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206 - Award Ceremonies


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206 - Award Ceremonies

  1. 1. Session 206 Award Ceremonies: Effective Practice, Challenges and PitfallsGillian Lindsey Nick AllenOxford Brookes University The University of Northampton
  2. 2. So who are we? (1)• Gillian Lindsey – Assistant Academic Registrar and Head of Graduation Office, Oxford Brookes University – Formerly University of York and Royal Holloway, University of London – AUA member since 2002 – Previously worked in hotels, culminating in role of Associate Academic Director in a hotel school in Switzerland.
  3. 3. So who are we? (2)• Nick Allen – Executive Officer, The University of Northampton – Formerly OU and SHU – AUA Member since 2002 – Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice graduate (PgCert) – Trustee and Chair of PgCert Board of Studies
  4. 4. Oxford Brookes University• 18,000 students (plus almost the same again in collaborative programmes)• Three campuses in Oxford and a small campus in Swindon• Modern university, recognised particularly for Architecture, Building and Property Management; Nursing; Art & Design; Food Science.• Multiple entry point during the academic year
  5. 5. The University of Northampton• 14,000 students• Two campuses in Northampton• Particular recognition in fashion, teacher education, waste management and leather technology• Multiple entry points during the academic year
  6. 6. Oxford Brookes University Ceremonies• Attendance increased over years, due to higher number of awarded students: Actual Actual Actual Actual attendance on attendance on attendance on attendance on day 2008 day 2009 day 2010 day 2011 3416 3529 3813 4159• Overseas ceremonies organised with collaborative partners – inc. Kenya, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, Hungary
  7. 7. Oxford Brookes University CeremoniesRecent changes following consultation with Students’Union and student questionnaires:• Student priorities• Reduced from three ceremony occasions to two• Improving venues• Increased number of guests in main venue• Graduation package charge implemented• Additional funds for improvements
  8. 8. Student Priorities
  9. 9. Student Details
  10. 10. Changes• Dropped April ceremonies – timing unpopular• Improve appearance of Main Hall• Improve external areas and graduation marquee• Increase number of guests to three and include in new package rate• Plan for new buildings
  11. 11. The University of Northampton Ceremonies• Two ceremony periods a year• Increase in eligible attendees and actual attendees (due to increase in student numbers)Academic Year 2008/9 2009/10 2010/11Eligible attendees 3,502 3,932 4,410Actual attendees 2,101 2,364 2,695
  12. 12. The University of Northampton CeremoniesChanges:• All ceremonies held in town centre theatre (summer ceremonies were previously held on campus in a marquee);• Split operation – campus (gowning and photography) and town (ceremony);• Ticketing software trialled.
  13. 13. JISCMAIL list• Running since May 2005• 140 members• Sign up at (search for Ceremonies)
  14. 14. Sharing Good Practice• 25 August 2010, The University of Northampton• Over 50 attendees from 29 higher education institutions• Follow-up session at 2011 AUA Annual Conference
  15. 15. Some examples of recent topics on JISCMAIL:• Allowing non-awarded students to attend ceremonies• Procedure with latecomers• Online registration
  16. 16. Feedback from parallel groups
  17. 17. What next?• Join the JISCMAIL list• Visit other institutions – find out how they do it?
  18. 18. Thank you for attending