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The Triana Group is an international corporate development firm that helps companies compete in the global marketplace by facilitating their access to new markets and expansion capital.

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The Triana Group

  1. 1. Corporate Development ForMidmarket Technology Companies THE TRIANA GROUP, INC
  2. 2. CORPORATE DEVELOPMENTFOR MIDMARKET TECHNOLOGYCOMPANIESThe Triana Group is an international corporate development firm thatenables companies to compete in the global marketplace by providing theiraccess to new markets and expansion capital.WHAT WE DOWe work closely with companies to plan and execute their expansionstrategies into new geographies. Our teams are experienced in businessdevelopment, joint-ventures, mergers, and acquisitions.GEOGRAPHIESThe Triana Group is headquartered in New York City, with offices andpartners in Philadelphia, the Silicon Valley, France, Germany, and the Gulfcountries. Its client-base originates from Belgium, France, Germany, Israel,Italy, Norway, Switzerland, the United States, and is increasingly diverse.Each team member brings his or her own experience working with compa-nies from around the world. “ Triana delivered more than our most optimistic expectations. SYLVAIN LEBORGNE, CEO, ADLEDGE (WEB SOFTWARE) ““They organized introductory meetings that quickly developed intoseveral concrete partnership proposals. Triana was able to identifythe relevant targets and set up a range of efficient prospectivemeetings that helped us immediately “go right to the point” withthe relevant persons.”
  3. 3. “ Trustexpertisecollaborator’s know-how, judgment and in your is critical when they’re helping shape the direction of your company. Triana is a first-class partner that brings intelligence and efficiency to the process. “ ERIC GILLI, CEO, SECUDERM (MEDICAL PRODUCT)
  4. 4. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT& SALESOur team members have worked with companies through the entirebusiness development process: from market validation to sales devel-opment, planning, and execution. We have helped companies makestrategic moves – such as entering into partnerships or developingsales channels – as well as tactical ones – from the fine-tuning ofmarketing material, to lead generation, or acting as their outsourcedsales team and local contact point.GEOGRAPHIESJEAN-MARIE BERGEAL SERVES AS Jean-Marie subsequently turnedinterim executive for selected clients his focus on emerging companies.and provides financial expertise in Leveraging his unique combinationcapital-raising. He started his career of technical, business development and financial expertise, he assistsin New York as a Systems Engineer client companies in developing andat IBM. He was quickly promoted to implementing their expansion strate-Marketing Manager, holding increas- SELECTED SENIOR PARTNER PROFILE: gies. Jean-Marie currently acts as theing P&L responsibilities, and manag- Jean-Marie Bergeal President of a software venture in theing relationships with selected For- Tech sector.tune 500 companies. Jean-Marie graduated from Ecole After eight years at IBM, he joined des Mines de St Etienne, and holdsthe banking sector where he devel- a Master of Science from Yale Uni-oped relationships and drove busi- versity as well as an MBA from Newness with medium to large US cor- York University.porations. At Bankers Trust, the Bankof Tokyo-Mitsubishi and Santander,he progressed from Vice President,Senior Vice President and ManagingDirector, taking on responsibilitiesfor P&L as well as risk and balancesheet management. Jean-Marie Ber- “Our us generate strong interesthas already helped collaboration with Triana from usersgeal has structured financing transac-tions totaling in excess of $5 billion. and integrators. “ GABRIELE RUFFFATI, DIRECTOR, ENGINEERING GROUP (SOFTWARE)
  5. 5. “ We needed to expand our distribution in the East Coast. Triana delivered. Within a few months, they built a multimillion dollar pipeline.“ DAVID ORWICK, VICE PRESIDENT & GENERAL MANAGER, ANDROJEK (DIAGNOSTICS)“A German electronic components manufacturer retained Triana tostrengthen its US sales channel: 600 calls, 550 emails, and 4 monthslater, we signed contracts with manufacturers’ representatives covering28 States and 3 national distributors, adding millions of units to thecompany’s sales pipe-line.”CRYSTELLE DESNOYER, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ANALYST, THE TRIANA GROUP, INC.SELECTED EXAMPLESFROM TRIANA TEAMMEMBERS’ EXPERIENCE EXAMPLES OF SERVICES• Developed sales reps network for • trategy: Market study, segmentation, S • nbound lead generation via public I a $4 million Midwest provider of USP value proposition, positioning; relations events, online marketing, electronics components for medical translation into elevator pitch and community management and press devices sales scripts, one-pagers, brochures, releases PowerPoint presentations• ithin 2 months, assisted a delega- W • onferences, tradeshow visits, pre- C tion of 10 CEOs of high-technology • ssistance with development of A sentations and demos systems providers in obtaining meet- US-based case studies, white papers, ings with executives in targeted mar- tutorials, demos, FAQs and QA • utreach and qualification of pros- O ket verticals. Result: 3 days, 2 cities, pects, follow-up until closing 71 meetings • ead generation and qualification, L database development for targeted • elationship management with R• or a European Internet company, F clients, distributors, value-added channel partners; Level 1 customer developed a partnership in NYC resellers, consultants, other channel support with local hotline by trained with one of the world’s largest partners contact point digital marketing agencies, leading to new revenue. • ecruiting and management of part- R time or full-time sales team, for short or long term sales programs
  6. 6. CORPORATE FINANCE PARTNERSHIPSMembers of Triana’s corporate finance group have been involved in numer-ous financing projects throughout their careers. They help our client compa-nies raise the funds needed for their international expansion. Our approachis unique in the sense that we only facilitate the capital-raising process ofcompanies for whom we provide business development services.OMAR MENCIN IS A SENIOR Prior to USMAC, Omar worked atpartner leading the corporate fi- the World Bank’s Paris Office, thennance practice. Prior to Triana, he in the New York Office of Goldmanwas the President of The United States Sachs’ Merchant Banking DivisionMarket Access Center (USMAC), (which invests private equity capi-a Silicon Valley-based high-tech tal worldwide), and several Stanfordbusiness incubator partner of The University programs.Triana Group. Omar is a graduate of Swarthmore SELECTED SENIOR PARTNER PROFILE: Dr. OMAR MENCIN He and his teams helped dozens College, Stanford University, the Ex-of companies design and imple- ecutive Development Program atment successful market entry strat- Harvard Business School, and hasegies, with a focus on initial cus- studied advanced Mandarin. Hetomer acquisition, business scaling, holds a Doctorate in Business Ad-capital raising, and successful exit ministration with a focus on Financepositioning when applicable. from the ISM for his work on the Between 2008 and 2010, this to- valuation of privately-owned com-taled over 160 million dollars in panies. He is a member of the Pa-growth capital raised; increased cific Council on International Policyrevenue generation, for some and serves on the Advisory Board ofcompanies from zero to 200 mil- an early-stage battery technologylion dollars; and facilitated deals company, Zeptor Corporation. He issuch as Spanish Grupo Clavijo’s an active business angel in additionlicensing partnership with a US to being an early investor in Claritymanufacturer, and the Brazilian Payment Solutions, which was ac-Totvs -Latin America’s largest soft- quired by TSYS in 2005.ware company- RD deal withStanford University.
  7. 7. “ Omar Mencin and his team assisted companies in raising more than 160 million dollars in growth capital. “A client meeting at Triana, New York, 2011The Triana Group is committed to conduct its business in full compliance, please refer to our disclaimer note on the last page of this document
  8. 8. CORPORATE FINANCE PARTNERSHIPS EXAMPLESQualiac is a leading French-based provider of ERP software, with morethan 50,000 users across 500 installed sites internationally, seeking acqui-sitions or other means of expansion into the US market.• ollowing a year-long partner search, due diligence, and initial collabo- F ration, Triana facilitated a joint-venture between Qualiac and its first US partner.• he partner, California-based Synoptek, serves prominent clients such T as Pacific Life, Oakley, Allergan, Hewlett Packard and more than 400 hundred other clients throughout the Western United States. Synoptek has 70 employees.For a Sweden-based company providing specialized infrastructure foradvanced on-demand TV across a broad spectrum of network topologies,Omar Mencin –while at USMAC, now a Triana partner- helped achievethe following• eceive $8M from an international investment pool R• ign a Partnership Agreement with an American supplier S• ign a Partnership Agreement with a digital TV provider SFor a Finland-based company developing, designing, and manufacturingmicro-optical elements, Omar Mencin–while at USMAC, now a Trianapartner- helped achieve the following:• $20M sales in the US• $22M in new equity financingAll services are coordinated with appropriate service professionals as necessary. the triana group,inc. acts as a consultant and finder. it does not act as a licensed securities broker or dealer, andtakes no authority to enter into any commitment on clients’ behalf, to negotiate the terms of afinancing transaction, to hold any funds or securities in connection with financing, or to performany act which would require it to become licensed as a securities broker or dealer.
  9. 9. IN 2012, THE TRIANA GROUP FACILITATES QUALIAC’S JOINT VENTURE WITH CALIFORNIA-BASED SYNOPTEK: “ Triana enabled us to come together from a business and cultural perspective and develop a common strategy. This has created the foundation to achieve significant results in the US market over the next 2-3 years. TIM BRITT, CEO, SYNOPTEK “ “ In a 5-day/5-cities roadshow, Triana secured 75 qualified contacts. “ FRANCOIS BOISSINOT, PROJECT MANAGER, THE TRIANA GROUP, INC.A meeting during a roadshow organized by TrianaThe Triana Group is committed to conduct its business in full compliance, please refer to our disclaimer note on the last page of this document
  10. 10. TRIANA VENTURE PARTNERS™Via Triana, companies find an ecosystem of venture partners that canprovide significant financial leverage. Triana Venture Partners is unique: it isnot an investment fund but a web of relationships among qualified businessowners. This network is accessible to companies with which Triana has builtconsiderable levels of collaboration and trust.A UNIQUE COMBINATION OF ASSETS:Triana joint-venture partners enjoy a unique combination of assets: World-wide access to carefully selected client companies with tremendous poten-tial, and people they trust that can help these companies realize this poten-tial from strategy to execution. Partners work with Triana to pursue dealsacross multiple industries as well as internationally.FREDERIC CHAMPAVERE HAS BEEN a Triana Group shareholder since 2010.He started his career at Eli Lilly, where he held a number of executivepositions from Managing Director at the European level, to Presidentof Lilly France. In 1996, he joined Johnson Johnson as a ManagingDirector and was promoted to President of Janssen-Cilag France. Later,the Wockhardt group of India hired him as President of Negma to restruc-ture the company. He is also an investor and successful entrepreneur. In SELECTED INVESTOR PROFILE:2005, he founded the company Pharma Omnium, for which he raised 100 Frederic Champaveremillion Euros.
  11. 11. BASED IN THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA, TRIANA GULF COUNTRIES IS A GATEWAY TO THE NEAR-EAST AND ASIAN MARKETS. IT CAN ALSO PROVIDE CONSIDERABLE FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL LEVERAGE. “ Our first deal was between a devices manufacturer we own and a medical distribution company selected by Triana. We were able to reach an excel- lent deal for both sides. Negotiations could have fall- en apart several times were it not for Triana’s media- tion. As a result, we invested in this manufacturer’s distribution in our territory and placed an immediate order to purchase machines. MAJED ALSULAIMAN, A TRIANA JOINT-VENTURE PARTNER “The Triana Group is committed to conduct its business in full compliance, please refer to our disclaimer note on the last page of this document
  12. 12. MARKET STUDIES FORINFORMED DECISION-MAKINGInformed decision-making is critical when approaching new markets.The Triana Group helps decision-makers develop or realign their strategies byproviding them with competitive benchmarks, pricing studies, needs analyses,channel analysis, sales projections, and feasibility studies. It has sup-ported go/no-go decisions and helped develop business plans for small tomulti-million dollar investment projects.JABRIL BENSEDRINE STARTED HIS from ESSEC (he received the In-career as a strategy consultant while ternational Strategy Association’spursuing research projects in aca- Annual Best Dissertation Award),demia. He then took on a number of and is an alumnus of U.C. Berke-business roles including functional ley’s Haas School of Business post-management, steering committee doctoral program. The author ofmember, founder, and executive several strategy-related articles andboard member in different compa- chapters (publishers including John SELECTED SENIOR PARTNER PROFILE: Jabril Bensedrine, Ph.D.nies and organizations. He worked Wiley Sons and Oxford Univer-with several organizations in Eu- sity Press), he continues to lecturerope and the United States, ranging at the Polytechnic Institute of Newfrom corporations to institutions, York University. He is a member ofand research firms such as Financial the Essec Business Angels group.Times sister company Eurostaf. His In 2008 he co-founded andengagements included market stud- provided the seed-capital for Theies, needs analyses, competitive Triana Group.benchmarking, and revenue projec-tions, leading to strategic and tac-tical recommendations. His mainclients ranged from $1M to $18B inannual sales. A graduate of the University ofParis Dauphine in Entrepreneur-ship, he holds a Ph.D. in Strategy
  13. 13. “The Triana Group helped us validate have them market strategy. We are delighted to our support our business development operations and partnership outreach for the US market. “ BERNARD FORT, CEO, TENNAXIA (SOFTWARE), INTERVIEWED IN LES ECHOS Face-to-face meetings, interviews and focus groups facilitate market discovery and inform strategic decision making.PARTIAL SERVICES LIST• ssess market potential A• Scope business opportunity• Assess competitive landscape• enchmark product vs. established B local competitors• Develop user needs analysis• Recommend market entry strategy• ormulate short-list of possible F DOZENS OF COMPANIES HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF partners, distributors, target segments TRIANA-SPONSORED CONFERENCES, FOCUS GROUPS, AND WORKSHOPS TO SPEED THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF NEW• ecommend or adjust segments, R MARKETS AND CUSTOMER SEGMENTS positioning, product, pricing, promotion, distribution• Develop sales projections• Develop budget business plan
  14. 14. INTERIM EXECUTIVES CAPACITY BUILDINGDrawing from a panel of experienced C-level executives, The Triana Groupcan serve as interim management to build a company’s operations in a newmarket. It manages various aspects of subsidiary set-up, expansion, or transi-tion, and helps develop and execute strategic and operational plans includ-ing scaling up capacity. It does this by recruiting full-time managers, manag-ing service providers, and facilitating the transition to a self-sufficient phase.LORRAINE MARCHAND HAS HELD She left BMS to join the leading con-executive roles in Management, Op- tract research organizations Covanceerations, Business Development and (Princeton) as Vice President for LateMarketing for large pharmaceutical Stage Services, then Clinilabs (Newand biotechnology companies, drug- York) as its Chief Operating Officer.development service companies, Since then, she has helped to launchand healthcare services companies as an Advisor, CEO, Board Member,in addition to academic medical and/or Business Angel several pri- SELECTED SENIOR PARTNER PROFILE: Lorraine Marchandcenters and the Federal government. vately funded medical and informa-Over her career, she held PL re- tion technology companies. In 2010,sponsibility for budgets ranging from she joined The Triana Group, Inc. asstart-up capital to $275 million, and Senior Partner and co-founder of itsoperations on several continents. Healthcare practice. Lorraine is Se- Lorraine started her career as a nior Associate Director for Health-program director at The National care at Columbia Business SchoolInstitutes of Health where she was and an Executive Coach at Hewlettthe founding director of a new pro- Packard Sales University.gram. She then joined the public re- Lorraine holds a Masters in Pub-lations firm Porter Novelli-Omicom lic Affairs from the American Uni-in New York where she was Senior versity and M.B.A.s from ColumbiaVice President and Managing Direc- University as well as the Lon-tor. She later became the Executive don Business School. She has SixDirector for Business Planning and Sigma Certification.Operations at Bristol-Myers Squibb.
  15. 15. “We built the East-Coast presencein the Midwest. can diagnostics company based of an Ameri- Within 5 months, we built the company’s relationships with 50 large regional hospitals, of which 14 represent a $5.4 million revenue pipeline. “ ANTONIO PINTO, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ANALYST, THE TRIANA GROUP, INC.“Within The Triana Group, I represent a European software editor inthe Americas. I act as its presales consultant, channel manager, projectmanager, and local technical support. Our presence has enabled us toadd several partners and build a client portfolio totaling hundreds ofthousands of units.”PHILIPPE CRESPI, PROJECT MANAGER FOR CLIENT COMPANY AVOB, THE TRIANA GROUP, INC “These are very much the kind of people you want to work with. “ DR. JEAN-FRANCOIS ZAGURY, FOUNDER AND CHIEF SCIENTIST OFFICER, PEPTINOVCAPACITY BUILDINGINCLUDES• nterim-Executive services I • Secure key agreements• Troubleshooting • Develop ecosystem• Adjust to foreign market and • ecure key professional services S go-to-market blueprint providers• Provide office space • Manage administrative processes• Secure infrastructure • oordinate appropriate experts: C regulatory, operations…• Recruit and coach • Operate entity in our• Secure financing geographical market• Develop sales channel network
  16. 16. THE NYC OFFICE MEMBERSHIPBusiness executives from around the world use The Triana Group’sManhattan offices as their New York hub. From high-growth start-up CEOsto a senior executive team at a $1Billion company, they find that Triana’smulti-lingual and globally-minded team can bring value in many ways. “Joininginthe membership program wasMarket entry. instrumental helping us kick-start our US SUSAN HAIMET, COO, DREAMFACE INTERACTIVE (CLOUD SOFTWARE) ““Before joining, a number of interested clients hesitated to work withus as they perceived us as being too far from them. Through our Tri-ana office membership we were able to communicate with current andpotential US customers more effectively and have a convenient, cen-trally located office space in New York City to host meetings while inthe US. The result was almost immediate. The first week we used thespace for meetings, we were able to sign our first agreements. This alsogave us the opportunity to interact with the Triana team and attend Tri-ana sponsored networking events, which brought us tremendous valueand expanded our US-based network. I highly recommend Triana’soffice membership program as a first step for any company consideringexpanding to the US.”
  17. 17. A REAL PHYSICAL PRESENCE • Physical address • edicated NY phone number D forwarding • esk and wireless Internet D • Conference room access • Mail forwarding A BUSINESS HUB • ccess to selected service providers A • Access to networking events • Strategy sessions with senior partners • umerous resources available to office N members for flexible fees (Executive As- sistant; Translation; and a set of services offering an end-to-end solution for your business expansion)Triana office, New York, 2012
  18. 18. HOW WE WORKBUSINESS MODELAlthough some of our shareholders are investors, The Triana Group itselfis not an investment fund. Its revenue model ranges from fee-for-service tojoint-venturing, and various agreements in between. Engagements typicallyinclude success fees (sales commissions, bonuses, equity, or other forms ofcompensation) with budget advances and other servicing fees.PROCESS AND QUALITY CONTROLAn engagement partner has overall responsibility for a project, and mobi-lizes appropriate resources within Triana and from its network of advisersand sub-contractors totaling 200+. For quality control purposes, eachengagement is presented periodically for review by Triana peers.OWNERSHIP AND CORPORATE STRUCTUREThe Triana Group, Inc., and its subsidiaries Triana Technologies, Inc. and Tri-ana Life Sciences, Inc., are privately-held corporations registered in the Stateof New York. Capital was provided by a family-owned holding and individu-als originating from three continents. The Triana Group is also the co-ownerof a joint-venture in the Gulf countries. “ parereport back to clients weeklyconcrete numbers We supporting documents with or monthly. I pre- and results, from which they can observe our team’s progress and efficiency to reach set goals. “ CRYSTELLE DESNOYER, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ANALYST, THE TRIANA GROUP, INC.
  19. 19. KEY FACTS YEAR FOUNDED 2008 COMPANIES ASSISTED (several for multiple projects) 37 ANNUAL NUMBER OF PROJECTS 2008: 2 2009: 8 2010: 11 2011: 25 CLIENT SIZES $1 million (smallest) $1 billion (largest) ENGAGEMENT DURATION 52% short term engagements (3-to-6 month projects) 48% long term engagements (12-month contracted services) 55% short term projects lead to long term engagements SECTORS Technology: 42% Healthcare: 38% Other: 20% ABOUT OUR NAME A crew member with Christopher Columbus, Rodriguo de Triana was the first to spot land. “Triana” reflects the company’s mission to guide its clients into new territories.” JABRIL BENSEDRINE, CO-FOUNDER, THE TRI- ANA GROUP, INC.Participants network during a Triana-organized business workshop
  20. 20. THE TRIANA GROUP, INCDisclaimer: The Triana Group is committed to conduct its business ethically, with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. It co-ordinates its activity with appropriate service professionals as necessary. It is not a venture fund, an investment bank, a broker dealer, an investment clearing-house, an investment advisor, nor registered with the Securities Exchange Commission or any state securities commission; it takes no authority to enter intoany commitment on clients’ behalf or on investors’ behalf, to negotiate the terms of a financing transaction, to hold any funds or securities in connection withfinancing, or to perform any act which would require it to become licensed as a securities broker or dealer. Any information provided by The Triana Groupregarding possible transactions is for informational purposes only, is intended only to qualified recipients who request it expressly, and is not intended forthe general public. Any transaction involving financing or securities shall be directly negotiated by the parties to the transaction without involvement of, orparticipation by The Triana Group. Recipients of information provided by The Triana Group in any format acknowledge that such information: is not an offerto sell or solicitation to buy any security; recipient chooses individually whether and how to use such information, and whether to consider any action; thatThe Triana Group makes no representations or warranties regarding such information; that each recipient is responsible to conduct any investigation necessaryto verify the factual information submitted and is responsible for any action taken; that the parties are responsible for their own due diligence and that TheTriana Group does not negotiate for them the terms of any transaction; that all transactions involve a degree of risk, and that The Triana Group, its directors,employees, contractors or other affiliated individuals are not responsible for recipients’ use of such information, transaction, or results of such transactions.59 FRANKLIN ST #306NEW YORK, NY 10013 T: +1 646-417-8136 F: +1 646-417-5805