AUA Development Conference 2012 - Matthew Andrews


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AUA Development Conference 2012 - Matthew Andrews

  1. 1. Planning and Reflecting on your Learning and Development Matthew Andrews AUA inspiring professionalism in higher education
  2. 2. You and the AUA Few of us ever plan on being University administrators… …so how do we plan a career when we find that we are one?
  3. 3. YOU
  4. 4. Planned Happenstance®• Kathleen Mitchell•• Confronts the notion that career planning is a logical and linear activity• An articulation of and explanation for the way many of our careers have developed!
  5. 5. Planned Happenstance®• Planned Having plans, organised, and made arrangements• Happen Events that occur by chance, i.e. life!• Stance Your position on your plans and the impact of events
  6. 6. Working out a directionDO DO NOTFollow your curiosity, Make a linear plan for yourinterest, and hunches career and attempt to follow it
  7. 7. Approaching roadblocksDO DO NOTThink about alternative Stop, or keep on trying toroutes, the benefits of follow the same path, ortaking a diversion, and ask work out “I can’t because…”“how can I…?”
  8. 8. Facing the unexpectedDO DO NOTExpect the unexpected! Be Fail to recogniseprepared for unexpected opportunities or be tooopportunities, chance narrow in how you defineencounters, and answer one, and end up saying “no”every question with “yes”
  9. 9. And your ideal job?DO DO NOTLeave your mind – and Fixate on one job you wantopportunities – open! So to the exclusion of anydon’t define one… it might other opportunitiesnot exist yet
  10. 10. Developing your stance• Being ready and willing to take action• Being open-minded and flexible• Taking a risk and seizing the opportunity• Networking, being “out there”• Being involved: volunteer, learn• Exploring, being curious• Staying positive, optimistic and embracing change
  11. 11. Key Questions for Personal Reflection• What role did you play in chance events?• How long did you take before taking a decision?• How important was the step you were considering taking compared to the step you hoped that it would lead on to afterwards?• What role has luck played in your career?
  12. 12. AUA
  13. 13. Objective and PurposeThe Object of the Association is to advance and assist in the advancement of education by fostering sound methods of leadership, management and administration in further and higher education by education, training, and other means.
  14. 14. A broad remit Professional Association Membership Organisation Development Organisation
  15. 15. Geographic Networks Scotland Ireland Yorkshire & the North East North Wales & North West Midlands South Wales & South West South Anglia & London
  16. 16. Thematic NetworksApplicant Experience (with SPA) Space ManagementDepartmental AdministratorsEquality and Diversity GroupInternational HEManaging Change in HEOrganisational DevelopmentPartnershipsQuality Practitioners
  17. 17. International Opportunities• Study Tours• Travel Awards• International Partners
  18. 18. YOU & AUA
  19. 19. The USP of the AUAThe AUA creates and supports opportunitiesfor you to move beyond your current role:personally and professionally.The AUA complements other specificnetworks by enabling you to embrace thephilosophy behind non-linear careers,unexpected opportunities, and prepares youfor jobs which don’t yet exist.
  20. 20. Tiered Membership Fellow Accredited MemberMember • FAUA • AAUA • Level 4 Qualification• MAUA • Level 4 Qualification • 30 hours CPD in 3• Employed in higher • 25 hours CPD in 2 years education in the UK or years • Reflective statement Ireland • Reflective statement • Development of others • 1 reference • 2 references • Lasts for 5 years • Lasts for 5 years
  21. 21. Planning and Reflecting on your Learning and Development Matthew Andrews AUA inspiring professionalism in higher education
  22. 22. Closing, reflection and evaluation Matthew Andrews AUA inspiring professionalism in higher education
  23. 23. Preparing for exciting futures
  24. 24. Exciting events planned for 2012-2013Anglia and London ConferenceLondon13 December 2012Wales ConferenceCardiff18 December 2012Digital HE: Practice, Products, ProgressManchester15 January 2013
  25. 25. Annual Conference 2013 Edinburgh 25 -27 March 2013Terry Waite CBE Shabanna Mahmood MP Edinburgh International Conference Centre “Higher education could benefit from social engineering” David Ruebain, Chief Executive, ECU (in favour) Kelley Temple, NUS National Women’s Officer (in favour) Carl Lygo, BPP Chief Executive Officer (against)
  26. 26. Web: Email: Call: 0161 275 2063 Association of University Administrators (AUA) inspiring professionalism in higher education