Complete document design exercise # 3


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Complete document design exercise # 3

  1. 1. A. Why is it important to launch this business? Identify three ways in which this business might help the local community? Our business is designed for the begging of computer use. Therefore, it will help people to follow the development of computer technology, and it will reduce the possibility that they are to be involved in crimes on the internet. Moreover, we could design computers for each customers, so that they can have nicely customized computer and also they can save money since they do not have extra,useles s software. In addition to it, because we are close to our customer physically, our support member can reach customer faster so they do not need to wait long ti me or to go to a shop and listen to confusing information long time.
  2. 2. B. Ideas for launching this business. Identify 5 innovative things you might w ant to do for developing this business. We have five innovative thing . First, we remote control the consumer's PC. Herewith we can tackle problem on an emergency at once. Second, we makes customer's community, and administer it. We make circumstances that the consumer can ask about PC to other customer. In addition, People who answered this question get point that can be used in my company. Third, the customer can buy the PC from cell- phone Usually,we sell PC from web site. but there are some customer don't has PC. Therefore,our company sell PC from web site and cell-phone. Fourth, we conduct study sessions. we conduct study session a few times a year to rid the society of "information poor". Fifth, customized PC that was ordered by other customer will be displayed on my company's web site. The customer consult to make PC.
  3. 3. C. How should your business reach out to the potential customers? What might be some of the ways you will advertise your company. We are planning to make advertisement at university, local computer school, and on the internet. Because some of freshman and student who is graduating university buy new computers since they are begging new life in university or company. Students of local computer school are also might looking for their own computer o r want to have new, good, high spec machine. We can help those people. And also, we accept orders of computer on the internet. We will provide a system that allows customers to customize computer settings and order it. Therefore, advertisement on the internet will be a nice one.
  4. 4. D. How should you advertise your products? Develop a proper advertising strategyto market your product to the local community. Write a slogan for your advertisement. We are planning to advertise our product on blogs. We will also use affiliate. We might ask customers who has already bought our products and have a web site, which we will help to make. Because we are selling to local community, people to people network might work. We also might show our products in local computer schools. With this,customers can try our computers with us or their teachers. They can ask anything they want because they are in school. It might be a good situation to show our skill for another service that supporting about anything at anytime.
  5. 5. E. How could the University of Aizu assist your business? Explain elaborately. First, we want to put the brochure of company in the University of Aizu. As a result, many students possible see the brochure and have heart our company. Next, we want to convene the course of our company. We might turn out students who are intrigued our company. Third, we want to put the production of our company in the store in the University of Aizu. As a result, the word of the production of our company go about. Fourth, we are offer consultation of computer and peripheral device. By some chance, some students might know our company. Finally, we want to be recruiting side job. As a consequence, our company is come out by many students. Our company are come out by those method possibly.
  6. 6. F. What are the resources you need to start the business? Do you need to employ people, do you need furniture, computers for your store, etc?. Identify everything that you need. We need an office and warehouse to hold our products. We need furniture such as desks, chairs, bookshelves, we need telephone and its line, we need computers and internet connection, and maybe we need to employ people. Customers order products by telephone or by the internet, so we really need those two. The employees are for sending our products because we, only 4 people,is not enough to build computers, setup computer settings, sending products, do accountant job, and administrate company. Someone who is familiar with computer is expensive to hire so we might employ someone who work for sending our products to customers.
  7. 7. G. Give an example of a company who sells similar products in the market. How do they sell their product. Do an internet search for what they sell, the prices, discounts etc they offer etc and report it here. Dospara is one of the company close to our company. It selling computers on the internet. Customers can customize some part of computers such as CPU, motherboard, and memory. It also have computers for online games. Computers are built to play one specific online game. Online game providers make a link to those computers for their online games. It produce silent model, option cooling system, extra HDD, and new information about computer. It divide computers by price and make it easy to find a computer that customer can be satisfied and can buy with a price that they can pay.