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NTEA membership benefits


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Explore the benefits of joining NTEA - the Association for the work truck industry.

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NTEA membership benefits

  1. 1. The Association for the Work Truck Industry
  2. 2. About NTEA Established in 1964, NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry, represents more than 2,100 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories. Buyers of work trucks and the major commercial truck chassis manufacturers also belong to the Association. NTEA provides in-depth technical information, education, and member programs and services, and produces The Work Truck Show ® . No industry trade association rivals NTEA’s knowledge of work trucks or offers a more comprehensive slate of products, services and tools to help businesses expand and thrive. The Association maintains administrative headquarters in suburban Detroit and government relations offices in Washington, DC, and Ottawa, Ontario.
  3. 3. Our mission Our vision NTEA exists to further the knowledge, growth and profitability of the work truck industry NTEA is recognized globally as the undisputed resource and advocate for the North American work truck industry
  4. 4. NTEA member profile More than 2,100 member companies  Truck equipment distributors  Truck equipment manufacturers  Truck dealers and fleets, chassis OEMs and leasing companies 46% 30% 24% Distributor Manufacturer Associate
  5. 5. Your trusted industry resource  Technical resources  Government advocacy  Workforce development  Events & training  Industry resources  Market data  Business distinction  Advertising opportunities  Partner services  Affiliate divisions  Connections
  6. 6. NTEA gives unlimited access (click or call) to member companies  Commercial vehicle design and conformance  Sustainable and alternative fuel technologies  Department of Transportation regulations  Federal Excise Tax for work trucks  Body and equipment installation  Weight calculator options  Vehicle certification  OEM standards Technical resources Member tip. Contact NTEA’s technical services department (800-441-6832 or and access relevant tools at  
  7. 7. Government advocacy With government relationships in Washington, DC, and Ottawa, Ontario, NTEA  Protects and advances member interests by actively working with Congress, the White House, Parliament and federal agencies  Advocates on behalf of the work truck industry
  8. 8. NTEA’s comprehensive educational offerings enhance your team’s industry expertise  On-site training explains truck specification and design, proposal creation, productivity enhancements  Online education covers the basics of truck equipment, weight distribution and truck frame fundamentals  Monthly webinars address timely industry topics  Targeted sessions at events like The Work Truck Show
  9. 9. NTEA’s Generation Next gives new industry professionals support in developing skills and building peer relationships in the work truck industry. Participation is free to employees of Association member companies who are new to the industry (less than 10 years of service).
  10. 10. SAVE THE DATE Sign up to receive event updates and be notified when attendee registration opens this fall We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Work Truck Show ® in 2020
  11. 11. Green Truck Summit is the industry’s premier conference on clean energy innovation for commercial vehicles. Gain insights on new productivity options and advanced technology implementation from fleet managers, vocational truck manufacturers, and stakeholders of various industry trade associations and professional societies.
  12. 12. Manufacturer and Distributor Innovation Conference offers commercial truck manufacturers, upfitters, distributors and body builders of all sizes insights on improving manufacturing efficiency and business results. Anyone who builds work trucks can discover how to make scalable new techniques, technology and processes work for them.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Customized newsletters Targeted audiences receive newsletters with timely insights into compliance questions, fleet interests, industry news, event information and Association activities Industry resources
  15. 15. NTEA News Monthly newsletter featuring articles from leading experts, addressing technical topics, market and economic forecasts, legislative and regulatory issues, truck sales and shipments data, industry events, member news, and more (available in print and online) Industry resources
  16. 16.  Browse white papers, technical articles, OEM bulletins, regulatory compliance standards, market data and free downloads  Access contact information for industry professionals and member companies in NTEA’s suite of directories  Recruit employees via the Association’s career center  Share your company’s press releases and updates  Direct contact links to chassis manufacturer upfitter support and technical experts  Glossary containing descriptions of truck equipment terms Industry resources
  17. 17. Conformance tools NTEA enhanced the Commercial Vehicle Certification Guide and U.S./Canada Federal Lighting Guide to capture the latest regulatory information in the U.S. and Canada.  Commercial Vehicle Certification Guide  U.S./Canada Federal Lighting Guide  Rear Visibility F/CMVSS 111 Field of View Conformity Manual Supporting your efforts to conform with regulations affecting work truck industry companies in North America
  18. 18. ǀ 800-441-6832 ǀ WorkTruckCert – An NTEA & Dec-O-Art Resource
  19. 19. Designed to be flexible and user-friendly to accommodate a variety of truck life cycle analysis needs and different fleet structures Vehicle Life Cycle Cost Tool
  20. 20. Weight calculator NTEA developed a web-based, interactive Vehicle Center of Gravity and Axle Weight Calculator that produces vehicle specification and weight information. NTEA partnered with TruckScience to offer their cloud-based Axle Weight Calculator app to members at a discounted annual subscription rate.
  21. 21. Market data
  22. 22. Business distinction Join other industry leaders  Benchmarking data  Profit and planning strategies  Industry research and analysis  Member Verification Program (MVP) MVP recognizes eligible companies in the work truck industry for outstanding business practices and successful implementation of quality standards ǀ
  23. 23.  Industry presence  NTEA News — Quarter- to full-page four-color advertising presence in monthly publication (print and digital editions); exclusive bellyband wrap and inserts  Market Resource Guide — Directory listing of more than 2,100 manufacturers, distributors, and commercial truck suppliers, and an exclusive industry forecast  Enhanced listing — Get noticed in the online NTEA member directory  Brand recognition  Newsletters — Segmented monthly advertising opportunities  Digital ads — Dedicated, slide-in advertisements in monthly industry news publication  Marketing exposure at no cost  Member news — Launch products, release personnel updates or share company announcements  Moment in Time — Submit photographs showcasing your company’s product evolution  Career center — Recruit for your company by posting job listings
  24. 24. Partner services Through key partnerships, NTEA offers the work truck industry a wide range of services and solutions to enhance business and customer relations.
  25. 25. NTEA offers 10 affiliate divisions and several committees representing specific product segments within the work truck industry  ACCNA (Articulating Crane Council of North America)  AISBM (American Institute of Service Body Manufacturers)  AMD (Ambulance Manufacturers Division)  GTA (Green Truck Association)  MSBMA (Mid-Size Bus Manufacturers Association)  MSRC (Manufacturers Sales Representatives Council)  PTBA (Propane Truck Builders Association)  SCEMC (Snow Control Equipment Manufacturers Committee)  TSCMG (Telescopic Service Crane Manufacturers Group)  VBMD (Van Body Manufacturers Division) Affiliate divisions
  26. 26. NTEA regularly updates tools to further the industry and support member companies What’s new
  27. 27. Work truck industry professionals appreciate having an official space to share, chat and ask questions. NTEA’s social media platforms include  LinkedIn  Twitter  Facebook  Instagram  YouTube  Flickr Connections Linking members to industry news, trends and insights is an important part of our mission. The question isn’t if you can connect with NTEA but how you’d like to do it.
  28. 28.  See what’s available  Not a member but interested in joining?  800-441-6832 Learn more
  29. 29. NTEA contact Peter Hempenstall Director of Outreach NTEA 828-284-4925 About Peter.  Makes connections with Association members and the industry at large  Provides NTEA solutions to industry challenges  More than 35 years of career experience, heavily focused on commercial vehicle sales
  30. 30. Questions? Thank you. ǀ 800-441-6832 ǀ