Supply Chain Planning and Collaboration


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Supply Chain Planning and Collaboration

  1. 1. Supply Chain Planning and Collaboration SAP SCM Solutions enabling responsive supply networks BASF IT Services. Creating Value with IT.
  2. 2. Boost your added value with With SAP SCM, enterprises can model their exist- ing supply chain and enhance their planning pro- logistics cesses, which is covered by the core functionality of the SAP Advanced Planner & Optimizer (APO): Many companies face enormous pressure to reduce costs while improving customer service ■ Demand planning and forecasting and responsiveness. To meet the challenges of ■ Order fulfillment (ATP) rapidly changing market dynamics, they need ■ Supply and distribution planning to integrate demand and supply chain manage- ■ Production planning ment within and across companies. Shrinking ■ Transport planning capital availability is forcing businesses to stream- Furthermore the following business cases are line manufacturing and supply operations while supported: introducing innovative solutions critical for an optimal position against competitors. ■ Supply network collaboration ■ Service part planning As a result, mastering the challenge of flexible ■ Collaborative planning, forecast and value chains in a global and highly volatile environ- replenishment ment has become even more complex. Strategies like demand driven supply chains, signal-based SAP SCM provides solutions which can be in- replenishment, late product decoupling point or tegrated seamlessly with both SAP and non-SAP supplier collaboration need to be considered and software, facilitating the communication with implemented wherever necessary. currently existing environments. Supply Chain Management (SCM) covers the plan- ning, execution, coordination and collaboration of the entire supply network activities. It empowers companies to adapt their supply chain processes Supply Chain Management – your benefits: to an ever-changing competitive environment. The aim: Reducing costs and improving flexibility ■ Streamline collaboration with your suppliers, with strong focus on planning and collaboration. contract manufacturers, and customers Supply Chain technologies like the SAP SCM ■ Improve order lead time and customer solution enable for example the implementation of satisfaction an integrated demand management or of a highly ■ Significantly decrease procurement and transparent order fulfillment process. This solution inventory costs also helps to reduce safety stock levels and in- ■ Enhance supply chain visibility and increases creased utilization of production and transportation overall responsiveness means across the network. The integration of plan- ■ Improve communications and reduce errors ning and collaboration processes with operations and processing costs allows to increase both profitability and productivity. ■ Improved production capacity utilization levels ■ Optimize route and carrier selection while reducing transport costs ■ Reduced costs of goods sold throughout your company
  3. 3. SCM with SAP APO – best in class solutions BASF IT Services offers innovative approaches for improving your customer service and responsiveness while reducing costs in the supply chain. Supply Chain Management consulting High level of experience in the Supply Chain field ■ Process analysis and technical blueprint definition ■ Business planning processes ■ Best practices and customer specific solutions ■ worldwide implementations ■ Analysis and conception SAP SCM implementation ■ Demand and supply planning Customer specific solutions with SAP APO ■ Order processing ■ Innovative designs and functions ■ Production planning ■ Adapt software to fit your processes ■ Collaborative planning Expertise in handling complex solutions and Technical expertise projects ■ Software lifecycle ■ Strong project management ■ Data migration / SLO ■ Change management Hosting and support Flexible team with international experience ■ Performance optimization ■ Worldwide implementations ■ Application support ■ Multilingual team SCM with SAP APO: the expertise and business specific solutions of BASF IT Services Demand and supply planning Order fulfillment Consulting ■ Automatic forecast selection and simulation ■ Template based and individual ATP solutions master data realignment ■ Market segmentation and assigning ■ Microsoft Excel integration allocation quantities in case of shortage ■ Embedding of external optimizers (i.e. ILOG) ■ Customer enhancements for third party ■ Characteristic based planning order routing, allocation and transportation ■ Aggregated planning with hierarchies scheduling Customer tailored solutions Improve usability and functions Production planning Integration and collaboration ■ Core interface enhancements ■ Vendor Managed Inventory (automatic, ■ Production process model (PPM) semi-automatic) Integration enhancements ■ Business partner stock and forecast ■ Tailor-made heuristics exchange ■ Modeling and implementation of push ■ Web based planning production ■ Customer specific interfaces
  4. 4. BASF IT Services. Creating Value with IT. BASF IT Services, a BASF Group company, is among the leading IT service providers for the process industry in Europe. The company employs some 2,300 employees and recorded an annual turnover of €412 million in 2008. With its many years of experience and proven expertise, the company offers innovative and competitive solutions in the areas Business Solutions and Managed Services. Today, BASF IT Services operates one of the world’s largest networks and approximately 3,800 servers for some 60,000 users in more than 280 locations. The company’s objective is to create value for its customers as an innovative IT service provider. BASF IT Services is certified under the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2000 and the international standard for information security ISO 27001:2005. © 2009 BASF IT Services Holding GmbH. All rights reserved. 3015/0309/01e BASF IT Services Holding GmbH Jaegerstraße 1 · D-67059 Ludwigshafen Tel +49 621 60-99550 · Fax +49 621 60-99555 communications@ ·