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  1. 1. SAT SAT Distribution Network Simulator To secure lean, agile and cost effective supply chain processes and distri- bution networks, SAT AG offers a simulation-based product, the „SAT Dis- tribution Network Simulator“, which is driven by leading-edge discrete event simulator Arena. The „SAT Distribution Network Simulator“ allows for dyna- mic modeling of supply chains and distribution networks, it integrates va- riability, uncertainty and stochastics in demand and transportation and de- termines the fill rates using a range of stocking and ordering policies. Product Description The „SAT Distribution Network Simulator“ • Enables to model complex supply chains and distribution networks in terms of nodes (facilities such as factories, distribution center, hubs) and arcs/routes (relationships): national, international, and intercontinental networks can easily be set up by a self-explanatory Graphical User Inter- face (GUI) • Provides a range of inventory stocking and ordering policies for all nodes • Enables extraction of demand/order profiles and network configuration data from standard data bases such as Access • Specifies arc/route characteristics in terms of ranges of ordering and shipment lead times • Runs simulations with existing or generated demand/order profiles for products • Enables what-if analysis on feasible policies using order fill rates as an indicator • Can be interfaced to MapPoint 2004 Object (Maps of Asia Pacific Region available) • in the output part of the GUI allows for drill-down into simulation results and comparison of scenario supported by Crystal Reports – regarding both, nodes and arcs/routes statistics with their KPIs • Drives down supply chain costs, improves service levels, and enhances profitability by comparison of the present policy with generated feasible policy • Can be customized with regard to specific customer requirements and application wishes, i.e. additional functionalities, granularity and complexity, for example, in warehouses and plants can be modeled in Arena, the simulation engine of the „SAT Distribution Network Simulator“ 2
  2. 2. SAT Architecture The „SAT Distribution Network Simulator“ consists of the following modular architecture as detailed below: • GUI Data Collector • GUI Demand Generator • GUI Network Builder • Arena® as Simulation Engine • GUI Simulation Reports and Drill-Down based on Crystal Reports SAT Distribution Network Simulator Graphical User Interface Node Data Collector Inventory stocking and ordering policies Network Builder Demand Generator Simulation Engine Arena® Simulation Results for Nodes and Arcs • Inventory Level per Node • Transportation Frequency and Costs per Arc/Route • Resource Utilization, Lead Times and Service Level per Scenario • Costs 3
  3. 3. SAT Graphical User Interface with Input, Output and Run Control Section Importing the List of Nodes with Attributes 4
  4. 4. SAT Placing the Nodes with Drag & Drop Definition of the Routing Table 5
  5. 5. SAT Defining the From-To-Matrix (also, MapPoint 2004 Object can interfaced) Setting Up the Distribution Network 6
  6. 6. SAT Importing the Demand/Order List Setting Up Simulation Run in Arena® 7
  7. 7. SAT Inventory Distribution in Nodes during Simulation Run in Arena® Transportation along the Arcs/Routes during Simulation Run in Arena® 8
  8. 8. SAT Drill-Down for Simulation Results within the Output Section Transportation and Order Statistics for a Month 9
  9. 9. SAT Node Statistics for a Day for Orders and Inventory profiles (Mean and stan- dard deviation of inventory, max stock levels) Areas of Application & Objectives of Strategic Planning The „SAT Distribution Network Simulator“ is a scenario-based strategic plan- ning tool and employs the discrete event simulator Arena to analyse the operational behaviour of a given (As-Is) or planned (Should-Be) supply chain or distribution networks. Model entities used, for example, are • Nodes (Factories, DCs, Hubs, and other facilities) • Arcs/Routes between the nodes • Processes & policies (inventory stocking and ordering) • Products and their demands • Transportation modes (trucks, ships, airplanes) • Shipments sizes • Service Levels With this architecture, the „SAT Distribution Network Simulator“ enables to generate dynamic simulation models of the most simple as well as the most complex supply chain and distribution networks. The „SAT Distribution Net- work Simulator“ then efficently supports: 10
  10. 10. SAT • the easy creation and robust strategic analysis of the entire supply chain or distribution network in a holistic view – supported by animation • Evaluates the effect of changes to the supply chain on cost, service and other factors • Allows for „Center of Gravity Studies“ – at which geographic location should distribution centers be placed to enable a cost-optimized network, especially with regard to transportation • Resource utilization and bottleneck analysis witin the network • Throughput improvements: better ccordination of material and capacity to prevent loss of utilization waiting for parts • Cycle/Lead time reduction: by considering constraints as well as its alter- natives in the supply chain or distribution network it helps to reduce cycle time and lead time • Inventory cost reduction: demand and supply visibility lowers require- ments of inventory levels against uncertainty • Optimized transportation and transportation cost reduction • Minimize overall costs while serving committed demand Costs The costs for the „SAT Distribution Network Simulator“ and simulation con- sulting are • „SAT Distribution Network Simulator“, includes Arena Professional Edition Euro 40.000.- • SAT Distribution Network Simulator“, Yearly Maintenance Euro 6.000,- • 3 Weeks of Training (1 Week Arena Training, 1 Week „SAT Distribution Network Simulator“, 1 Week special customization to market require- ments of the customer) Euro 16.500,- plus travel and hotel • Additonal Support from SAT is always possible at a daily rate of Euro 1.100,- 11