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Look After Yourself (Broadway URC)

Broadway United Reformed Church in Worcestershire engaged more with its local rural community by creating gentle exercise sessions.

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Look After Yourself (Broadway URC)

  1. 1. Look After Yourself feel better and enjoy life more Broadway
  2. 2. It Just Works - above the surface
  3. 3. Look After Yourself feel better and enjoy life more gentle exercises and tips on how to improve your : Mobility Balance Diet all in a friendly, relaxed environment, includes refreshments Every Thursday 10.30 am —12 noon in URC Hall, 77 High Street , Broadway WR12 7AL No charge. Come whenever you can Transport can be provided Find out more from Mark on 07949 296 738 or just drop in on the day
  4. 4. Welcome to Look After Yourself • Every Thursday • Doors open at 10.00 am for coffee and chat • We’ll start the exercises at 10.30 am • Around 15 people come every week • The church launched these sessions to help our neighbours – it’s the Christian way • Our partner is Rooftop Housing Group • Who put us in touch with our qualified tutors • Get a feel for it • Only do what you are comfortable with Broadway
  5. 5. Welcome to Look After Yourself • Most important thing is to get out of the house • Next is to enjoy yourself • Have a chat over coffee and biscuits • Runs every week • Come when you can, do what you feel like • Exercise to music one week (Extend) • Balance the next (Tai Chi) • You can come to both, or one or the other as you prefer • Exercises end and we have coffee at 11.30 am • Go home at around 12 noon • We can arrange to pick you up and drop you of if you like Broadway
  6. 6. Occasional special topic talks and lunches afterwards Menu for Eye Health Vegetable soup Cheese scones Carrot cake All have ingredients good for our eyes
  7. 7. What people say You’re not made to feel awkward or uncomfortable There’s no pressure We have a laugh It doesn’t matter if you miss a week There is a friendly atmosphere It gets you out of the house My doctor says my flexibility is better, it’s down to Look After Yourself I like the tea and chat too I like the variety of activity each week The tutors are brilliant I’ve invited my friends to come along Broadway I’ve met new people You just do what you feel like I come along even if I can’t do all the exercises You can have a lift I prefer the seated exercises We like the Tai Chi
  8. 8. Let us know if you are interested in other activities Broadway Job Club Helping you to find volunteer or paid work Threads Crafts and Discussion Table Games Afternoon Play what you want. Scrabble, cards, dominoes and more Neighbours on Line Find out what the internet and computers are about. Bring your own or use ours.
  9. 9. It Just Works – this is how and why
  10. 10. Prayer and Faith Based • To know Jesus better and make Him better known Broadway URC Mission, Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 28:19-20 • Both develop own faith and reach people in our community Mission Shaped Ministry and Broadway URC Outreach • Get to know people in our community Broadway URC Outreach • Love one another, help your neighbour Mt 22:37-40, Lk 10:27-37 • Evidently Christ centred Acts 4:7 • Show love in words, action, truth 1 John 3:18 • Faith combined with action James 2:14-17 • Build partnerships to respond to need Broadway URC Outreach Broadway
  11. 11. Look After Yourself addresses these local needs •Wellbeing •Loneliness (out of the house , meeting people) •Health (Exercise, diet, lifestyle) •Skills (Computers, internet, jobs) •Debt (Value for money, donations and grants, money management, jobs) •Access (Transport) •Trust Broadway
  12. 12. Look After Yourself •Thoroughly researched local needs •Talked to local people & organisations •Loneliness and isolation reducing well being •Living away from family •Less mobile •Losing independence •Impact of falls •Government budget cuts demand more cost efficient services •Area of deprivation (Sources - Census : ONS , Loneliness Survey : Age UK, Future Fit :WCC , Sustainable Community : WDC, asking people in the village) Broadway
  13. 13. Design Principles • Builds the presence of the church in the community • Explain up front that it is church led and sponsored why? - to help our neighbours, it’s the Christian way • Get to know our neighbours • Be good news • Balance, Mobility, Strength, Diet • Built partnerships to be safe with qualified tutors • Friendly, relaxed, fun, atmosphere • Respond to the needs and interest of each person • Come when you can • With different people all in the same boat • Value for money – donate if you can • Soft launch and adjust • For Neighbours, By Neighbours Broadway
  14. 14. On reflection •Go out there and listen •Rigorous identification of needs •Signpost to existing solutions if they exist •Identify skilled potential partners and their aims •Identify our value add (friendly, alliance building, project management, network, catalyst, agile, trusted) •Make early, up front contribution to show intent •Co-design and co-delivery of solutions Broadway
  15. 15. On reflection •Listen •Respond to need, soft launches, tune •Be there, consistently • Word of mouth and tutors are the lifeblood •It is about being sociable and friendly •Confess your limitations •All initiatives have a lifecycle including death •Keep it relevant Broadway
  16. 16. Want to know more? Contact : Mark Pickering 07949 296 738 Broadway