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A presentation of The Vortex's main activities and training courses

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The Vortex

  1. 1. Changing media are changing business.
  2. 2. The Vortex.The Vortex is a training and consulting companyfocused on digital marketing. The Vortex has beenfounded to support companies in dealing with aever-changing business environment with a correctuse of digital media.The training modules are different for every targetand for every company function. They are intendedso that digital marketing are adopted to achieve ownbusiness goals.
  3. 3. Our mission.1. Support European companies to fill knowledge gaps about digital media and online tecniques for marketing, communication, recruitment and business purposes.2. Provide the essential information to take advantage of the opportunities offered by social media, online advertising, e-commerce and the increasing use of mobile devices.3. Support our customers to keep up to date with the fast changing world of digital media.
  4. 4. Why Digital Marketing?In Europe• 426.9m Europeans use the internet (65%), spending 14.8 hours online each week;• One third (37%) of Europeans use more than one device;• 21% use the Internet on their mobile phones (139.2m);• 96% of European Internet users research online before shopping;• 87% of European Internet users shop online;Also…• Users demand transparency and openness; they wish to be able to communicate with companies;• the adoption of “always connected” devices require the definition of geo- marketing strategies in order to meet the needs of the consumers;• social media are different from each other their use requires specific languages, specific goals and skilled staff;• managers and companies must control their online reputation.
  5. 5. Our training approach.• Training modules are designed for specific goals:  Web marketing and social media approach;  Individual topics or trends;  Updates and insights about topics that have been already covered.• Relevant business functions involved:  Marketing and Communication;  Human Resources;  Sales Representatives and Teams;  Top Management.
  6. 6. Our Solutions.• Training courses, seminars, workshops and enrichment/tutoring meetings delivered in-house;• Different training steps:  Short seminars (two/four hours);  Full day workshops;  Training courses along several days;  Exercises and interactive role-playing;  Full masters.• Speeches, round table/panel discussions, institutional meetings, trade meetings.
  7. 7. Our Solutions - training courses andseminars• Marketing and Communication modules:  SEO and SEM  Media & digital advertising  Social media marketing  Viral marketing  Digital business relationships  Brand reputation  Writing for the Web  Mobile marketing, apps and geolocalisation
  8. 8. Our Solutions - training courses andseminars • Business modules:  Benchmark competition via digital tools  Digital tools for sales networks  Export and use of digital tools to target international markets  E-commerce for SMEs  Web analytics  Social commerce  E-cruitment • Personal Tutoring modules:  Digital Media as business and relationship tools  Personal branding  Personal reputation
  9. 9. Training methods• Trainers are selected according to their know-how and expertise (companies, communication agencies, media agencies, etc.).• Thanks to our professional and managerial experience, our presentations are in-depth as well as engaging:  case histories  best/worst practices• Being up to date is a key part of every trainers background;• Customised presentations:  Industry, business area, seniority, audience  Operating environment  Interaction with the class
  10. 10. Some of our CustomersEuropean School of EconomicsCondé NastIl Sole 24 Ore Formazione (training unit of leading financial newsaper in Italy)RAI – Sipra, the State-owned broadcasters advertising companyHearst – RusconiGruppo Editoriale Repubblica l’EspressoBanzai (Italian digital publisher)Chambers of Commerce (Milano, Monza, Bergamo, Pescara, ...)Trade unions and confederations (Confindustria, Confesercenti, ...)De AgostiniPoltronesofàOriginal Marines
  11. 11. Opinion leadersThe vast experience of The Vortex in the world ofInternet and digital technology has generated alarge number of editorial collaborations.
  12. 12. ContactsThe VortexViale Monza, 120125 MilanoTel. +39 02
  13. 13. Some examples of training formats
  14. 14. Within and beyond Facebook: socialmedia for business.Goals:• The difference between the most popular social media;• The communication opportunities for customer retention andcustomer acquisition;• Increasing your value: how to make the most of social media.Targets:• Freelance professionals;• Entrepreneurs and marketing directors;• Companies that want to increase their web presence and onlinebusiness.
  15. 15. Develop your business with digital.Look beyond e-commerce.Goals:• Activate the online distribution channel in your marketing mix;• promote sales making use of web-marketing techniques.Targets:• For those who have an e-commerce website and intend toincrease its turnover;• for those who are just starting with e-commerce and want tomake the right decisions;• for entrepreneurs and marketing directors of companies wholook to the web as a possible area of business development atthe international level.
  16. 16. How to be found on the Internet.SEO and the positioning on searchengines.Goals:• The techniques of search engine marketing (SEO, SEM, ...);• the importance of content and "backlinks" to succeed in SEO;• the media landscape on search engines (local marketing).Targets:• Freelance professionals;• entrepreneurs and marketing directors;• companies that want to increase their web presence andonline business.