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Sustainable Solutions for Supply Chain Planning


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Sustainable Solutions for Supply Chain Planning

  1. 1. Sustainable Solutions for Supply Chain Planning
  2. 2. Cut inventory levels. Lower distribution costs. Reduce cash flow cycles. Improve customer service. These are examples of benefits that Supply Chain Consultants (SCC) delivers to clients every day and just a sampling of what we can do for your business through supply chain planning. SCC has the people, the technology, and the track record to guarantee business value by helping you leverage the information you need to make better decisions in your internal supply chain. Founded in 1993, SCC has developed some of the supply chain industry’s most advanced modeling technology that is now in place in major corporations throughout the world. We are constantly developing new technology and have built a remarkable organization of supply chain specialists who exhibit a rare mix of business understanding, technical savvy, and commitment to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Whether you want to re-engineer your entire internal supply chain, improve specific operations, or just want to know what advanced planning and scheduling can do for you, we can help. We offer consulting, software, and support for all of the following key areas of your supply chain: — Sales & Operations Planning — Collaborative Planning — Demand Management — Inventory Management — Production Planning & Scheduling — Distribution & Logistics Planning
  3. 3. SCC Solutions Consulting Your supply chain is too important to trust to just anyone. You need people who can understand the intricate details of your business. You need people with the scientific and engineering expertise to model the complex web of variables that define your business. You need people who can work with you to produce solutions that your people will use – day in and day out — to sustain these hard-won benefits over time. You need SCC. Just about everyone at SCC has an advanced degree in operations research, mathematics, engineering, or business. Most have more than 10 years of experience in applying supply chain planning in real-world settings. Many have earned the CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) designation from APICS, the Educational Society for Resource Management. All of our consultants are required to advance toward CPIM certification and “ Supply Chain Consultants helped us through some difficult maintain current credentials. This ensures that each team member stays abreast of the most current thinking in production and inventory management. Our clients gain the benefit of that knowledge. times — helping us keep some Although each consulting engagement is unique, we follow a structured process models running, resurrecting a that we have refined through years of experience and tailor to the specific circumstances, resource constraints, and timetable of your business. This ensures few from the ashes, and taking that we touch all the bases in helping you gain the maximum benefit from our ” many to new levels . Fortune 500 Chemical Company years of supply chain planning success. - December, 2000 Software When consulting engagements call for software, we offer solutions in two areas: Zemeter implementation, and MIMI® implementation. Zemeter™: implementing supply chain planning on a Microsoft® platform. Zemeter is powerful technology that SCC has developed to enable manufactur- ers of all sizes to realize the business improvement benefits of supply chain planning. Zemeter technology provides collaborative decision support to sales, operations, and logistics end-users. It equips them to understand customer demand patterns, monitor inventory health, consolidate forecasting intelligence, balance supply and demand, synchronize scheduling, and streamline distribution. Zemeter technology integrates a rapid, risk-free implementation methodology;
  4. 4. a fully integrated, Microsoft component-based software package; and a company-specific business knowledge repository. The resulting solution has the affordability and ease-of-use of a packaged application, the analytical muscle of an enterprise application, and the business-fit and flexibility of a custom solution. MIMI® – implementing Aspen Tech’s supply chain technology MIMI is a powerful supply chain management technology that is marketed by Aspen Technology. We are a development partner of Aspen focused on MIMI’s demand management, inventory management, and transportation planning capabilities. As an implementation partner, we have built more than 100 MIMI applications and remain the world’s premier implementer of demand manage- ment, inventory management and planning, and bulk transport optimization. Support Implementing advanced planning and scheduling is one thing: sustaining them is another. SCC offers a wide range of support packages to help keep your supply chain viable as your business changes and grows. We work with you “ Over the last 8 years, we have successfully completed more than to establish the minimum necessary service level, regionally and globally. Offerings include ongoing general support and maintenance, telephone help line, and more customized arrangements as required by your business 100 major supply chain projects situation. We also have the experience, background, and knowledge base to for our clients, ranging from plant take your third-party or internally developed solution and provide ongoing support and maintenance. This ultimately allows you to outsource the support level scheduling to integrated of the existing solution and concentrate your resources on other more critical applications. We pride ourselves business issues. on the quality, capability, and depth of experience that our consultants bring to bear Training on projects. However, the key Educating your organization is a key component of truly sustainable supply chain planning. We offer seminars in supply chain and related ingredient of our success is topics, software development, and installation-specific user issues. We that all of us approach every host training classes and seminars at our Delaware headquarters, at your location, or on the Internet. It’s likely that we already have or can engagement fully committed quickly develop an appropriate seminar or training session to meet your to helping our clients succeed. ” Dr. Bibi Singh organization’s educational needs in the supply chain arena. Co-Founder and President
  5. 5. Understand Why SCC? Demand Patterns People – Our people have the credentials to take on the toughest supply chain planning challenges and the proven Manage dedication to work them through to the optimal solution. Inventory Complete Solution Set – From point solutions for demand and inventory management to end-to-end re-engineering, we have everything you need to extract maximum value from your supply chain. Consolidate Forecasting Intelligence Customer-driven Technology – We take great pride in the power and versatility of our technology, but its greatest attribute is that it has been created from the ground up around customer needs. Balance Supply and Demand Track Record – Our clients span the chemical, specialty chemicals, petrochemical, electronics, and pulp and paper industries. Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world use our technology to reduce costs and improve Synchronize competitiveness. Scheduling Business Practices – Our consultants work hard to ensure that every customer is an enthusiastic business reference for us. Streamline Distribution
  6. 6. Locations With offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific, SCC is uniquely positioned to provide value to global companies as well as local or regional companies. Americas Supply Chain Consultants, Inc. World Headquarters SCC Clients 5460 Fairmont Drive Linden Green Center Wilmington, DE 19808 Akzo-Nobel Tel 302 738 9215 Atmel Fax 302 454 7680 BP Amoco Bridgestone-Firestone Europe Chevron Chemicals Supply Chain Consultants n.v. DuPont Bredestraat 4 B-2000 Antwerpen Elenac Belgium Engelhard Tel +32 3 232 23 91 Fax +32 3 233 5106 Exxon Chemicals Hercules Asia Pacific IBM Microelectronics Infineum Supply Chain Consultants 7F-1, No. 104 Norsk Hydro Tein-Yui Street, 111 Taipei NOVA Chemicals Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel +886 933 891 573 Philip Morris USA Phillips Chemical Rhodia Rhodiaster Rohm & Haas Web Siliconix Wedgwood Supply Chain Consultants is a registered trademark of Supply Chain Consultants, Inc. Zemeter is a trademark of Supply Chain Consultants, Inc. All other marks are trademarks of their respective companies.