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Mahalakshmi Jayaram's presentation on Bhumija


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Mahalakshmi Jayaram's presentation on Bhumija

  1. 1. BHŪMIJABorn of the earthAnd living in itsfoldHSR Layout, Bangalore, construction completed in November 2011
  2. 2. Design Brief• To construct a house that involves ‘greenconcepts’ both in design and in execution• To design a house that can be ‘green’ post-occupancy, in its running and maintenanceAndMotivation?
  3. 3. Part 1ArchitecturalDesign andConstruction
  4. 4. Site• Plot coverage < 50%• Building setback>stipulated• Landscaping – no hardpaving• Soil-filling
  5. 5. Design• Load-bearing• Optimal spans – minimal steel• Simple and efficient plan• Tall windows and shorter lintels• Ventilator design• Glass panes in doors forpervasive natural light• In-built seats and bed
  6. 6. Materials• Natural materials like stoneand wood• Material sourced fromnearby as far as possible• Judicious use of materialsseen in stair design, terracefinishing, exposed ceiling etc• Hoordi roof tiles to save onconcrete• Pre-polished, sun-driedtraditional floor tiles
  7. 7. Design Details• Kitchen interior with left-over stone pieces• Mechanical chimney• Parapet with left-over stone pieces• Staircase detail using stone treads only• Structure and aesthetics integrated through use ofarches and stone lintels• Dry and wet bath spaces reduce water used to keepbathrooms clean
  8. 8. Design Detail ExamplesStone bay windowStone lintel and wallStaircase windowsBrickbaywindowBathroomwithseparatedry andwet areasandskylightKitchen
  9. 9. Part 2Interiors and lighting
  10. 10. • Hanging Pendant lightfittings throws morelight where you need it• Very fewplastered/painted walls• Furniture – mostly caneand second-handfurniture from relatives• In-built seats and bed• Stone Kitchen shelves• No skirting
  11. 11. Part 3Home Utilities
  12. 12. Eco-friendly home utilities• Solar power• Solar water heating• Grey-water recycling• Rain-water harvesting• Composting• Use of organic soaps• Recycling bags• Eco-friendly fittings– CFL lamps– Water-saving flush tank– Energy saving fans
  13. 13. Solar PV and water heater• No power cuts• No running costs, moving parts or maintenance• No pollution• BESCOM units consumed down to < 20 per month2KWp Solar PV panels Inverter and battery bank Solar water heater (PV on roof)
  14. 14. Water and bio-wasteReed bed for recyclingINPUT: grey water fromwashing machine, showers,wash-basinsOUTPUT: recycled water forgardenRain water harvestingWhenever rain water isavailable, it is stored andused before BWSSB supplyis tappedOrganic compostingDaily Dump Khamba tocompost kitchen andgarden waste to produceorganic compost
  15. 15. ‘Green’ Everyday• Run the washing machine only on full load• Keep the soiled vessels wet by filling with water usedto wash vegetables• Segregate waste and reuse if possible – like broken toysand used envelopes• Consume responsibly – no food wastage, allow thingstheir life-cycle• Cycle to the local grocer, walk to everywhere elsecloes-byAndBenefits?
  16. 16. The poster on our wall