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Governance review presentation


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Governance review presentation

  1. 1. Wikimedia UK – Governance ReviewChris Keating, Wikimedia UK Chair
  2. 2. Background● Concerns about conflicts of interest in the community and also reaching the media● Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia UK jointly commissioned a review● Covered every aspect of governance. Conflict of interest was covered – but only part of the bigger picture
  3. 3. Key learnings from those problems● Think about perceptions not just reality● Raise problems early within the movement● Listen to external advice and question your own assumptions● Safeguard the community and the Wikimedia name
  4. 4. Process● Consultants attended Board meetings● Read all our policies, and had open access to our email● They interviewed; – All of the Board – Some former Board members – Senior staff inc some from WMF – Open community call for comments (~10 responses) –
  5. 5. Compass’s “Characteristics”● Based on survey of 200 major UK charities, modified for “medium-sized” organisation● Organisations meet all characteristics gradually not all in one● How well does it internationalise... – Let’s find out! – Lessons for your chapter? – Proposals for the future?
  6. 6. Compass’s “Characteristics”● Green is “We fully meet this”● Yellow is “This is in progress”● Red is “This hasn’t happened yet”●● WMUK in Nov 2012: 11 Red, 27 Yellow, 20 Green
  7. 7. What are our next challenges?● Increasing the diversity of the Board● Focusing the Board on strategy and governance – Example:● Better structures to report our impact● More volunteers and more activity!●
  8. 8. What progress have we made?● Actively recruiting Trustees● Board has set up governance committees● General Meeting last weekend said Yes to: – Larger Board – Co-opting Trustees with specialist skills – Changing voting system – –
  9. 9. Key Learning Points● Look outside of the movement for expertise and advice (including for your Board)● When you have staff, the Board focuses on strategy and governance● Policies are not enough: How do you implement them?● Your relationships, your community and the Wikimedia movement are your most important assets
  10. 10. More Info●● “Good governance: a practical guide for trustees, chairs and CEOs” – Dorothy Dalton● “Managing without Profit” – Mike Hudson● Email me:●●