Change Play Business - Lisbon - 8 Months Later


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Change Play Business™ is a new and synergistic way of working. Designed as a game, it is a new process of knowledge exchange rooted in intersectional innovation principles.

This format combines techniques of structured play with strategic thinking and radical collaboration.

The goal is to ignite and energize a transformational journey of co-creation and collaborative leadership.

This presentation shares insights of the process and it's impact after 8 months of the event in Lisbon.

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Change Play Business - Lisbon - 8 Months Later

  1. 1. A bit about us… THE C4CC THINKING Centre for HOTEL® Creative Collaboration An innovative project focused on A collaborative space where people from designing Thinking Experiences, many different backgrounds - universities, with headquarters inside LinkedIn, large corporates, SMEs, freelancers - can and a world wide community of work together on new things in the belief 400 members and co-creators. that real innovation happens at the edge and in the gaps between disciplines.
  2. 2. An Insightful Challenge…In 2010 we had two unthinkable insights: 1.  The world is going mad.2.  Too many business may be already obsolete ... most jobs depend on those companies. THETHINKINGHOTEL®Join us to co-design cool thinking experiences.
  3. 3. The world is going mad… “ …customers control the company, jobs are avenues of # self-expression, the barriers to competition are out of control, advertising drives customers away, stability is fantasy, imagination beats knowledge, and empathy trounces logic… ” The question is… whether you can change your business fast enough to take full advantage of it. Marty Neumeier, The Designful Company THETHINKINGHOTEL®Join us to co-design cool thinking experiences.
  4. 4. Too many businesses maybe already obsolete…Time to use our imagination and start mixwhat exists in new ways. These new ways of combining totallydisconnected ideas and assets, are oftencalled intersectional innovation. PS: There is nothing wrong with start-ups, we lovethem... it just feels much better to get there by usingwhat we already have, in new ways.THETHINKINGHOTEL®Join us to co-design cool thinking experiences.
  5. 5. That’s Change Play Business™…a new and synergistic way of working. Designed as a game, a new process rooted in intersectional innovationprinciples, combines techniques ofstructured play with strategic thinking andradical collaboration.The goal is to ignite and energize atransformational journey of co-creation andcollaborative leadership.THETHINKINGHOTEL®Join us to co-design cool thinking experiences.
  6. 6. Changing the rules! ❏ It´s illegal to compete - we recommend you replace this idea with collaboration (For help: call the Room Service!) ❏ Failure is FUNTASTIC! If we fail, we have 2 minutes to find what we have discovered instead of achieving what we expected. (For help: ask other players) ❏ We never...ever...ever work against anything or anyone. Instead we work with others! (You will be at great risk if a spy spots you thinking that way!) ❏ Some words are banned from our vocabulary: but, either/or, impossible, afraid of, bad, wrong, instead, we reward players who use words like and, wow, try it, why not, what if, we can. ❏ There is no End...We really believe this is the And and hope you you will Check- Out with Andless energy!
  7. 7. Who plays…? Purple Players: Inject imagination Into process Blue Players: 25% Bring reality to the game 46% Green Players: Bring a different level of challenge to the game 29%WARNING:This game will address challenges unique to new business thinking including innovation andexploitation of IP. It may affect the ability to question and approach your market, your managementprocesses and business strategies. We do not recommend this game to businesses and people thathave an allergy to change, to collaboration or to co-creation.
  8. 8. Why play? 61% Unlock creativity and find new ways of thinking 59.3% Find new business models and value creation for our organisation 27.1% Find new partners and new projects for my company 18.6% Re-assess talents, assets, competencies in my team/organisationTHETHINKINGHOTEL®Join us to co-design cool thinking experiences.
  9. 9. Why play?New priorities: Are these included in your top 5 priority list? Remove silos Assess / Rethink business & Increase the sense of" revenue models fun & purpose Revalue business with" fresh lenses Be creative Shift from competitive into collaborative culture Promote curiosity, spontaneity & ‘cluelessness’ into our culture process & approaches
  10. 10. CHANGE PLAY BUSINESS JOURNEY BEGINS…FROM THE MOON AND INTO THE FUTURE…People look at the future with different lenses:Some think about how to use it,Others think about how to benefit from them…Some don’t like to think about the future at all,And others love to anticipate it…We take Change Players to the moon and invite them to tell us what they imagine will happen.Not because they already know, but because we allow players to imagine,And then work backwards...
  11. 11. PLEASURE! AMBITION! OPTIMISM! IMAGINATION! INFORMED VIEWS!Insights about the future in a collective task in gathering the shared “knowns and unknowns and knowns” about the Future!
  12. 12. On the “Moon” we heard John Boult’s vision to open our minds, and challengeour ways of thinking about the world and the Future.
  13. 13. Day 2: Good morning dear Player!
  14. 14. Now, time to describe your business in facts, figures and key words…
  15. 15. Meet the team!
  16. 16. STEP 1: CHECK MATCHExplore random connections, fun, trial andidea generation…to mix the purple, greenand blue businesses from each team. The first challenge is quantity: generate as many ideas as possible, as crazy as possible!
  17. 17. Results before mid-day:12 tables…300 intersectional new ideas…In less than 2 hours!
  18. 18. Time to get the ROI…Returns on Ideas! Returns are paid in time-money to teams, who will use it to buy tools, experts and access master classes.
  19. 19. Team and idea assessmentPlayers can: abandon the team, stay and continue ideation or select onidea and move forward
  20. 20. STEP 2: CHECK OUTSIDEIdeas can´t flourish in isolation, they need a committedteam and the right context. Check-Outside is forteams to find the context: mapping stakeholders, findnew trends and context, the new knowledge andexperts, meet other players who can help develop thecontext for a new concept.
  21. 21. And all teams could use the Market Wall Streetto recruit talent and assets.
  22. 22. NETWORKING
  23. 23. Tango with designers, John Boult Co-creation, Zoe Fitzgerald Designing business models that rock! Nick de Mey“excellent! I learned how to connect “really useful and an excellent session! A new business, brand, experience and service with way of using the most important resources in “great discovery about new business modelsinnovation.” my organization:  peopleand creativity” with great applications in my organisation" —Anonymous comment —Anonymous comment —Anonymous comment
  24. 24. Cooking ideas, CooperativaCreativaSusana Branco and Maria A. Coutinho “great game of creativity, really well organized. Able toapply the tools and processes into my own business” —Anonymous comment
  25. 25. STEP 3: CHECK UPFrom ideas to business models!
  26. 26. Powerful tools, such as trends andscenarios
  27. 27. But a lot more happened during the day… 75% said they learned new ways of thinking, and actively shared new knowledge relevant for their innovation and/or business challenges. 15% said the game changed the way they think 89% had fun 68% said this process helped them discover new organisational models 54% feel they achieved the goal to establish the basis for new partnerships. Data collected through feedback forms at the end of the day. Further research is being conducted to gather insights and measure its impact, post-event. Figures based on 60% of the players, who gave their feedback. Check out CPB videos to feel the energy!
  28. 28. 8 MONTHS LATER…
  29. 29. What were your expectations when you decided to play/be involved? I was just very curious and had not define expectations... This game have not met original expectations, which were: Change Play Business met my original expectations, which were: 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 60.0%Expectations met Unmet expectations Just Curious•  Find out a different process of •  To start analyzing and •  This was the case generation of ideas defining a real business •  But was very enthusiastic•  Challenge my creativity plan about the idea•  Learn new Innovation approaches, •  Be aproached by •  Change play business is is meet new people, have fun inovating methods an innovative process to•  To be inspired by talented people. •  Find something completly achieve netowrking (that was the case!) different in design •  And i follow my intuition•  Fun, team work, creativity and thinking results!•  See that we can work if we think out of the box and not mimit our ideas
  30. 30. Did you feel you learned something new? Nothing that I am aware Something else A way of working A way of thinking A way of doing 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 60.0% 70.0%If yes, what?•  Different ways of thinking the product strategy and business plan•  (re)learned how to fly( think about bussines througt diferent methods)•  This was the first time Ive attended an innovation workshop with different people from my company, with different backgrounds and areas of expertise.•  A diferent way of team work•  A new way to develop an idea working wihin a group•  I enjoy the Master Classes a lot, speacially the business model construction approach brought by Nick•  The format of the game got everybody positively involved from the first minute.•  Not limit ideas, even if they seem strange
  31. 31. Did you find a way to apply this new something in your organisation/job? Yes No If yes, what?•  Developed new status meetings where the focus is on learnings, achievements and goals•  Viewing issues/questions/problems from diferente aproaches•  CPB presents a nice way of ideas generation that always can be applied to my organisation, once we want to incubate innovative projects.•  In a process of implementing and measure impact•  We started to look at more tangible tools.•  Always try to bring new ideas/perspectives to the work group and really listen first without exclude them
  32. 32. Time to get your critical thoughts! Now the really tricky question…please say the truth and nothing but the truth: 1413121110 9 8 7 No 6 Yes 5 4 3 2 1 0 Would you like to play again? Would you recommend Change Play In your view, would your organization Business to others? benefit from playing a Change Play Business?
  33. 33. A"er  CPB  –  did  you  meet  another  player/s?  if  yes,  for  what  reason:   17%   The  pleasure  of  mee3ng  for  personal/social   33%   reasons.   For  business  reasons.   YES!  We  met  to  follow  up  ideas  or  new   projects.   17%   Well…  to  network,  as  we  never  know.   It  was  to  help  me/my  project.   We  met  to  collaborate.  0%   0%  THE 33%  THINKINGHOTEL®Join us to co-design cool thinking experiences.
  34. 34.