Big Data: A Creative Agency Perspective


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Andrew Pinkness, Director of Business Innovation at AMV BBDO, shares his thoughts on the hot topic of Big Data from his unique agency perspective at an IPA 44 Club event in London. To learn more about The IPA visit and The 44 Club here

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    C&A Brazil
  • Escape the Map November 2011
    You Drive October 2012
    Sounds with Power October 2013
  • Kevin McDonald film commissioned by Sainsbury’s – won the supermarket wars
    Jonathan Proud from York
    Gold family from Wales
  • Spongecell = dynamic creative
    Blue Kai = cloud based big data platform ( bought by Oracle in Feb 2014)
  • Big Data: A Creative Agency Perspective

    1. 1. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 BigData:ACreative AgencyPerspective Andrew Pinkess Director of Business Innovation AMV BBDO IPA 44 Club 19 May 2014
    2. 2. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 • What is big data? • Has it been overhyped? • Turning small data into big data • 6 data opportunities for creative agencies • Some further reading WhatI’mgoing tocover
    3. 3. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Data is transforming business
    4. 4. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Source: Dachis Group
    5. 5. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Outsidedata asimportantas insidedata
    7. 7. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Everyoneisjoiningin Cebit Hanover 2014
    8. 8. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Biggerinvestmentindata How would you describe your company’s investment in analytics? Source: Lavastorm Analytics, Analytics 2013 Survey – analysis based on 591 expert interviews What area is your company investing in 2013?
    9. 9. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Moreanalytics,lessgutfeel Source: Booz & Company Analysis from expert interviews, 2013
    10. 10. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 “I've spent my life dealing with people who've got all the data in the world and yet they can't invent anything.” "To those brands that say 'I understand you' I say 'F*!& off, you don't understand me. Mind your own business, I don't want to be understood by you. I John Hegarty don't understand myself sometimes… and it can be fun.'" Noteveryonethinksit’sagood thing John Hegarty
    11. 11. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Just 3% of CMOs say that analytics contributes “very highly” to their company’s performance Source: McKinsey, 2013 CMO Survey (
    12. 12. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 “98.8% of CMOs say that finding the right marketing analytics talent is ‘challenging’” Atalentcrunch “In Dec 2013, 6000+ companies were hiring Data Scientists on LinkedIn” Sources: McKinsey, 2013 CMO Survey (, DSC Internal Analysis ( )
    13. 13. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Soareweheading forafall? Source: Gartner 2013 Hype curve
    14. 14. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Wecanchoosetoignoreit…
    15. 15. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Orembraceit…
    16. 16. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 • Which consumer groups offer best growth opportunities? • Are there niche sectors which provide growth potential? • What impact are new media channels having on sales? • Do YouTube views lead to increased sales? • How do we optimise marketing and media mix to achieve best results? • How can we exploit social to influence brand momentum? • What is the most effective way of combining TV and digital spend to deliver the best commercial results? • How do we identify influencers in communities we want to reach, and the extra reach they can offer? Keyquestionsclientswanttoanswer
    17. 17. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 • No big data programme is a quick fix • Today’s data pioneers have built capabilities over many years – Amazon started in 1994 • Short term focus tends to be on tactical data and reporting requirements • Longer term moves to interconnected datasets - value is greater than sum of parts • As more data are added, more new connections can be made • Data will become central to most organisation’s business strategy and marketing processes (including campaign planning and development) Turning smalldatainto bigdata NB Data gets more interesting & relevant the stronger you are in digital, mobile, social
    18. 18. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 (Big)data opportunitiesfor creativeagencies
    19. 19. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 1. Selling more product 2. Supporting creative innovation 3. Cross-selling and up-selling 4. Tracking & optimising performance 5. Proving effectiveness 6. Selling in platform ideas 6DataOpportunities
    20. 20. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Facebook likes to encourage purchase Using weather to drive sales Anticipating what you want to buy 1. Selling more product
    21. 21. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Problem How to overcome insecurity at the time of shopping? Solution Connect physical clothes hangers to a Facebook collection Result 8m likes, shares, forwards and posts Do you take the popular shirt with more than 1,000 likes, or go under-the-radar and pick the one with just a couple hundred?
    22. 22. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 22 Usingweatherdatatodrivesales Starbucks sent a simple email promoting hot drinks to customers who are experiencing cold weather. With no incentive/offer, Starbucks saw large incremental sales vs. control group and emails had above average open rate – suggesting high relevance
    23. 23. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Problem How to optimise amazon’s distribution network to better compete with the immediacy of high-street stores Solution Apply statistical probability modelling to ship products to where they will most likely be needed, inadvance of being ordered Result Lots of very worried retailers…
    24. 24. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Mercedes – Escape the Map; #You Drive; Sound with Power Pepsi Max - Unbelievable Sainsbury’s – Christmas in a Day 2. Creative innovation
    25. 25. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Mercedes
    26. 26. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 PepsiMax-Unbelievable
    27. 27. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Sainsbury’s-ChristmasinaDay
    28. 28. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 3.Cross-sellingandup-selling Facebook:dailypagefansand contentengagement,helpedtosellin socialmediamarketing Trendsinconversationsentiment,linkedto campaigncalendar,promptedmoveto integratedcommsapproach
    29. 29. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Lufthansa – Creative optimisation Mercedes – Flow P&G – Data central 4.Tracking&optimisingperformance
    30. 30. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Cost Per Ticket Sale 17% Click Thru Rate 5% LOCATION Current location based on consumer’s IP address WEATHER Conditions by postcode pulled from Weather Underground TIME & DATE Scheduled offers, promotions, etc. using date range and time Dynamiccreativeoptimisation
    31. 31. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Flow Datadashboards
    32. 32. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 • Installedinover50P&Gofficelocationsglobally • Complexdataispresentedvisually,allowingleaderstoviewitmoreeasilyandprocessinformationfaster • NetworkofanalystsalsohelpstheCompanysavetimeandmoneybyreapplyinglessonslearned • Businessleadersaroundtheglobeseethesamebusinessdatainthesamewayatthesametime • Increasedsynergiesresultedinsavingsoftensofmillionsofdollars Missioncontrol
    33. 33. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 5.Provingeffectiveness
    34. 34. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 6.Sellinginplatformideas
    35. 35. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 JohnLewis–BearandHare
    36. 36. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Further reading… Analytics 2.0 & 3.0 Advertising Analytics 2.0; HBR, March 2013 Advertising Analytics 3.0; HBR, December 2013
    37. 37. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 When geeks rule the world…
    38. 38. AMVBBDO Client 28May2014 Data+storytelling=success!