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  1. 1. 1.Topic for Document Design Exercise # 1 the following important points for writing business E-mail. 1.write subject simply 2.write simple and easy to read content for reader 3.get important point 4,write sign 5,go over again and again before sending.
  2. 2. 2.Topic for Document Design Exercise # 2 First we have to know who will see the brochure. One is made to attract people who do not know about us, and another one is to explain more details of our company. On it, we should not use "if" or "maybe". We always have to use "yes" and "possible". We also need to explain not only the function of out products, but also why it is good for our customer. And last, we should not use long sentences on it.
  3. 3. 3.Importance of the documents for launching business Because the following strong points (advantage for the company) exist, business documents are important. You have total control over what is said and how, including the visuals. Going the next page
  4. 4. 4,Importance of the documents for launching business You control the selectivity of where your brochure is placed and who gets it. Brochures are flexible. You can design the brochure in color, print it in black and white, until you can afford the expense of color printing. You can do it yourself. Although I would recommend professionals as soon as you can.
  5. 5. 5.Explain the logical arrangement of the content in the documents? week2 The style is different in the business mail and the regular mail.Especially, it is important in the business mail to tell the other party the business briefly. Usual E-mail is chiefly used for us partially of communication. However, the business mail has aimed to hear the answer. Therefore, it doesn't ask it in the business mail excluding the purpose.
  6. 6. 6.Explain the logical arrangement of the content in the documents? week4 You should make brochure that will fit business type. The heading of brochure accent and ensure adequate others. But the person who interested in the company. you should give brochure which is written detailed information on company. You should write your copy from the customers point of view. Write the information which is the object which the customer wants.
  7. 7. 7.What are the major headings, questions, key words in the documents? Why are they important? E-mail letter sign address E-mail and the letter are different. The address becomes instead of sign
  8. 8. 8.What are the major headings, questions, key words in the documents? Why are they important? product knowledge information the customer attract attention The advertisement give product information(knowledge) for the consumer . Moreover, it have role to advertise our information outside our company , because some people get interested in it