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What's New in Angular 4


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Angular 4.0 is now available and this major release is chock full of improvements that are guaranteed to reduce file size and increase performance. With more than 30 new features added to boost speed and efficiency, we’ve narrowed down some of the top features that will make your job easier.

New If Else conditionals
A major improvement of Angular 4 compared to Angular 2 is the Improved *ngIf and *ngFor feature. In Angular 2 you were not able to specify an else statement after an if. In Angular 4, you are now able to use an if/else syntax and assign local variables, which is a complete game changer.

Animations in their own package
For developers that don’t use animation, the release of Angular 4 offers a major improvement by pulling the animations out of @angular/core into their own package. This means the code won’t end up in your production bundle and is a major upgrade compared to Angular 2.

Reduced file size, better apps performance
Changes under the hood to AOT generated code resulted in an average of 60 percent file size reduction. You can expect to reduce production bundles by hundreds of kilobytes. Due to shrinking the size of the generated code you can expect apps to work 30 percent better.

So what are you waiting for? With the new Angular 4 release it’s time to upgrade your version and the Angular team made it very easy to do so. Before making the update take the time to learn the new program from an expert instructor at The Training Advisors. There are classes available nationwide to fit your needs whether it be a remote session or an in-person class.

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What's New in Angular 4

  1. 1. Changes to AOT generated code reduces size by 60% on average 30% WHAT’S NEW IN ANGULAR 4 Apps perform 30% better 60% Animations pulled out of @angular/core and into their own package Improved *ngIf and *ngForBackwards compatible w 2.x.x