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SEO made simple - Presentation for the Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd series of digital workshops.

To be used in co-ordination with associated resource sheet. email: for a copy

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  • Habits
    A developing understanding of what to look for
    Beginners and Advanced Googlers – Resources to take home
    Questions after sections concentrate on the content and link building sections
  • Over 200 factors in a search campaign
    Constantly updating best practices
  • Types of search queries
  • Natural Results
    PPC = Stop paying = Stop appearing. No long term benefit
  • Google Places
  • Spiders are scary
  • Robots are cool
  • The Google Bot needs to know what all these website are about
    Crawling the web
  • Puts the information it 'reads' off your site into the Search Index
  • Your competitors online may not be who you think they are
  • Ask who has heard of Google Keyword Research Tool
    Your competitors online may not be who you think they are
    Why? – Helps you plan which products and services need their own page, determine navigation
    Analytics will show you some low hanging fruit. Keyword terms you already get traffic for but could get more
    Branded keywords vs Non-branded keywords
  • META TAGS – Snippets of Code that tell robots what the page is about
  • BROWSER – Internet Explorer – Firefox - Safari
    Using the same content on all marketing materials
  • Some things stop Robots from accessing or reading your site.
  • SEO made simple - SCDL Presentation

    1. 1. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION WHEN GETTING FOUND MEANS BUSINESS An introduction to the habits of Search Engine Optimisation ©The Web Mob |
    2. 2. Today's Key Take Aways • What a Search Result looks like • How Search Engines Work • Basic SEO Formula –Keyword and competitor research –Making your page 'Google Friendly' –Link building • Myths and Questions The Web Mob |
    3. 3. The Classic Consultant Disclaimer Todays content is intended as general information and an introduction to Search Engine Optimisation. Many more factors are involved in a successful SEO campaign in competitive industries. Individual websites may differ in requirements. If taken too far, some techniques can also have a negative effect on rankings. The Web Mob |
    4. 4. AN AVERAGE DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN SEO CONSULTANT Keyword Research Hidden Code URL Structure Navigation Competitor Analysis Robots.txt Directory Submissions Press ReleasesLink Building SPAM! Content creation Article Marketing Analytics User Experience Long Tail Meta Data Social Media Webmaster Tools Site Maps Duplicate Content Search Engine Algorithms Indexes Images – alt attributes Video Rel=nofollow canonical Rankings Google Places/Local Domains Hosting Changing Behaviors Data Mining Trends Research Personas and Profiling Breadcrumbs Accessibility Redirects Panda/Farmer Florida Caffienne The Web Mob |
    5. 5. •Get more targeted, qualified website visitors? •Generate leads and business in a sustainable way? •Information to maximise your efforts in other marketing channels? •Get to understand your client base better? •Have guidance to the topics you should be creating content for? •Lower your Pay per Click (Adwords) bids? The Web Mob | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Would you like to:
    6. 6. ANATOMY OF A SEARCH RESULT The Web Mob |
    7. 7. Anatomy of a Search Result 'Organic' vs Paid Results ORGANIC/ NATURAL RESULTS PAID RESULTS (PPC/ADWORDS)
    8. 8. Anatomy of a Search Result Local Results - ORGANIC/ NATURAL RESULTS 1st position may not get as much traffic as in previous example PAID RESULTS (PPC/ADWORDS) LOCAL RESULTS The Web Mob |
    9. 9. Anatomy of a Search Result Other Results IMAGE RESULTS VIDEO RESULTS INSTANT ANSWERS The Web Mob |
    10. 10. HOW SEARCH WORKS... Algorithm aka Spider aka... The Web Mob |
    11. 11. HELLO ! The Web Mob | HOW SEARCH WORKS... Google Bot...
    13. 13. HOW SEARCH WORKS... INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR WEBSITE SEARCH ENGINE INDEX Oh so that's what your website is about The Web Mob |
    14. 14. HOW SEARCH WORKS... SEARCH ENGINE INDEX SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS Let me see what I have in my index I think you are looking for these: SEARCH QUERY The Web Mob |
    15. 15. THE BASICS The Web Mob | ON PAGE Content Accessibility RESEARCH Competition Keywords LINKS Gotta get yourself connected! SEO More quality traffic to your website
    16. 16. • Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking • Keyword Research * • Planning – content, pages, navigation, • Existing website? Use your Analytics The Web Mob | RESEARCH AND PLANNING
    17. 17. KEY WORDS The Web Mob | WHICH KEYWOR DS? What you do/sell Your Location Keywords for Quality Traffic Don't use Industry Jargon Value balanced with Competiti on
    18. 18. KEYWORD RESEARCH * The Web Mob | Tell me what your pages are about RESEARCH AND PLANNING - Keyword Exercise - Ask your networks - Conduct keyword research [Google Keyword Tool] Keyword phrases, not just keywords
    19. 19. ‘ON PAGE’ FACTORS (things you can do to your site) The Web Mob |
    20. 20. ON PAGE FACTORS KEYWORDS & META TAGS Keywords at Start | Your Business Name 65 Characters Long Title Meta-tag: Write to increase click through 160 Characters over 2 lines Description Meta-tag: Not particularly used anymore. What's that word doing there? Keyword Meta-tag: Titles H1 and other header Meta-tag: Don't go overboard! ! The Web Mob |
    21. 21. ON PAGE FACTORS KEYWORD PLACEMENT – SEARCH RESULT* <title> Sunshine Coast - Accommodation | Events | Transport | Attractions - Official Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd Holiday Website </title> Keyword: Sunshine Coast Title Meta-tag: DescriptionBreadcrumbs Domain Name The Web Mob |
    22. 22. ON PAGE FACTORS KEYWORD PLACEMENT <title> Sunshine Coast - Accommodation | Events | Transport | Attractions - Official Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd Holiday Website </title> Keyword: Sunshine Coast Title Meta-tag: H1 Meta-tag: Content
    23. 23. ON PAGE FACTORS KEYWORDS IN CONTENT Fresh content Original content Regular updates Keywords in content Structured Pages No duplicate content The Web Mob |
    24. 24. ON PAGE FACTORS Domain names, Hosting and URL's GOOD: keyword BAD: t.aspsid=9DF4BC0580DF11D3ACB60090271E26A8&com mand=endresult&query. Be helpful to me and nice to users DOMAINS: Your website address Brand vs Keywords Domain age HOSTING: Rent for your online Real Estate Regionally appropriate hosting The Web Mob |
    25. 25. ON PAGE FACTORS Accessibility and Other Factors YOU NEED TO LET ME READ YOUR INFORMATION Site Maps: HTML AND XML Site Map Accessibility: Robots.txt FLASH iFrames Clean Coding The Web Mob |
    26. 26. LINK BUILDING (Get yourself connected) The Web Mob |
    27. 27. The Web Mob | LINK BUILDING WHY? Hmm... Which site is more relevant? WEBSITE 1 WEBSITE 2 EQUAL ON PAGE FACTORS
    28. 28. The Web Mob | LINK BUILDING WHY? Other sites seem to like website 2 better. I WILL TOO WEBSITE 1 EQUAL ON PAGE FACTORS WEBSITE 2
    29. 29. The Web Mob | LINK BUILDING What a link looks like Hyperlinks look a little bit like this The Sunshine Coast is the ONLY place to be!! Anchor Text = Your keywords Link destination
    30. 30. The Web Mob | LINK BUILDING What a link looks like How to make it look like this: Using HTML: <a href="">Your Anchor Text</a> The <a href="">Sunshine Coast</a> is the ONLY place to be!! The Sunshine Coast is the ONLY place to be!! Using a Content Management System
    31. 31. The Web Mob | LINK BUILDING WHY?* CLICK HERE
    32. 32. The Web Mob | LINK BUILDING Types of Links One Way Link Reciprocal Link WEBS ITE WEBS ITE WEBS ITE WEBS ITE WEB PAGE WEB PAGE Internal Link
    33. 33. The Web Mob | LINK BUILDING Types of Links Paid Links Sneaky Reciprocal Link WEBS ITE $$ WEBS ITE WEBS ITE WEBS ITE WEB PAGE Three Way Links WEBS ITE WEBS ITE ARE YOU TRYING TO TRICK ME!?!
    34. 34. The Web Mob | LINK BUILDING Industry Sites yahoo site explorer* Directories – with Caution! Articles sites Guest Blogging Link exchange – sometimes Spread by Social Media New site? 301 redirect Where to find links
    35. 35. DO and DONTS • Use Analytics • Research • Look for link opportunities • Blog! Fresh Content & links • Vary your anchor text • Host your site appropriately i.e. Australia The Web Mob | • Keyword Stuffing • Use all Flash • Make your site hard to read • Spam other sites • Pay for links • Duplicate your content • DON'T GO TOO FAR
    36. 36. Myths & Questions 1. PageRank 2. I work with Search Engines 3. I can get you to Number 1 – Guaranteed! 4. Working with an SEO – cheap, fast, I won't need to work 5. SEO's to avoid 6. I want it all and I want it now! The Web Mob |
    37. 37. The Web Mob | Image credit: (way funnier than me)
    38. 38. The Web Mob | Web: Email: Phone: 07 5446 2666 Kiki: 0466 211 021 Please refer to the resource guide for more information and your home work or go to and search e-kit