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From Bummer To Booster

  1. 1. FROM BUMMER TO BOOSTER 12 Steps to The Best Business Relationships BY TOBIAS RODRIGUES © 2013 Tobias Rodrigues
  2. 2. WELCOME Barcelona, May 2013 Dear Friend of The Best Business Relationships! Welcome to much more than a just another skills course on relationship building and conflict resolution. FROM BUMMER TO BOOSTER is a studio of personal and team enrichment. From distaste to delight. In 48 energetic, educational and entertaining hours, you’ll become passionate about human dynamics in professional settings and will be inspired to engage in business relationships positively and creatively. Interactive and experience-driven. FROM BUMMER TO BOOSTER will give you the essentials of how to prevent and solve conflicts in a practical and to-thepoint way. Have you ever heard that differences are based on a tacit agreement? What are the magic words to defuse conflicts? And what would it take for people to really listen to you every time? It's time to find out! See you soon, Tobias Rodrigues
  3. 3. © 2013 Tobias Rodrigues
  4. 4. TOBIAS RODRIGUES style vibrant practical direct Tobias Rodrigues is a Canadian-Portuguese communication and conflict resolution specialist. His academic career includes a great variety of fascinating topics. In Rome, Barcelona and the Azores, Tobias studied conflict mediation, philology, philosophy, psychology and e-marketing. Putting his theoretic knowledge into practice, Tobias has gained professional laurels as an effective communication teacher, emotional intelligence trainer, public speaking coach, penitentiary social worker, among others. Since Tobias moved to Spain in 2010, his passion for professional performance and conflict resolution has become his professional activity. His unique style of speaking - calm, clear and confident - ensures that his seminars are an experience for life. For more information on Tobias: .
  5. 5. SEMINAR DAY 1 Day 1 focuses on interactive learning: observing and performing in order to boost your skills. You receive practical tips and tools to manage relationships in a positive and rewarding way. 10:00 2 truths & 1 lie Your expectations 10:30 Boost beliefs The role of beliefs 12:00 Tune emotions The power of emotions 13:00 Lunch 14:30 More than words Non-verbal cues 15:30 Stop, observe & ask Effective listening 17:00 Match 1 Exercises & feedback “The person is not the problem. The problem is the problem.” Michael White
  6. 6. SEMINAR DAY 2 On Day 2, participants take the final steps and apply the acquired techniques in individual and group exercises. The continuous positive feedback you get from everyone lets you amplify your personal transformation. 10:00 1 idea & 1 ball Remembering day 1 10:30 Tacit agreement The key to motivation 11:30 SEE & DAN Your talking tools - I 13:00 Lunch 14:30 Compose Your talking tools - II 15:30 Match 2 Exercises 17:30 Your superpowers Inspiring feedback “There is no great disappointment where there is no great love.” Martin Luther King
  7. 7. TESTIMONIALS Elinor Thompson, DIRECTOR, PRBB INTERVALS PROGRAMME “A stimulating and thought provoking experiential learning opportunity. Clear and didactic. Tobias’ training methods and his highly communicative interaction with all the participants created a very cohesive group atmosphere. As the programme organiser, I was delighted to see from the feedback that other participants also found the course valuable as well as great fun.” Ingrid Ferrer, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TRAINER “Tobias is one of those trainers that become ambassadors of their field! When I think of conflict resolution, I think of Tobias. He shows great consistency between what he preaches and practices!”
  8. 8. TESTIMONIALS Peter McKenzie, OPERATIONS DIRECTOR, CITIGROUP “Tobias has a wealth of experience in conflict resolution. His excellent communication style meant that the seminar was interesting and rewarding. Many practical tips and lessons to take away. And we had the opportunity to put into practice what we had learned. Also great fun!” Álvaro Saumell, LAWYER & ECONOMIST “A very positive and constructive experience. The seminar offers tools that allow us to approach issues with a comprehensive perspective and to reach better solutions for everyone. I strongly recommend it.”
  10. 10. CONTACT TOBIAS RODRIGUES T OBIAS R ODRIGUES . COM cell: +34 669 53 64 22 twitter: @conflictmentor email:
  11. 11. “Tobias is a born communicator. He transmits confidence, credibility and authority throughout the entire workshop. His vivid, interactive and practical didactic approach makes the critical topic of conflict resolution a fun learning experience with unexpected twists and turns. My idea of how to handle conflicts in my life has changed completely. A seminar that exceeded my expectations.” Florian Mueck Professional Speaker & Author