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AUA Development Conference 2012 - Matthew Andrews


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AUA Development Conference 2012 - Matthew Andrews

  1. 1. InternationalOpportunitiesBirminghamWednesday 17 October 2012Matthew AndrewsAUA International Opportunities
  2. 2. International Opportunities• International Higher Education Network• Study Tours• Travel Awards• International Partners• Reciprocal Conference Places• Events in the UKAUA International Opportunities
  3. 3. Principle Aims of the IHE Network• To organise opportunities for AUA members to gain international travel opportunities: such as Travel Awards and Study Tours• To promote an understanding of the international dimension to higher education: through, for example, sessions at the Conference and IHEN Day Meetings• To facilitate and enhance links between the AUA and higher education sectors in other countries: by managing partnerships with partner associations and assisting international delegates at Annual ConferenceAUA International Opportunities
  4. 4. IHEN Steering GroupConvener Andrea Rabe, Birkbeck Convener Sally McKinley, Brunel Award Co-ordinator Lisa Burton, Warwick Association Link Co- Hetal Maniar, Portsmouthordinator Development VacantCo-ordinatorAUA International Opportunities
  5. 5. Study Tours• Organised overseas visits for members of the AUA based in the UK and Ireland• Ten members: one coordinator and three Study Tour themes each containing three members• Coordinator is supported by the AUA and AHUA with up to £2,000 in expenses• Four further awards of up to £1,000 in expenses are made to members of the Study Tour• A report is written and information disseminatedAUA International Opportunities
  6. 6. Study Tours 2007/08: New Zealand • Student application and progression • Supporting professionalism and excellence in HE management • Universities and sustainable development 2009/10: India • Partnerships • Student Experience • GovernanceAUA International Opportunities
  7. 7. Study Tours 2010/11: Brazil • Quality, academic standards and course construction • Student expectations and representation • Teaching, learning and pedagogy 2011/12: Japan • Employability and the graduate job market • University finances and funding • Quality assurance and enhancementAUA International Opportunities
  8. 8. Study Tours 2012/13: South Africa • Getting into University • Life beyond the classroom • Professional development 2013/14: Poland (proposed) • Ideas for themes?AUA International Opportunities
  9. 9. Study Tour ReportsAUA International Opportunities
  10. 10. Travel AwardsFor members to undertakeintensive study visits overseas withthe aim of enhancing career andprofessional development, and topromote best practice in highereducation management throughdissemination of the findings toAUA members. Travel awards maybe used to attend relevant overseasconferences (but not reciprocalplaces).Deadlines:15 January15 JulyAUA International Opportunities
  11. 11. Travel Awards - Overview• Awards funded by AUA and AHUA• Annual budget – £4,000• Awards available to AUA members based in the UK and Ireland only• Award value – usually £1,000 maximum• Intended to cover travel and/or subsistence costs• May be “topped up” by AUA member or their employerAUA International Opportunities
  12. 12. Travel Awards – Applications• Two deadlines per year – 15th January and 15th July• Successful applicants notified within one month• Application submitted to AUA National Office (• Applicants must submit an application form (available on AUA web site), a CV and a letter of support from their manager• Applicants are strongly advised to seek support in principle from their proposed hosts before submitting an applicationAUA International Opportunities
  13. 13. Travel Awards – Requirements• Recipients responsible for all travel arrangements• Report of 2,000 – 3,000 words, plus a 500 word summary, to be submitted within one month of returning to the UK/Ireland. Award paid within one month of receiving the report.• Encouraged to deliver a report the on visit to an IHEN meeting, local, regional, national meetings, to write article for Newslink or Perspectives, etc. etc. etc.!AUA International Opportunities
  14. 14. Travel Awards – Good Advice• Think through the project you’ll be working on – methods, purpose• Make sure you are clear about what you want to do – be practical and show you have thought through your plans• Demonstrate your contacts and preparation• Do not focus on your own institution – the AUA and AHUA are funding your travel so we want to know what AUA and AHUA, and the HE sector more generally, will get back• Include dissemination ideas in your proposalAUA International Opportunities
  15. 15. International Partners: LinkCoordinators• A channel for communications between AUA and the partner international association• An ambassador for the AUA• Reciprocal promotion of conferences• Invitations to speak at each other’s conferences• Attending the partner’s conference or notifying the International Link Coordinator of the• Writing an annual report on the link and the activities undertaken that year and anyAUA International Opportunities
  16. 16. International Partners (1)AACRAO American Association of Collegiate Maureen Skinner, West Registrars and Admissions Officers LondonAAUA American Association of University Julie Davies, ABS AdministratorsACHEA Association of Caribbean Higher Matthew Andrews, Education Administrators Oxford BrookesANUPA Association of Nigerian University Vacant Professional AdministratorsARUCC Association of Registrars of the Christine Matthewson, Universities and Colleges of Canada StrathcyldeAUA International Opportunities
  17. 17. International Partners (2)ATEM Association of Tertiary Education Anne Maruma, Kent ManagersCAUBO Canadian Association of University Melissa Bradley, Kent Business OfficersGUAU Ghana Association of University Vacant AdministratorsJAUM Japanese Association of University Hetal Maniar, Managers PortsmouthHEFAF Higher Education Faculty Vacant Administrators ForumAUA International Opportunities
  18. 18. International ConferencesAUA International Opportunities
  19. 19. AACRAO SEM XXI• November 2011• Sessions over four days• San Diego• Approx 600 delegates from all over the world, mostly Americans and CanadiansAUA International Opportunities
  20. 20. Reciprocal Places• Advertised through e-mail up-dates• Dates listed on AUA web-site• First refusal to the Link Coordinator, then members of the Board, then opened out to all AUA members• Look for articles in Newslink!AUA International Opportunities
  21. 21. IHEN Seminars• Occasional one day seminars• In addition to promotion of the AUA international opportunities these attract a range of speakers, for exmaple: • Higher Education in Brazil (Dr Tristan McCowan) • The future of the European HE Area (Dr Christian Yeomans) • Supporting students overseas with reference to the University of Nottingham’s Malaysia campus (Professor Christine Ennew)AUA International Opportunities
  22. 22. AUA Annual Conference• Meet the international delegates!• Attend a session run by an international delegate• Dissemination sessions following-on from Study Tours or Travel AwardsAUA International Opportunities
  23. 23. Discussion• Comments• Questions• SuggestionsAUA International Opportunities
  24. 24. But why?• The AUA exists to advance education, and so enables members to raise their own contribution to this end through supporting their continuing personal and professional development• There is an international higher education sector, with an exchange of ideas, staff, and students• Those who lead and manage our universities and colleges of higher education now more than ever need an understanding of the international dimension to higher educationAUA International Opportunities
  25. 25. InternationalOpportunitiesBirminghamWednesday 17 October 2012Matthew AndrewsAUA International Opportunities