Seamless fulfillment.


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Seamless fulfillment.

  1. 1. FedEx Fulfillment Services FedEx Fulfillment Services Apparel Seamless fulfillment. When consumers enter a store full of beautiful apparel, they have little The fulfillment services offered by FedEx Supply Chain Services allows makers idea of the complexities involved in getting it there. They don’t see the of apparel to focus on their core competencies while FedEx provides custom- relentless competition from big retailers and new arrivals that make brand ized, cost-effective distribution solutions to extend coverage, reduce trans- differentiation and pricing strategies harder than ever. Nor do they witness portation and warehousing costs, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency. the careful balancing act apparel manufacturers must perform to synchronize Now there is a solution from FedEx that provides: overseas production and local sourcing, especially as cycle times get shorter. Then, too, while consumers can have fun with Web surfing and e-mail, • Fast, accurate pick, pack, and ship functions. manufacturers must figure out how to capitalize on the Internet as a tactical • Higher inventory velocity and lower inventory carrying costs. business tool for sales and distribution. And if that weren’t enough, there are • Capitalizing on the Internet as a distribution channel. the ever-present realities of fluctuating commodities prices, overseas labor • Planning for seasonal demand, short-lived fashions, and short shelf life. rates, and the fast pace of an industry that changes with the seasons. • Complete supply chain visibility for inbound,* outbound, and static inventory. Many challenges, many needs—for cost-cutting, integration, visibility, • Improved returns management. planning, speed, reliability, efficiency, and plain old expertise. The very • Web-based dashboard details of activity status. benefits, in fact, which we bring to the apparel industry. If you need single-point access to a supply chain that expands and contracts with your business, FedEx Supply Chain Services could be the perfect fit. Includes features of service and locations scheduled for Summer 2003 release. *Inbound visibility is dependent on the information provided by the customer.
  2. 2. When being safe means being sorry. Extend your coverage, and improve your performance. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Not in apparel supply chain management, By utilizing the FedEx Supply Chain Services fulfillment network of where “safe” means having too much inventory and “sorry” means paying for strategically placed distribution locations, you can extend your coverage it. Maintaining safety stock and overstocking your distribution channels show and improve customer service in all aspects of your business. a lack of faith in your supply chain. That’s when you call FedEx Supply Chain Services and end up being safe and not sorry. The map below designates the locations of the distribution centers, optimally located around FedEx hubs and supported by integrated order/inventory Now you can manage and maintain networks of multiple SKUs and multiple visibility. This lets you provide your customers with reliable FedEx shipping and distribution points through a flexible, scalable, hub-based fulfillment system. delivery performance without you having to invest in warehousing, fulfillment You can respond quickly to changing market conditions through a distribution facilities, labor costs, and a technology infrastructure. network that gives you the speed and precision of local sourcing. And you can reap the ultimate benefits of world-class fulfillment resources: The maps on the facing page indicate the specific regions that can be serviced by one- or two-day service using FedEx Ground or FedEx Freight from the • Improved warehouse, inventory, and transportation management. respective network distribution location. With “normal” delivery in one or • Late order cut-off, emergency, and pick-pack-ship capabilities through two days, your customers will think you’ve built a top-notch fulfillment and outsourced warehouse network. distribution network. You’ll know that FedEx Supply Chain Services is providing • Rapid replenishment on short-cycle fashion items. the superior performance features that help you fulfill your customers’ • Higher order accuracy and very reliable on-time shipment and delivery. expectations. • Deliver service levels that are supported by the reliability of FedEx. • Increased inventory turns and decreased inventory carrying costs. • Improved fill rate. • Lower overall supply chain costs. • Better asset utilization. • Minimal production downtime. • The “added value” that makes for added profits. Fulfillment Network Locations WA ME MT ND OR VT MN NH ID SD NY MA WI WY CT RI MI IA PA NV NE NJ UT OH DE Chicago IL IN MD CA CO WV KS MO KY VA Houston NC TN Indianapolis AZ OK NM AR SC Memphis MS AL GA TX Nashville LA Reno FL Includes features of service and locations scheduled for Summer 2003 release.
  3. 3. Reno / Nashville Coverage Reno / Chicago / Memphis Coverage WA WA ME ME MT MT ND ND OR VT OR VT MN NH MN NH ID ID SD NY MA SD NY MA WI WI WY CT RI WY CT RI MI MI IA PA IA PA NE NJ NE NJ OH OH NV UT DE NV UT DE IL IL IN MD IN MD CA CO CA CO WV WV KS VA KS VA MO KY MO KY NC NC TN TN AZ OK AZ OK NM AR NM AR SC SC MS AL GA MS AL GA TX LA TX LA FL FL Reno / Indianapolis / Memphis Coverage Reno / Nashville / Chicago Coverage WA WA ME ME MT MT ND ND OR VT OR VT MN NH MN NH ID ID SD NY MA SD NY MA WI WI WY CT RI WY CT RI MI MI IA PA IA PA NE NJ NE NJ IN OH OH NV UT DE NV UT DE IL IL MD IN MD CA CO CA CO WV WV KS VA KS VA MO KY MO KY NC NC TN TN AZ OK AZ OK NM AR NM AR SC SC MS AL GA MS AL GA TX LA TX LA FL FL Reno / Memphis Coverage WA ME MT ND OR VT MN NH ID SD NY MA WI WY CT RI MI IA PA NE NJ OH NV UT DE IL IN MD 1 Day Service CA CO WV KS VA MO KY NC TN AZ NM OK AR SC 2 Day Service MS AL GA TX LA Using FedEx Ground or FedEx Freight. FL Includes features of service and locations scheduled for Summer 2003 release.
  4. 4. FedEx Fulfillment Services Distribution Distribution Center 1 Center 2 4 1 3 2 Customer Order Supplier End Management Customer System Distribution Distribution Center 4 5 Returns Center 3 Flow of information Flow of goods 1. Order is sent to FedEx via XML, Internet, customer calls, EDI and is processed by the FedEx Order Technology Functionality Management System. • Visibility: Complete inventory and order visibility across multiple facilities through 2. Order information is sent from FedEx Information Network and the visibility, connectivity, business network capabilities. rules, order administration functions are applied. • Connectivity: Operations and IT support infrastructure in place across multiple partners 3. Order is transmitted to the appropriate DC. The order is processed, picked and packed and shipped and locations. to the end customer. • Automated Business Rules: Executes processes, flags orders based on pre-set customer 4. The package is picked up by FedEx, scanned, and delivered to the end customer. requirements. 5. The FedEx customer is billed for the order. • Order Management and Executions: Order process from inception to delivery. 6. If the end customer decides to return the product, the returns are processed in reverse order and Process integrates order management system with warehouse management systems. delivered to the appropriate network distribution center. When you fill orders, you’re fulfilling expectations. To add efficiency, subtract complexity. Are you meeting your customers’ requirements for speed and accuracy? Have Simple arithmetic will tell you that the less you spend to fill orders, the more you given them a greater sense of confidence? Have you helped them fulfill profitable you’ll be. That’s why we simplify the whole process for you. In a their customers’ expectations? Because that’s how you’ll be judged. FedEx world of relentless competition, tight cash flow, shrinking margins, speed-to- Supply Chain Services helps you go beyond their expectations, with services market pressures, and on-line shopping, cutting capital and operating costs is that make fulfillment one seamlessly integrated operation. For instance, the key to staying competitive. synchronicity happens only when everyone is working with the same information. FedEx Supply Chain Services gives you that capability with FedEx Fulfillment Services makes it real simple. It’s an outsourced service that electronic linkages up and down the supply chain. Customers, vendors, may reduce or eliminate the need for capital investment in your fulfillment suppliers, and end users now have internally standardized communications infrastructure. Suddenly, order, warehouse, and inventory management configured to your method of business. In fact, flexibility is a hallmark of become less of an expense. The long-term labor commitment for pick, pack, this service. We integrate your business rules to seamlessly manage and and ship is gone. Even returns are no longer an issue because we handle execute your fulfillment operations. And by leveraging the worldwide return logistics as well. Best of all, you, your partners, and your customers are FedEx transportation and information infrastructures, you will have the always “in the loop” with customized dashboard details of real-time data the visibility and insight to gain more control over the planning and forecasting way you need to see it. of your business. It’s the kind of focus that turns “business as usual” into unusual efficiency. In short, you, the customer, feel sure instead of unsure, confident instead of So that in the end, you can simply be more profitable. anxious. And that’s a real feeling of fulfillment. To learn more about the fulfillment offering provided by FedEx Supply Chain Services, call 1.800.543.7657, or visit 2572FC © 2003 FedEx. All rights reserved. Includes features of service and locations scheduled for Summer 2003 release.