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  • 413 - Values Presentation

    1. 1. Values: building a foundationfor a high performanceculture
    2. 2. Vision and Values„ Vision: our image of a possible and desirable future state, one that serves to unite and inspire all stakeholders.  What? “We will be known worldwide as a place where the highest academic values and educational innovation are cherished, where research prospers and makes a real difference, and where the fruits of scholarship resonate throughout society.” Who? “We are recognized as a national university of choice for quality education, applied research that drives regional economic development, and enjoys international accreditation.” Who?  Why?„ Values: the reflection and embodiment of the character, energy and spirit of our organisation; qualities we believe are vital to realising our vision and will help to preserve and build on what is unique and cherished about the School.  What? “honesty, integrity, professionalism and accountability in relationships with our customers and each other.” Who? “customer focus, confidence, empowerment, excellence, integrity, innovation …” Who?  Why? 2
    3. 3. Survey of Faults and Identification of ChallengesBefore: After:“To become the pre-eminent business school “To have a profound impact on the way thein the world.” world does business.”Me WeDifferent cultures and values between Shared valuesdepartments - Involved in decision-making, striving - Working in silos, hierarchy, no voice together to be the best we can be Podcast 1 3
    4. 4. Laying the Foundation Admitting bigger and betterToda quality applicant pools.y WeMar2012Nov Assessing performance.2011 Application Selecting aligned contractors.Jun Workshops and Cafes.2011 Embedding Values. Brand Academy and Distillation promise. Who are we? What makes us Exploration special? How do we operate? What do we aim to achieve in the future?Sep2009 Me Staff Faculty Suppliers Students Alumni 4
    5. 5. School Vision and Values
    6. 6. Construction Tools and Support Structure„ Consultation “Make sure values capture what is most important, relevant and real to everyone in your company.”„ Project website and podcasts “Choose values your people will take„ Values Champions’ Pow-wows personally.”„ Workshops and Cafes„ Performance Appraisals “Consistently and systematically reward„ Stories behaviours that align with your values.”„ Awards„ Tendering„ Student admissions “Allow individuals to decide for themselves if they fit and can thrive there.”„ Staff and Faculty recruitment„ Leadership role modelling “Leaders should work hardest to model the values … leaders [must be] prepared to serve as models.” - Stephen Parker and David Rippey, Leadership Excellence, Sep 2011 6
    7. 7. Reinforcing the AUA Vision, Values and Professional BehavioursThe AUA exists to advance and promotethe professional recognition anddevelopment of all who work inprofessional services roles in highereducation, and to be an authoritativeadvocate and champion for the section.AUA members are individually andcollectively committed to:•the continuous development of their ownand others professional knowledge, skillsand practices;•actively championing equality ofeducational and professional opportunity;•the advancement of higher educationthrough the robust application ofprofessional knowledge, skills andpractices;•the highest standards of fair, ethical andtransparent professional behaviour. 7
    8. 8. Values Support Structure “Help yourself and others to reach full1) Developing Self and Others: potential for the benefit of the widerStaff Personal Reviews: transition organisation.”from competencies to values; • Use all situations as potentialemphasis on “how” learning opportunities • Learn from mistakes without blame • Engage positively with appraisal processes Ambitious Courageou - Jan Shine, AUA Newslink No. 69 s “Adjusting to unfamiliar2) Embracing Change: situations, demands and changing roles. Seeing change as an opportunity and beingValues Champions: living and receptive to new ideas.”breathing the values, moving from • Accept that change is an integralMe to We part of life • Remain positive about moving forward despite being realistic Communa Engaged about the difficulty of change l • Communicate change in a positive manner through influencing and persuasion3) Achieving Results: celebrate Podcast 4 - Jan Shine, AUA Newslink No.72successes! 8
    9. 9. Practical Applications Developing Self Embracing Achieving and Change Results OthersMy Performance andinstitutionMydepartmentMy team ResultsMe 9
    10. 10. Values Workshops
    11. 11. Values Stories
    12. 12. Values Certificates and Mini-prizes
    13. 13. Conclusion„ Recommendations and tips“ … it’s not the words that make a difference; it’s the conversation.” - Rosebeth Kanter, HBR, 2010Questions or comments?Contact: Eleanor Eiserman, Finance Subject Area Manager and Values Champion eeiserman@london.edu 13
    14. 14. BibliographyBuffton, B, W. Sullivan, and R. Sullivan. “ Aligning individual and organisationalvalues to support change.” Journal of Change Management. (March). 2002: 247-254.Chonko, L, S. Hunt, and V. Wood. “Ethical Values and Organizational Commitmentin Marketing.” The Journal of Marketing. Vol. 53, No. 3 (July ).1989: 79-90.Den Hartog, D and R. Verburg. “High performance work systems, organisationalculture and firm effectiveness.” Human Resource Management Journal. Vol. 14,No. 1. 2004: 55-78.Kanter, R. “Getting Values from Values.” Harvard Business Review. OnlineEdition. 2010.Parker, S. and D. Rippey. “Corporate Values: what makes them valuable?”Leadership Excellence. September 2011: 15.Ross, H. Reinventing Diversity. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers: Plymouth,2011.Shine, J. “Developing Self and Others.” AUA Newslink. Issue Number 69. 2011: 10-11.Shine, J. “Embracing Change.” AUA Newslink. Issue 72. 2012: 10-11. 14