Open Sesame For 3PL


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Open Sesame For 3PL

  1. 1. Open Sesame™ A Gateway for 3PL Visibility that addresses end-to-end requirements in Supply Chain, Distribution Chain & Secondary Sales Tracking Mr.PVSR Murthy, Head (3PL Domain) Open Sesame™ 3PL Center of Excellence, India
  2. 2. Partners & Support Acumen is supported in terms of infrastructure, hardware & software by the Industry.
  3. 3. <ul><li>operates in 3PL space where it provides one platform for Manufacturing Plants, 3PL Service Providers, Sales Offices, Shipping & Commission Agents and most crucially the Customer Chain viz. Distributors, Wholesalers, OEM Buyers, etc. that are geographically spread all over the Country or World. </li></ul>H.O. OEM BUYERS H.O. PLANT I FIELD FORCE DISTRIBUTORS SALES OFFICES PLANT II 3PL SERVICE OPEN SESAME One Platform for Multiple User Groups
  4. 4. Supply Chain Distribution Chain Secondary Sales Corporate Messaging & Mailing Data Warehousing & Mining Functionality
  5. 5. Mfg Plant 1 Freight Forwarder Mfg Plant 2 Road Carrier Air Carrier 3 Freight Forwarder 4 4 Supplier 2 3 2 5 2. Supplier Orders Components 7 3PL Carrier B 6 1.Customer Places Product Order 3.Final Product Delivered To Customer 1 Buyer 2 3PL Business Process
  6. 6.      Seamless integration with SAP R/3, Oracle Financials, BaaN, J D Edwards & other legacy systems. Enables mobile commerce by providing seamless integration with Mobile Phones, PDAs & Pocket PCs. Automates Field Sales Force. SMS Alerts on Mobile Phones for various business events & corporate messages.    RFID Enabled A truly any-time-any-where solution integrating the supply & customer chain with the Manufacturer’s ERP systems leveraging on the information & market happenings.       Works in Multiple Currencies & languages simultaneously.       Extremely simple and easy-to-operate.       Transaction Documents & MIS Reports customizable through User Interface. Technical features
  7. 7. <ul><li>Acumen capabilities include deploying RFID technologies. </li></ul><ul><li>Electronic Product Catalog (EPC) tags used by the Mfg Plants are identified by the Readers to track & trace the Physical location of the shipment. </li></ul><ul><li>RFID transmits information about the EPC tags through Radio Frequency signals. </li></ul><ul><li>Tags store EPC data. </li></ul><ul><li>Reader captures the Serial Shipping Container Code and decodes the EPC </li></ul>Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Mfg Plant 1 Mfg Plant 2 Freight Forwarder Supplier Customer Carrier 1 Carrier 2 3PL Service Carrier 3
  8. 8. Data flow in RFID Scenario Supply Chain Map Manufacturer1 Freight Forwarder 1 2 Manufacturer2 Supplier 3PL Service Provider Buyer Carrier Carrier Carrier Carrier 3 4 Information Network 1 2 3 43 Event Registry EVENT DATA EPC V (SSCC Encoded) Location & Time Stamp RFID Reader EPC Tag Manufacturer 1 Shipment Ready Event (Location) (Container) Information Exchange Flow
  9. 9. e-mail Notifications / SMS Alerts Manufacturer 1 Manufacturer 2 Freight Forwarder Carrier Carrier Supplier 3PL Service Provider Carrier Carrier Customer Event Registry 5 5 1 2 3 4 Real Time Data storage at EPC Global Auto-Sending Of Event Data What Info How Often Send to whom Medium #? Event <ul><li>Auto-sending of event data to authorized partners via e-mails & SMS. </li></ul><ul><li>Business Associates determine exactly what information is needed , when and how. </li></ul>Supply Chain Map Information Network Information Exchange Flow
  10. 10. Features Effective Truck Management System ensures Prompt deliveries, optimisation of truck carrying capacity on a shortest route. Enables dispatch of Inventories on First-in-First Out basis Enables Shelf-Life Expiry Management. Identification of all fast moving inventories and subsequent storage in nearby locations in a Warehouse, thus cutting down the Picking time . Provides for Storage Location Address of Inventory. Identifies vacant Storage locations and permits blocking of space upon Inventory arrival. Prioritisation of orders shipment based on the lead period for supplies, helping in timely deliveries to customers. Enables Shipments through multi-mode transport with Shipping Agents being given access to update shipping information. Inventory transfer across multiple units of 3PL Service Providers.
  11. 11. Features (contd..) Automatic Indenting/Ordering upon Inventory reaching threshold limits ensures ‘ NO STOCK-OUT ’ situations at 3PL Service Providers/Distributors. Enables 3PL Service Providers/Buyers place Indents/Purchase Orders based on valid Bench Marks viz. Past Sales Performance, Inventory on hand, Inventory in pipe line, Sales-to-date, Orders on hand, etc. Customer’s Purchase Order can be captured through multiple sources. For ex. Distributor’s Desktop Accounting System, Mobile Phone, PDA. Event Escalation drives up efficiency in Order Processing system. Implements WORK FLOW for transaction processing & enables approval of documents. Enables Order & Goods Tracking by Customers. Provides visibility in Inventory carried across the Supply & Distribution Chain. Tracks Order Cancellations Patterns. Customers/Sales Force can check for Product Availability before placing/accepting Purchase Orders.
  12. 12. Features (contd..) Product Catalogue with drill down feature with search feature for latest releases. Provides information on Order Book, Shipments, Inventory and Sales & Receivables at the touch of a button up to the minute across the length and breadth of the business. Auto-Push Reports alleviates the plight of the not-so-tech- savvy Top Management cadres.
  13. 13.           Improvement in top lines as it helps in: Avoiding Stock-Out situations Tracking LOST SALES patterns that enable to remedy the situation.      Improvement in Bottom lines as it helps in      Avoids locking up of working capital in Slow Moving & Dead Inventories.     Reduction of the loss of obsolescence to zero as goods can be shipped on First-in-First-out basis.     JUST IN TIME inventories across the Supply & Distribution Chain.    Sustenance of delivery service levels, thus ensuring prompt and timely delivery through Distribution chain and maintaining 100% product availability across the chain while reducing Inventory. Reduction in transportation costs through effective Truck Management. Advantages
  14. 14.           Provision of stabilized plans to Mfg plants, suppliers & customers.   Production need not be on estimates anymore, as the supplies required are known well in advance thereby enabling need-based production planning. This helps in avoiding Inventory pile-up.   Value Creation by enabling businesses to reduce costs, increase revenue; service customers better and reduce chances of sale revenue losses.   Reduction in sales/marketing overheads by cutting all costly methods of communication like couriers and long distance telephony. ·   Increase in productive hours of sales personnel due to reduction in time spent on Administrative work. ·        Reduction in the error factors in managing business and situations going out of control on the mere excuse of lack of information. ·           Reduce the sales cycle period considerably. Advantages (contd..)
  15. 15.           Thank You You can reach PVSR Murthy on [email_address] +91-98490 11148