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  1. 1. Green Supply Chain Management (ESM289) Syllabus, Spring 2009 Time: Mondays & Wednesdays, 11:00am-12:15pm Room: Bren Hall 1424 Reading: To be done upfront, i.e. for the session in which it is listed Work load: You will have to write a term paper (10-20 pages) Exams: There will be no final exam Instructor: Roland Geyer Contact: Bren Hall 3426, extension 7234, Office hours: Drop in policy Date Topics & Readings Session 1: Introduction Topics: • Industrial ecology March 30 • Life cycle thinking • Problem of agency in industrial ecology (IE) Session 2: Definitions Topics: • Definition of supply chain management (SCM) • Definition of green supply chain management (GSCM) • Inventory control: Economic order quantity (EOQ) April 1 Reading: • Jackson & Clift (1998) Where’s the profit in industrial ecology, Journal of Industrial Ecology 2(1) pp3-5 Session 3: Analytical framework Topics: • Life cycle accounting • Environmental and economic dimension • Economic value vs. environmental impact added April 8 Reading: • US EPA (2000) The Lean and Green Supply Chain: A Practical Guide for Material Managers and Supply Chain Managers, EPA 742-R-00-001, Environmental Accounting Project, US EPA Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Date Topics & Readings Session 4: Supply Topics: • Input productivity • Contracting / Servicizing • Example: Chemical management services April 13 Reading: • Reiskin, White, Johnson, Votta (2000) Servicizing the Supply Chain, Journal of Industrial Ecology 3(2&3) pp 19-31 Session 5: Supply Topics: • Supply loops and their constraints • Case study: Steel section reuse and recycling • Average / marginal cost, price elasticity of supply and demand April 15 Reading: • Geyer & Jackson (2004) Supply Loops and their Constraints: The Industrial Ecology of Recycling and Reuse, California Management Review 46(2), 55-73 Session 6: Supply Topics: • Green procurement • Supply chain power • Cost-sharing, profit-sharing April 20 Reading: • BSR (2001) Suppliers’ perspectives on greening the supply chain, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) Education Fund Session 7: Guest Speaker Green Purchasing at the City of Santa Barbara April 21 Stephen MacIntosh, Director Environmental Services, City of Santa Barbara, CA Session 8: Supply Topics: • Recycled content versus end-of-life recycling • Eco-labeling April 22 Reading: • Atherton (2007) Declaration by the Metals Industry on Recycling Principles, Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 12(1) 59-60 Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Date Topics & Readings Session 9: Guest Speaker Green Supply Chain Management at Patagonia April 27 Jill Dumain, Environmental Analysis Director, Patagonia, Ventura, CA Session 10: Production Topics: • Environmental cost accounting April 29 • Cost allocation and life cycle costing Session 11: Production Topics: • Pollution prevention • Process improvements and sustainable operations Reading: May 4 • Corbett C J, Klassen R D (2006) Extending the Horizons: Environmental Excellence as Key to Improving Operations, M&SOM 8(1) Winter 2006, pp. 5-22 Session 12: Investment decisions Topics: • Compounding, discounting May 6 • Interest rates, cost of capital, cash flow structures • NPV, IRR, Payback Session 13: Investment decisions Topics: • Annuities (renting versus purchasing) May 11 • Case studies: Hybrid electric vehicles, photovoltaic systems Session 14: Packaging Topics: • Packaging materials and reusable packaging • Relationship between packaging and transportation Reading: • Matthews (2004) Thinking outside ‘the Box’: Designing a Packaging May 13 Take-Back System, California Management Review 46(2) pp105-119 • Early, Kidman, Menvielle, Geyer, McMullan (2009) Informing packaging design decisions at Toyota Motor Sales using life cycle assessment and costing, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Forthcoming Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Date Topics & Readings Session 15: Transportation Topics: • Mass, distance, mode, volume, utilization rates Reading: May 18 • Nathan (2007) Environmental Impacts of Just-in-Time: Effects of Altered Supplier Transportation, Bren School, UCSB Session 16: Guest speaker ‘Greening’ Strategic Supply-Chain Partnerships May 20 Jack Sahl, Director Environment & Resource Sustainability, Southern California Edison Session 17: Guest Speaker Reverse Logistics for Green Supply Chain Management David Meldrum-Taylor, Director of Research, Reverse Logistics Association May 27 • Thierry, Salomon, van Nunen, van Wassenhove (1995) Strategic Issues in Product Recovery Management, California Management Review 37(2), 114-135 Session 18: Product end-of-life management Topics: • Cell phone reuse and recycling • Market cannibalization, product competition Reading: • Geyer, Doctori Blass (2009) The role of displaced production for reuse June 1 and recycling: The example of cell phone end-of-life management, submitted to Journal of Industrial Ecology • Geyer, Doctori Blass (2009) The economics of cell phone recycling and reuse, Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Forthcoming Session 19: Wrap-up Topics: • Course summary June 3 • Course evaluation Page 4 of 4