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Attracting International Students to the UK Market - Andrea Rabe, Birkbeck, University of London


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Published in: Education
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Attracting International Students to the UK Market - Andrea Rabe, Birkbeck, University of London

  1. 1. Attracting International Students to the UK Market The International Higher Education Network (I.H.E.N.) MAUA Andrea Williams, Birkbeck College MAUA Dave Lochtie, Roehampton University inspiring professional higher education
  2. 2. Overview • • • • • • • • The current international market Barriers/competitors to the UK International Students need/provide Current university marketing activities Differentiation and Integration Conclusions Getting involved with the I.H.E.N. …all via group discussion with questions welcome throughout! inspiring professional higher education
  3. 3. Current International Market • • • • • E.U./ non E.U.? 2012/13 - 299,970 (13% of total) is non-EU 1% on 11/12 - risen annually since 1994 British Council expect 126k by 2024 ‘Study Abroad’ (25,760 Erasmus in 2011/12)/Summer Schools growing • Biggest Mkts - China, Nigeria, U.S.A. & India • India fallen by 50% since 10/11 due to..? (stats by HESA) inspiring professional higher education
  4. 4. Barriers/Competitors to the U.K. • Immigration Issues • Political Issues • Negative P.R. -----------------------------------------------------• USA – 819,644 (3.9% of student population) • Australia 233,099 (22.3%) • Canada 225,000 in 2011 • English Language European Programmes & Satellite Campuses in Country inspiring professional higher education
  5. 5. International Students Need/Provide • Language & Visa Support • Funding • Support Adapting to Different Academic and Non-Academic Cultures/Systems -----------------------------------------------------• Diversity • Different Backgrounds/Viewpoints • Fee Income – diversification of income inspiring professional higher education
  6. 6. Group work – Attracting international students to the UK S.W.O.T. analysis (Albert Humphrey) of recruiting international students to your specific university inspiring professional higher education
  7. 7. Group Flip Charts – SWOT Analysis inspiring professional higher education
  8. 8. inspiring professional higher education
  9. 9. Current University Marketing Activities Example: Birkbeck A public research university located in London which specialises in evening higher education, and a constituent college of the federal University of London International reputation? Ranking? Activities: • Curriculum • Agents • Website and online promotion/social media • Exhibitions • Alumni • Partnerships inspiring professional higher education
  10. 10. Group work – Attracting international students to the UK What marketing activities targeting international students does your university engage in? inspiring professional higher education
  11. 11. Group Flip Charts – Marketing Strategy inspiring professional higher education
  12. 12. Differentiation and Integration • What attracts students to specific UK Universities? • How do we differentiate? Size, Campus, Location, Subject Specialism, ..? • Are we honest?! • What can we do to support International Students? - Airport pick ups, Orientation & Induction - Targeted activities vs full integration - Support from Int. Office or support services? - Further support..? inspiring professional higher education
  13. 13. … conclusions and questions? inspiring professional higher education
  14. 14. The International Higher Education Network (IHEN) Seeks to encourage awareness amongst AUA members of the international dimension to H.E., support the AUA’s international links with partner organisations and provide a forum for discussion on international issues. inspiring professional higher education
  15. 15. Travel Awards & Study Tours • Travel Awards - Research/Conferences • Study Tour - Reports (from South Africa, Japan, Brazil, India & New Zealand) • Poland/European Tours ----------------------------------• Enhance career prospects • Focus on topical administrative, managerial & policy issues/sharing best practice • Benefit home institution & UK HE sector inspiring professional higher education
  16. 16. Find out more at • Via Newslink & Perspectives • Join the Network by emailing • …and/or visit the Linked-In site. inspiring professional higher education