to theones overseas.He’s right, youknow. You needto put in your PINagain to sign out.The place - A busy streetin the Cape Town CBD.The crime…This con-man is stakingout the ATMand targetingunsuspectingtourists.These guys arepartners. They’reworking together toscam the tourist.
  11. 11. vision’sadviceTheseconartistspretendtobehelpful,especiallytotourists.Butthefirstchancetheyget,they’lldrainyouraccountdry!TIME ELAPSED : 04:35TIME ELAPSED : 09:27Here comes thelaw. They knewthese guys wereup to no good.Now it’s theirturn to be takenfor a ride.Moments later…Don’t accept helpfrom anyone whenusing an ATM. Nomatter how friendlyor well-dressedthey may seem.Never let anyone learnyour PIN number. If themachine swallows yourcard, contact the bankimmediately.
  12. 12. pickpocketingchapter05TIME ELAPSED : 00:00TIME ELAPSED : 00:04TIME ELAPSED : 00:11The place - The citybowl, late at night.The crime…Nice shoes,man. They lookjust like mine.Hey!You havinga good timetonight?This looks bad.He’s trying todistract thatguy.
  13. 13. vision’sadvicePickpocketswillmakeupanyexcuseforbodycontactsothattheycangettheirhandsintoyourpocketsandontoyourvaluables.TIME ELAPSED : 00:20TIME ELAPSED : 00:17distractionin actionHe got inclose andpicked hispocket!The poorguy doesn’teven know he’sbeen robbed.Let me takea closerlook, man.Heheheh.Got it!If someone is gettingtoo close for comfort,just keep moving or makesome noise to attractpeople’s attention.Keep strangers out ofyour personal space.Don’t let anyone distractyou or stop you.
  14. 14. Break&takechapter06TIME ELAPSED : 00:00TIME ELAPSED : 00:07TIME ELAPSED : 00:16TIME ELAPSED : 00:32The place - Mid-afternoon in the city.A split second later…Looks likethere are someshoes on thefront seat…The window isout and he’sgoing in forthe shoes!Look at that!This guy ispulling thatcar window outof its frame.There he goes,trying to lookcasual. But thecamera caughteverything.break!take!
  15. 15. vision’sadviceIt’snoteasybeingacriminalinCapeTownanymore.Here’showyoucanmaketheirlivesevenmoredifficult:stashit,don’tflashit!TIME ELAPSED : 03:08TIME ELAPSED : 05:56TIME ELAPSED : 06:43Don’t leave anything in yourcar. Criminals will break into steal just about anything.Even an old pair of shoes.My last piece ofadvice is for thecriminals out there.Unless you want toend up like this guy,find a new career.And don’t forget,I’m watching you.The police arrive…A short chase later…The police areon the scene andgiving chase. He’sgot nowhere leftto run.They’re takinghim away. He hasno idea how theycaught him. Butwe do!
  16. 16. poweredBY:BROUGHTTOYOUBY:cctvCity of Cape Town visioncctvheroes.thecitythatlooksafteryou!For more information see police and ccid officers worktogether to apprehend the thief fromchapter 6 “Break and Take”. the policevan arrives to take him we see ccid officers assistinglost tourists. ccid goes the extramile by accompanying these foreignvisitors back to their hotel.Photograph courtesy of Aerial Image for CCID