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Change play business invitation lisbon-14-15-july-english

  1. 1. Grazytification!To BusinessLeaders & Gamechangers who have a strong innovation agenda. Join a pioneering game, Lisbon – 14th and 15th July.<br />WARNING:<br />This game will address challenges unique to new business thinking, including innovation and exploitation of IP. It may seriously affect the ability to question and approach markets, management processes and business strategies. Not recommended to businesses and people that have an allergy to change, to collaboration or co-creation.<br />
  2. 2. A (nearly) secret file…<br />Change Play Business is a new innovation process, co-designed by the The Thinking Hotel ®, which combines play techniques with business strategy and innovation. It was developed to answer a challenge from the C4D, Cranfield University and the LCC London College of Communication, with the aim of finding a new model of knowedge transfer, active and collaborative, with 3 objectives:<br /><ul><li>To explore alternative ways, based in co-creation, able to support SMEs at risk of losing competitiveness in their transition to the 21st Century
  3. 3. To identifynewvaluecreationmodels
  4. 4. To disseminate knowledge about business models based on IP</li></ul>The Thinking Hotel ® is pleased to partner withSíntese Azul, MCG - Mind for Metal andBeta-i to deliver this event, founded in a shared passion to boost an attitude of creativity and collaboration, and based in curiosity, imagination, co-creation and synergies. We only hope to contribute to facilitating the transformation of people and organisations and their transition into a culture of permanent innovation… this is what we call: grazytification! <br />Synergisedby<br />Challengedby<br />Co-designedby<br />Supportedby<br />THE THINKING HOTEL®<br />
  5. 5. Do youhave a windowopen, with a view to theWorld? <br />Imagine a crazy world where what you learned in business school is either upside down or backwards — where customers control the company, jobs are avenues of self-expression, the barriers to competition are out of your control, strangers design your products, fewer features are better, advertising drives customers away, demographics are beside the point, whatever you sell you take back, best practices are obsoleteat birth; where meaning talks,money walks, and stability is fantasy; where talent trumps obedience, imagination beats knowledge, and empathy trounces logic.<br />If you’ve been paying close enough attention, you don’t have to imagine this Alice-in-Wonderland scenario. You see it forming all around you. The only question is whether you can change your business fast enough to take full advantage of it.<br />Marty Neumeier, The DesignfullCompany : How to build a culture of nonstop innovation<br />Synergisedby<br />Challengedby<br />Co-designedby<br />Supportedby<br />THE THINKING HOTEL®<br />
  6. 6. If your top 5 priorities are not listed below, you may want to stop reading now!<br />Assess / Rethink business & revenue models<br />Increase the sense offun & purpose<br />Remove silos<br />Revalue business withfresh lenses<br />Be creative<br />Shift from competitive into collaborative culture<br />Promote curiosity, spontaneity & ‘cluelessness’ into our culture process & approaches<br />Synergisedby<br />Challengedby<br />Co-designedby<br />Supportedby<br />THE THINKING HOTEL®<br />
  7. 7. IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF…<br />…wecombined a CoffeeChain, with a Hairdresser, with a PublicTransportOperator. with a Social Network and your own business to create a new concept for a future model of Social Care?<br />Synergisedby<br />Challengedby<br />Co-designedby<br />Supportedby<br />THE THINKING HOTEL®<br />
  8. 8. Sintese Azul, MCG – Mind for Metal, Beta-i and The Thinking Hotel® are delighted to call a group of business leaders who are open, passionate and exceptionally interested in exploring new models and approaches to business intersectional innovation: deep-rooted in creativity and merged synergies. <br />WARNING:<br />This game will address challenges unique to new business thinking, including innovation and exploitation of IP. It may seriously affect the ability to question and approach markets management processes and business strategies. Not recommended to businesses and people that have an allergy to change, to collaboration or co-creation.<br />
  9. 9. Outcomes<br />By the end of the game you, your team or your organisation, will have achieved some of these changes:<br />Synergisedby<br />Challengedby<br />Co-designedby<br />Supportedby<br />THE THINKING HOTEL®<br />
  10. 10. Feedback from previous editions in London <br />“The game allowed me to think in a more experimental way, rather than focusing on the outcome. I found the exploratory approach very useful as business concepts are often not set in stone and should be something fluid and reactive to changes”<br />“This exercise was a great networking method, because it asks you to come up with a business and draw on everyone's experience, resources and contacts”<br />“I came with an outline idea. I found someone in one of the breaks who was really interested in my idea. Whilst we didn't get a chance to talk much during the event, we connected afterwards and are now collaborating on it. The idea has moved on dramatically and we hope to turn it into a successful business”<br />“Thank you! It completely changed my way of thinking…about my business, market, and my team”<br />“I really liked this format. We took one activity (versus many) and went deep. Your team had obviously thought out the rules and the tools you had provided were really good, but only in retrospect. Finally, you've pretty much hit the good spot this time.”<br />“I think you are doing an amazing thing! Keep it up and good luck!” <br />“It is a great idea, event and will be a very good thing for people to attend in the future”<br />“Keeping with it, definitely got amazing potential”<br />
  11. 11. Pre-programme: <br />IMPORTANT:<br />Furtherdetails to beannouncedsoonsuch as venue, keynotespeakersand a teamofexperts.<br />Thekeyactorsofthisprocess are theplayers, withtheirbusinesses.<br />Places are limited and available on a first come first served basis.<br />Theorganisersmaychangetheprogramme – ifproved to beofbenefitoftheplayers!<br />
  12. 12. Project Partners:<br />SínteseAzul is a key partner for Change Play Business in Portugal, due to our vision and mission: to help create and transform organisations into innovative and creative hubs, so that more people are inspired, empowered and enabled to do more of what they like and less of what they dislike.<br />SinteseAzul is a trusted partner for change management, talent management, performance management, strategic leadership and culture design. Working with both large businesses and SMEs, investing in cutting-edge knowledge to nurture their core value creators: people, talent and creativity .<br />A MCG mind for metal, is a private, family owned business with 60 years of history. Our core business is manufacturing metal components and we are deeply-rooted in ethical and sustainable principles. We have a long-term policy, focused on building trusted relationships. Change Play Business is aligned with our strategic aims for the future, where our ambition is to be part of a platform of leadership and innovation, together with other businesses who share the same vision: change our business fast enough to take full advantage of our world´s opportunities!<br />Synergisedby<br />Challengedby<br />Co-designedby<br />Supportedby<br />THE THINKING HOTEL®<br />
  13. 13. Project Partners:<br />The Thinking Hotel ®. A new venture with the core objective to design Thinking Experiences. It has a vibrant and engaged community of 350 “contributing guests” from all over the world and from all walks of life. <br />Change Play Business is one of the Thinking Hotel ® co-created innovation processes, whose core design and management team is:<br />Maria Ana Neves: Founder and Head of Ideas <br />Olga Casademunt: Head of communication & Brand Listener <br />Chris Wilkie: Supervisor, Head of Coordinated Thinking & a superb Mediator<br />Villie Tsang New Media Designer & Innovation<br />Monika Hestad: Change Play Business Design Mentor<br />Michael Metelits: Independent New Business Development Consultant and Scenario Planning Expert<br />THE THINKING HOTEL®<br />A Beta-i has a mission to innovate entrepreneurship in 4 core areas: inspiration, ideation, acceleration and incubation. <br />We believe collaboration and experimentation with multi-disciplinary teams, together with non-stop learning, pragmatism and motivation, are key to create and nurture a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.<br />Being partners in this innovative event is totally aligned with our vision and beliefs.<br />Synergisedby<br />Challengedby<br />Co-designedby<br />Supportedby<br />THE THINKING HOTEL®<br />
  14. 14. Next Steps:<br /> Identify who in your company should participate!<br /><ul><li>Make a reservation as soon as possible (</li></ul> Save the 14th and 15th July in your diary!<br />Participation in this event is by invitation, and there are 3 types of tickets:<br /><ul><li>Teams: 5 to 10 participants: 250,- € /per person
  15. 15. Individual players: 350,- €
  16. 16. Lucky Players: 150,- € / per person (10 places only)</li></ul>For further details:<br />Maria Ana Neves<br />Tlm: +351 912 419 952<br />e-mail:<br />Isabel Graça Medeiros<br />Tlm: +351 912205542<br />e-mail:<br />António Chanoca<br />Tlm: +351 919 352 168<br />e-mail:<br />Synergisedby<br />Challengedby<br />Co-designedby<br />Supportedby<br />THE THINKING HOTEL®<br />