Supply Chain Management Solutions Supply Chain Management ...


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Supply Chain Management Solutions Supply Chain Management ...

  1. 1. ® Supply Chain Management Solutions Visibility ■ ■ Aggregation ■ ■ Event Management ■ ■ Collaboration ■ ■ Data Management ■ ■ Sourcing ■ ■ Transportation ■ ■ Warehousing ®
  2. 2. Established For over a quarter of a century LDS has been enhancing the productivity and efficiency of our clients by providing quality solu- LogiView Intelligent Supply Chain Management ® tions to supply chain ogiView ® empowers you with the ability to successfully aggregate, monitor and analyze challenges. With our proven logistics solutions we have helped companies L shipments and inventory across a wide platform of business units, suppliers and enter- prises. Utilizing a suite of products and features designed to meet the supply chain challenges of today, LogiView enables you to reduce inventories and pro-actively manage your reduce inventories, add supply chain. LogiView leverages a unique combination of deep application functionality, work- complementary products flow, event management and tech- and services, outsource nology infrastructure to extend non-core activities, the capabilities of existing LDS supply chain applications. DATA MANAGEMENT improve customer satis- Full data messaging capabilities ® faction and pilot new including EDI, XML, and other business opportunities VISIBILITY data and communication formats with less risk. LogiView provides inbound, out- facilitate trading partner interaction bound and current inventory levels for the exchange of orders, advance through your browser or to external systems pro- ship notifications and inventory Flexible viding accurate information for monitoring orders, synchronizations. reconciling inventories and forecasting. Such precise The LDS team works tracking enables you to closely monitor inventory ORDER PROCESSING closely with you to create levels from SKU to batch code to serial number Orders submitted manually through the logistics solutions to meet and track shipments through to delivery. LogiView browser or electronically via the data your company’s specific management portal are processed and evaluated needs and competitive AGGREGATION using the your business rules, then transferred to challenges. We begin LogiView virtually eliminates multiple integra- an appropriate distribution center for processing. a thorough evaluation tions by providing a centralized logistics data hub process with a needs analy- for your supply chain. The centralized data enables PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS sis to establish accurate time-sensitive decision making for allocation of LogiView quickly produces reports both physical logistics benchmarks inventory and transportation availability without and electronic, facilitating instant analysis of and performance goals. costly time consuming effort. current supply chain status including recent Our attention to detail trends, on-time and short situations. ensures the implementation EVENT MANAGEMENT of a solution that meets Critical or unplanned events are instantly man- VIRTUAL TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT aged via notification such as email, fax, pager, LogiView allows for selection, placement and your goals. mobile phone or PDA helping you troubleshoot tracking of shipments. Integration with carriers, and manage the unpredictable aspects of your logistics services and transportation management business. LogiView makes execution level decisions systems makes LogiView a complete inventory and Complete based on your codes of conduct and current transportation resource. supply chain status. LDS delivers a full line of INTEGRATED WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT logistics technology prod- COLLABORATION LogiView integrates with any warehousing or ucts and services along LogiView provides your suppliers visibility into enterprise system. Highly flexible and scalable, with a network of third your inventory, allowing for greatly enhanced col- LogiView is already integrated with other LDS party distributors that laborative planning of inventory movement based client systems forming the largest common plat- utilize similar systems on order volume and production requirements. form network of logistics providers in the world. and operating procedures. LDS has an excellent track record of forming lucrative A Special “ LogiView is an excellent, totally operational and technolog- ical partnerships that Delivery for integrated supply chain solution” blend highly advanced supply chain management Storck – Robert Engle Director of Storck USA techniques into complete A confections manufacturer Supply Chain solutions. operating worldwide, Storck manufactures many brands of Storck looked to LDS and relevant data for proactive candy including its mainstay LogiView to address their decision-making and distribu- ® Werther’s, the number one major goals — provide full sup- tion process management all selling hard candy in the world. ply side visibility and maintain the way to the consignee.
  3. 3. S upply chain data is delivered via the Internet to your browser. User friendly, LogiView ® presents simple features that allow users to quickly and easily locate important information, perform analysis or generate reports. Data is transformed into information and provided through a series of tabs reflecting Inbound Shipments, Inventory Levels, Outbound Shipments and more. Header indicates current data set Summary Line indicates order number and destination Drop down boxes for quickly Detail data available for specifying every shipment or SKU the type of wanted information Free-hand search LogiView ® criteria for locating specific information LogiView is the heart of your logistics information effort. LogiView centralizes warehousing and transportation data and enables visibility, collaboration and process management for your entire supply chain. LogiView provides you with information required for managing your business. Manufacturers Distribution Centers Summary line identifies Logistics shipment ID and destination Providers Transportation Detail shipment information Management reflects current status System Providers Retail & ® SKU level data is included Consumers with shipment information Vendors & Suppliers Transportation Customer service, sales, logistics Providers personnel and management have constant access to shipment status through LogiView. Information may also be emailed to the consignee. “ warehouse companies spend countless hours Traditionally, “ LogiView providesfull knowledge service agents with our customer manually accumulating information to satisfy of our worldwide inventory position. their customer’s requirements. LogiView does Without LogiView 75% of our time it automatically.” was spent locating data.” – Dick McCallum, – Robert Engle MIS / Office Manager of Fore River Distribution Director of Storck USA Supply Chain LogiView integrates with use warehouse management The LogiView solution from all of their supply chain various Storck supply chain solutions from LDS in addition allows Storck centralized providers. LogiView notifies providers, including facilities to common ERP or similar but access to inventory, as well as Storck personnel of potential in Germany. These providers disparate warehouse systems. inbound and outbound data problems before they occur.
  4. 4. The LDS Corporation has built a solid reputation in the logistics market by producing quality software products and providing superior support for over a quarter century. By delivering real-world solutions in a timely and cost effective manner, LDS has fostered outstanding customer loyalty and built a strong reputation as a leader in the industry. LDS — Defining LDS has become a world leader in supply chain logistics resources by setting the pace as a the Future of key provider of quality warehouse management Intelligent Supply software, superior customer support and universal access to logistics information via Chain Logistics the Internet. To propel our reputation as innovators, we have developed a suite of Internet products for the logistics industry to compliment our already popular Warehouse Management Software systems. LogiView ® helps ensure the future success of our clients by making the Internet work for them. LogiView’s ability to successfully manage supply chain via the Internet helps businesses build and maintain a vital competitive edge. The LDS software applications enable manufacturers, distributors and retailers to track fulfillment and distribution events on the Internet, optimize their distribution network, communicate with their providers and view their inventory data. The LDS Corporation delivers its logistics solution as a hosted application as well as through traditionally installed and operated warehouse management systems. ® ® ® The Accuplus ® Integrated The Verus ® warehouse Distribution Logistics® System management system is a is a comprehensive software client server solution featuring package for managing a graphical user interface that warehouse and distribution provides comprehensive logistics operations. warehouse management capabilities. Both Accuplus and Verus feature the ability to manage multiple warehouses, customers, products, rates, carriers, consignees, inbound receipts, bills of lading and much more. They also produce reports of inventory, activity and a wide variety of management and customer-specific information. ® Phone: 913 492 - 5700 888 599 - 5868 Fax: 913 492 - 3506 © 2002 The LDS Corporation. E-mail: sales @ LogiView, Accuplus and Verus and their respective logos are registered trademarks of the LDS Corporation. 7955 Bond All other trade company, product and service names may be the trademarks or service marks of others. Lenexa Kansas 66214 USA