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Blue Cross rehoming centre


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A day in the life of a Blue Cross rehoming centre

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Blue Cross rehoming centre

  1. 1. A day at a Blue Crossrehoming centre
  2. 2. Early in the morningWe let the pets into theirruns and walk the dogs.
  3. 3. Checking the horsesMost of our horsesand ponies liveoutside in small herds.We go and see howthey’re doing and,if they wear them,check their rugs.
  4. 4. Feeding timeAll our pets havetheir own meal plan.Some may alsobe on medicationwhich needs tobe given regularlyand recorded.
  5. 5. CleaningWe clean thoroughly every morningand then as we go alongthroughout the day.
  6. 6. Opening timeOnce our doors areopen we have lotsof people visiting toask for help or tofind out more aboutrehoming a pet.
  7. 7. TrainingTraining helps to keep our pets happyand healthy and makes it easier to findthem new homes.
  8. 8. PlayingPlay is an important exercise for the mindand body and keeps our pets happy.
  9. 9. GroomingGrooming not only keeps fur clean, it helpspets get used to being handled. Plus we cangive them a health check atthe same time.
  10. 10. Health careAll our animals are checked bya vet and given treatment if theyneed it. They are also neuteredand microchipped where it’sappropriate.
  11. 11. We feed again in the afternoon
  12. 12. Another break for the dogsVolunteers help us to lookafter the animals.
  13. 13. BedtimeEach rehoming centrehas staff onsite overnightto check on the pets andto keep them safe.
  14. 14. FundingWe don’t receive anygovernment or lotteryfunding so we haveto find lots of differentways to raise money.
  15. 15. How we raise our funds• Donations• Legacies (money left in a Will)• Grants• Charity shops• vents (such as climbing E Ben Nevis)• Open days• Corporate sponsors
  16. 16. Email: charity no: 224392 (England and Wales), SC040154 (Scotland)