The Secret to Successful Branded Social Media


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Why do so many brands hit an iceberg when they launch into Social Media? They miss the point. Uncover the secret of successful branded social media.

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The Secret to Successful Branded Social Media

  1. 1. Social MarketingOpening the door to the publicThe secret to successful brandedsocial media marketing© The Wong Number, January 2012
  2. 2. You know it’s time Social shakes up marketing
  3. 3. Where does Social Media Marketing fit? Australians use social media more than any other developed country Traditional marketing CUSTOMER broadcasts brand messages to consumers via 90% of consumers trust advertising and promotions word of mouth ADVERTISING recommendations over broadcast advertising BRAND To generate consumer recommendations integrate Social Media into marketing &62% of online promote it with Modern marketing advertising & PRAustralians focuses on what theare interacting customer is sayingwith companies about brandsvia socialnetworking sites
  4. 4. Before you begin a Social Media program understand this:
  5. 5. • Social media is in the hands of the public not the brand• To be involved the ongoing cost is a commitment to a high amount of man hours• And the financial cost is in developing customer-centric online facilities• If you don’t take the right approach, the cost will be in crisis management
  6. 6. Social Media is not abroadcast media siloIt is for the people, by the people.A democracy It is the opposite of all current marketing
  7. 7. Brands need to embrace the same mindset as their customersIndividuals need to think like brands and not over share
  8. 8. There is no shame in eavesdropping – listen to your target audience firstUnderstand how they communicate and what they shareBe aware of their lifestyle and prejudicesListen to what they are saying about brands
  9. 9. Be like themChat with themShare little secrets with themDo as they ask
  10. 10. Hear and respond to enquiries inreal timeUse customer feedback to delivera superior product and servicesBe nice to everyoneAnd keep them in the loop abouttheir suggestions and criticisms
  11. 11. It’s like dating
  12. 12. What do you share in common? How can you have fun together? How can you impress their friends and their family? How can you make them happy?How can you be a part of their world and make it better?
  13. 13. So how do you do that?
  14. 14. Commission a cultural Look at the relationshipsaudit of your brand your customers have with each otherSee how the publicinteract with your brand Create a picture of your community and then beExamine the target the embodiment of itmarket’s psychographicbrand relationship Go where your audience already converges online See where this intersects with your existing sales, marketing and PR campaigns
  15. 15. When you live andbreathe the customerperspective you willknow what todo to makethem happy
  16. 16. That’s the secret to social media
  17. 17. When the customer is happy,you build brand equityWhen the customer is happythey tell their friendsand networksAnd then they tell otherswhile continuing tosupport your brandThat’s the pay off
  18. 18. Give your audience the tools to make encountering your brand a pleasureFacilitate the ability for others to share your contentPeople don’t want your advertising messages, they want conversationThey hate it when you tell them what to do or buy, but they do like adviceMost like to share their opinion - they enjoy having inputAnd they love to swap storiesWhen they’re unhappy they’lltell you. And then you’ll have thepower to make it better for them
  19. 19. Don’t get hamstrung by sales figures or ROI. That comes laterUse strategic thought - don’t leave it to a junior or internDon’t fret about follower counts, reach comes virally as well as offlineSo concentrate on your key communityYour online advocates will appear and begin the process of word of mouth
  20. 20. The public don’t have to include you in their networks. They choose to, or not Give them good reasons to be loyal and to be open to youRemember Reassure them that you will be there for the long haul Most of all, be polite and respectful, no matter how vexing And lastly, always say ‘Thank you’
  21. 21. Thank youAnd thank you to Cuba Gallery Photography Created by Jane Wong, Social Media Planner As an advertising and marketing specialist for over twenty years, Jane’s experience of social networking began before the dot com crash. Her interests in social anthropology and psychology have honed her understanding of online consumer behaviours, and helped to shape dynamic Social Media strategies. © The Wong Number, January 2012