Branded Media: Episode 2


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  • 1. Why social media for Professional One, your brokerage business? 2. Realtors and brokers have relied heavily on print in the past, similar to apartment guide books. Is that approach still viable and relevant today?
  • 1. So is your blog the central piece of your Social Media Machine you have built? 2. How are you Publishing your Content? 3. The typical apartment community is not over staffed, likely similar to a typical real estate agent or broker. What type of resources have you used to build your content arsenal?
  • 1. I remember a tweet that has stuck with me from you, Content Domination, what did you mean by that? 2. Why have you spent so much time building an arsenal of Content
  • 1. Does all of this Content help prospects find you with search engines
  • 1. You have created quite a Twitter Following, Do Numbers Matter?
  • 1. Why did you start with Twitter before Facebook?
  • 1. At Urbane Apartments we have focused more on articles as content, but you have done a lot of video. Can you tell us how easy or hard it is to create effective video content? 2. What takeaways or "must do" things should the audience know about creating content, and why it is so important?
  • Branded Media: Episode 2

    1. 1. Just Say NO to Facebook! Eric Brown Featuring Special Guest... Mike McClure
    2. 2. Why Build Your Own Branded Media? <ul><li>To self create leasing leads absent dependence on outside services such as an ILS or Apartment Guide Magazine </li></ul>
    3. 3. Your BLOG is the central starting point of your Content Marketing Strategy
    4. 4. Producing CONSISTENT & REGULAR content is key
    5. 5. Links Drive Google Juice
    6. 6. The Numbers DO Matter!
    7. 7. VS.
    8. 8. The average apartment fan page has less than 200 fans...most of which are employees or other apartment peers
    9. 9. Expand Your Digital Footprint
    10. 10. CONTENT drives prospects to your website!
    11. 11. Special thanks to Mike McClure for joining us! Tune in Sunday, July 24th for How Online Magazines Become Lead Generators All apartment marketers are looking for the lowest cost leasing lead, right? What if you could cut your dependency on outside leads and create your own, ever flowing abundance of leasing leads. Join us as Eric goes through how effective journalism in a well crafted online lifestyle magazine. We’ll cover: the main reason for an on line magazine: to rent more apartments; the timing needed to create enough content for your Branded Media to have an impact; and when you can do this alone or if you need help!