Complete document design exercise # 5


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Complete document design exercise # 5

  1. 1. A. Who is the Chairperson of the company? How does he/she manages the business? What are the different assignments that he/she takes care off? How does he/she coordinates with other members in the company? Chairperson of our company is Takaaki Fukasawa. He manages to sell a computer and computer parts to support customer. We support amateur and pro request. Kazuhiro Matsumoto's assignment is to fix and to set up a computer. He support to fix broken computer and change computer parts. He coordinates with other members to set up PC which our company sold. Shiori Endo's assignment is to install software and to advice for customer. She coordinates with other members to instal praimary software for a computer which our company sold. Testuya Tashiro's assignment is to advertise our company. He coordinates with other members to adertise our company and to grow up our company.
  2. 2. B. How would you help customers choose your product? Discuss different strategies that you would like to adopt. Discuss the quality of your products and why it is worth buying? (100 words for all parts combined) Our product is very easy of using. If buyer is beginner of PC, Our product is simple to understand. A product come with an easy instruction manual. Additionally, we have the service center of a product. This will be fine if buyer have d angle. Sure thing, Our product have high-capacity hard disk drive and very large memory. And duration of guarantee of a product is very long. In addition, peripheral device of PC is fulfilling. And it is fulfilling that a application of PC right from the start. We feel fairly sure that our consumers can see something to them liking.
  3. 3. C. Discuss a definite discount or promotion for your products that will help to sell your products better? We should know the discount of the commodity of the other companies. First of all, we survey the market. Then, we examine the price difference between the in-house product and the other companies product. As a result, if the price difference is great, the amount of the discount is decided, and the commodity is discounted. Promotion is also similar. First of all, we compare own product to the product of the other companies. If the selling point was the same, the selling point is changed into a different selling point. How should the customer take advantage of this offer?(100 words for all parts combined) The consumer examines whether the commodity can be discounted. The consumer follows a procedure for the discount when ordering with a net. Because the consumer does this procedure, the commodity is discounted
  4. 4. D. How are the products packaged? Is there a warranty for the products? How should the customer contact you if there are problems or questions about the product after it is sold? (100 words for all parts combined) The products are sent in a corrugated fiberboard box with cushioning to absorb shock. We are planning to include warranty in our product for that the customer can get the free after services for one year. If there are any problem on our products, the customer can contact us by e- mail or phone. Then we will go to fix t he products or ask customer to send it. In second case, we will send a box to send the products back to us. Of cause, the sending cost is paid by us. We will have a person for support customer to answer questions on phone, mail, and e- mail.
  5. 5. E. Is there any installment plan for the products you sell? Is cash / cheque / credit cards acceptable? If a customer has financial difficulties, how could you help him/her buy your products? (100 words for all parts combined) We well sell our products on the Internet or by phone. We accept cash, cheque, c ash on delivery and credit cards if possible. In general, we do not make any financial helps for customers, but instead for that ,we can make an advice, and it will help customers well. Our product is computers which is customizable. So we can make an advice for customers to chose cheaper parts or reduce speed of processor and amount of HDD when they are building the computer for less payment. Moreover, we do not put any extra applications in our products, so it could not be so expensive.
  6. 6. F. Is there a customer service representative? What is his / her role in the company? Identify 5 different ways that he/she might help the customer? (100 words for all parts combined) 1.To set up computer which our company sold. If customer buy a computer in our company,we support how to set up monitor,mouse or keyboard. 2.To install software. We advise how to install primary software and antivirus software for customer 3.To fix customer computer We fix any broken computer. 4.To advise for amateur We advise for amateur how to use a computer and how to block computer virus. 5.To advise for pro We advise for pro how to use more efficiently and how to customize more useful.