How to use LinkedIn


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A quick and easy guide on how to use a personal profile on LinkedIn. It also contains statistics about Australian LinkedIn users.

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How to use LinkedIn

  1. 1. How to use LinkedIn
  2. 2. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networkIt has 175 million profiles worldwideUsers are generally older, more educated, andmore affluent than Facebook and Twitter users
  3. 3. LinkedIn in Australia:-Top 3 industry sectors represented on LinkedIn: IT, Financial Services and Accounting-Top 3 companies represented by employees on LinkedIn: Telstra, National Australia Bank and Commonwealth Bank of Australia-Number of Entrepreneurs: 313,734-Number of Chefs: 5399 
  4. 4. LinkedIn in Australia:Penetration of population: 15.24%Worldwide position: 9Penetration of online population: 19.03%
  5. 5. LinkedIn users in Australia:Nearly 3.5 million usersFemale: 42.4%Male: 57.5%18-24: 22.4%25-34: 34.8%35-54: 35.3%55+: 7.5%
  6. 6. 1. Make a good impression
  7. 7. LinkedIn ranks higher than all other profiles onGoogle, including other social networks andwebsite builders
  8. 8. - Make it personal: you are not your company- Share your strengths and your goals- Write a weekly update- Be active, not intrusive
  9. 9. 2. Organise your profile
  10. 10. - Get a vanity URL- Connect your Facebook and Twitter account- List your skills- Make your profile available for public searches
  11. 11. - Check whos viewing your profile- Add apps (Slideshare)- Use your main email address for your profile so youll always be in the loop (just for notifications - you don’t have to make it public)
  12. 12. 3. Get connected
  13. 13. - Find people you went to school with and who share alumnis- Find colleagues and suppliers (former or current) on company pages- You can exchange mail messages (inmail) before you accept an invitation- You dont have to accept every invitation that you receive: quality is more important than quantity- Dont connect with people you dont know saying you are a friend
  14. 14. - Add your email address and phone number to your profile to make it easy to contact you- Add your LinkedIn URL to your email signature- Download all connection details in your smartphone address book with LinkedIn mobile app- You can include email addresses in your address book, but remember they are opt-out email addresses (don’t spam)
  15. 15. 4. Put your name out there
  16. 16. - Join groups - or start your own- Answer to questions and dont be afraid to ask questions or start a conversation- Write recommendations for people you value
  17. 17. - When you meet new people, use LinkedIn to connect and get to know more about each other- Invite others to join you at events that you’re attending or organising via LinkedIn Events
  18. 18. And don’t forget...- Be nice, share, and say thank you- Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in real life- Use common sense!
  19. 19. Thank youProfile
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