CVs and Applications - Jan Shine, Paullus Consultancy


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CVs and Applications - Jan Shine, Paullus Consultancy

  1. 1. inspiring professional higher education Managing Your Career: Successful CVs and applications Managing Yourself, Managing Others, Managing Your Career London 29 May 2014 Jan Shine Paullus Consultancy AUA CPD Consultant
  2. 2. inspiring professional higher education Objectives of the session At the end of the session participants will: • be clearer about how to write/update their CV and complete applications for greatest effect • have practised using positive language in the context of job applications • be able to apply for roles in the future with greater confidence
  3. 3. inspiring professional higher education In pairs: Discuss the last occasion when you were not shortlisted for a role you really wanted Some possible topics of discussion: – are you clear about why you weren’t shortlisted? – would you do anything differently next time you apply for a role? Your experience
  4. 4. inspiring professional higher education Presenting yourself on paper Q: What makes an application effective? A: Telling the employer what they need to know to see that you satisfy all the essential criteria for the role
  5. 5. inspiring professional higher education Preparation – Work out how you meet the requirements of the job – What qualifications and skills are required or preferred? – Do you have them? – What evidence can you give to support your claim? – Read the instructions carefully and ensure that you do exactly what you are asked to do
  6. 6. inspiring professional higher education Know the job / the organisation/ the department – Read further particulars thoroughly – Check the organisation’s or department’s website – Read the organisation’s strategic plan / departmental plan – Find out about the organisational structure and where the job fits – Find out about the culture – Make effective use of networks
  7. 7. inspiring professional higher education CVs and applications – Are part of the selection process – Tell the employer the facts about you – Allow you to demonstrate how your skills and experience match the requirements of the role – Are your only ‘PR’ in the early stages – Can get you to interview – or get you dropped at this stage
  8. 8. inspiring professional higher education CVs and applications key principles Appearance • Easy on the eye • Appropriate number of pages • Clear structure • Neat and well presented • Addressed correctly • Be consistent – format, use of fonts • Check spelling and grammar • Double check photocopies Content • Brief ‘profile’ at the beginning • Emphasise the relevant – give it most prominence and space • Highlight your skills and include evidence • Focus on role responsibilities, skills and achievements • Use ‘action’ words • Tailor to the role and the organisation • Address all the essential areas of the person specification
  9. 9. inspiring professional higher education What should a profile contain? All or some of the following: Skills Strengths Knowledge Experience Personal attributes Values/philosophy Attitude or approach
  10. 10. inspiring professional higher education An example …. An experienced trainer, coach and HR specialist with strong interpersonal and project management skills. Well organised and professional approach with a continuous improvement philosophy. Passionate about lifelong learning with a strong commitment to own personal development and supporting others’ learning and development.
  11. 11. inspiring professional higher education Profile exercise Write a paragraph that captures the essence of who you are as a professional in higher education Possible prompts: -How would others describe you? -What are your strengths?
  12. 12. inspiring professional higher education STAR: a useful acronym for CVs, applications and interviews S T A R ituation ask ctions esults briefly set the scene objectives spend most time on what you actually did outcomes and learning points
  13. 13. inspiring professional higher education CVs and applications – things to avoid  Include too much personal information  List all of the courses you’ve ever attended if they are not relevant to the role  Take up a lot of space by listing all your qualifications that are not relevant to the role  Exceed two sides of A4 for your CV  Write ‘see CV’ in any section of the application form  Exaggerate (wildly)  Use negative language for ‘reason for leaving’  Simply state the job description for your current role or previous roles  If you have a long career be very brief about roles early on or omit altogether if not relevant to the role
  14. 14. inspiring professional higher education In summary …… Tips
  15. 15. inspiring professional higher education Reflection and action planning Discuss in pairs: What has been the value of this workshop for you? How will it influence your future applications? ….. note these down
  16. 16. inspiring professional higher education Thank you for your contribution to this session