Local Search SEO Tips


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Local Search SEO Tips from SEO/Online Marketing specialists - Buckinghamshire, UK based Urban Media.

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Local Search SEO Tips

  1. 1. Top Tips For Improving Your Local Search Optimisation Strategy<br />www.urbanmedia.co.uk<br />
  2. 2. Set Up a Google Map Listing<br />Do you have more than one office or store?<br /><ul><li>Add a listing for each location to target different areas accordingly</li></ul>Make the most of your listing(s)<br />Add opening times, payment info, logos, videos, photos, keywords & a description etc.<br />Do some competitor research & link building<br /><ul><li>Look at top performing competitor map listings
  3. 3. Try and identify what they are doing and what you are not doing, and fill in the gaps
  4. 4. Click ‘More about this place’ on their listing and look at which sites are mentioning/linking to them
  5. 5. From this, create a list of ‘link targets’ and try and source as many relevant links as possible.</li></ul>www.urbanmedia.co.uk<br />
  6. 6. Create Localised Web Pages<br />Do you have more than one office or store?<br /><ul><li>Create a webpage for each office/store location to target the areas.
  7. 7. Optimise the page titles/descriptions with local search terms and give the pages location specific URLs e.g.www.yoursite.com/london.aspx, www.yoursite.com/birmingham.aspx
  8. 8. Add office/store details such as:</li></ul>Address<br />Opening hours<br />Map<br />Directions<br />News<br />www.urbanmedia.co.uk<br />
  9. 9. Add Phone Numbers & Addresses<br />Do you mention your phone number & address<br />on all pages?<br />Add your phone number (including area code) to all pages. Remember for an SEO benefit, add it as text, NOT as part of an image.<br />Add your address to all pages. This is typically placed in the website footer, at the bottom of the page.<br />www.urbanmedia.co.uk<br />
  10. 10. Local Business Directories<br />Are you listed on local business directories?<br />Add yourselves to relevant local business directories and sites.<br />Using your competitor research results (e.g. From looking at competitors Google Places listings) identify relevant ‘link targets’. You can also use Yahoo Site Explorer for identifying site back links.<br />Keep a list of ‘link targets’ and cross them off as you acquire them.<br />Regularly spend time looking at who is linking to your competitors – if they are being proactive with their linking strategy then you can use this to your advantage and continually add to your list of link targets.<br />www.urbanmedia.co.uk<br />
  11. 11. Want to learn more?<br />Urban Media are a Buckinghamshire, UK based<br />Web Design & Online Marketing Company.|<br />@TheUrbanMetro<br /> Youtube.com/TheUrbanMetro<br />urbanmedia.co.uk/blog.aspx<br />