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  1. 1. Lean Bibliography This list includes print titles and e-books from Books24x7. First time users of Books24x7 must set their browser to accept all cookies and register for the service with their rpi.edu email address. Books24x7 will email your password. Association for Manufacturing Excellence Lean administration: case studies in leadership and improvement This first volume of a series covers the implementation of lean to administrative and office applications. It includes case studies in areas of leadership, organization, training, improving processes, and lean in healthcare. HD31 .L3265 2007 Baudin, Michel. Lean assembly: the nuts and bolts of making assembly operations flow With examples drawn from aerospace, electronics, household appliance, personal products, and automotive industries, this text covers the engineering of assembly operations. Books24x7 Baudin, Michel. Working with machines: the nuts and bolts of lean operations with jidoka This book explains how performance differences that can be observed between factories are due to the way people use the machines - from the human interfaces of individual machines to the linking of machines into cells, the management of monuments and common services, autonomation, maintenance, and production control. TS183 .B4325 2007 Burton, Terence T The lean extended enterprise: moving beyond the four walls to value stream excellence This unique and cutting-edge book discusses how to integrate the total value stream and achieve success through empowered people and teams, cultural transformation, and an integration of Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and enabling technologies. Books24x7 Claudio-Morales, Janice. Can a CMMI structured enterprise further improve its capability maturity level using lean software development? This thesis discusses how lean software development can use processes based in manufacturing to improve its productivity and quality and maturity level. RAH Eng. Seminar C615 2007. Cunningham, Jean E. Easier, simpler, faster: systems strategy for lean IT Case study of lean implementation involving an IT system of a mid-size manufacturer. The book explains what your company should do in regard to information systems as it implements lean, how to make IS a partner and how IS will eliminate its own waste. HD30.2 .C86 2007 Emiliani, M. L. Better thinking, better results: using the power of lean as a total business solution This is the first book to document an actual company's lean transformation over a ten-year period. It presents, in detail, what The Wiremold Company did to achieve its transformation and their results, both financial and non-financial. The book vividly shows how Wiremold applied lean principles and practices to the entire enterprise and throughout the value stream. The Wiremold Company achieved outstanding success in a short period of time by using lean as a comprehensive management system, rather than as a group of tools. The leadership lessons are invaluable for anyone involved with making the lean management system come alive in their company.
  2. 2. HD58.9 .E43 2003. Feld, William M. Lean manufacturing: tools, techniques, and how to use them Lean manufacturing allows a company to use half of the amount of labor, manufacturing space, investment tools, and engineering hours of normal mass production. This book gives the general manufacturing practitioner a reference guide by which to lead the successful design and deployment of a lean manufacturing program. The information is geared for operations with 300-500 employees, and is aimed at the plant manager, project manager or manufacturing manager. TS155 .F4985 2001 Fiore, Clifford Accelerated product development: combining lean and six sigma for peak performance Coupling proven concepts of Lean and Six Sigma with engineering processes of product development, this text's proven strategies and methodologies enable companies to reduce product development time, reduce product cost, and improve product quality. Books24x7 Fiore, Clifford Lean strategies for product development: achieving breakthrough performance in bringing products to market Fiore works for a big company adapting Six Sigma methodologies in engineering processes and the supply chain. He tells a story as an extended case study in applying the lean concepts widely used in manufacturing and production to product development HF5415.153 .F4 2003. Flynn, Brendan. Lean manufacturing and discrete event simulation This paper discusses the use of Discreet Event Simulation in conjunction with a lean manufacturing approach utilized at UTC Fuel Cells. Using reduced batch sizes works to meet customer demand instead of maximizing machine utilization. With minimal work in progress quality issues can be attended to more efficiently. RAH Eng. Seminar F648 2004 Gartland, Mathew. Applying lean principles to an engineering design service system This thesis is an analysis of a service design system using lean principles. It emphasizes process over results utilizing electronic project management communications tools. RAH Eng. Seminar G244 2005. George, Michael L. Lean Six Sigma for service: how to use lean speed and Six Sigma Quality to improve services and transactions The majority of books on Six Sigma and Lean explain only how to implement these techniques in a manufacturing environment. "Lean Six Sigma for Services" fills the need for a service-based approach, explaining how companies can cost-effectively translate manufacturing-oriented Lean Six Sigma tools into the service delivery process. TS156 .G474 2003 Hargis, L. PowerLight Corporation lean manufacturing, PV manufacturing R&D phase I report This is a report on a project to reduce cost of PowerGuard manufacturing while improving quality. It utilized world-class lean manufacturing techniques. Electronic Govt Pubs. Harris, Chris. Developing a lean workforce: a guide for human resources, plant managers, and lean coordinators
  3. 3. This book will walk you through a simple, step-by-step method for taking a mass production workforce - consisting of production associates, team leaders, and area supervisors - and turning it into a lean thinking workforce with the necessary skills, training, and attitude to march in a new direction...the direction of lean. HF5549 .H33818 2007 Hobbs, Dennis P., 1947- LEAN manufacturing implementation: a complete execution manual for any size manufacturer This manual illustrates the methodologies that will help you produce higher quality products at a lower cost with faster response times to result in improved profit margins and increased market share. Books24x7 Holweg, Matthias. The second century: reconnecting customer and value chain through build-to-order: moving beyond mass and lean production in the auto industry Looking beyond the dealer, factory and design studio to examine factors that have brought the auto industry to its current low point, this text discusses products and processes needed to bring about responsiveness to customer needs through build-to-order. Books24x7 Junewick, Mary A. LeanSpeak: the productivity business improvement dictionary The one-stop, concise dictionary to business lingo. Books24x7 Kister, Timothy C. Maintenance planning and scheduling: streamline your organization for a lean environment Including many examples and templates, this book shows the engineer, in a hands-on way, how to use planning and scheduling techniques to improve performance, cut costs, and extend the life of their plant machinery. Books24x7 Macchia, John. BackStreet Lean: solutions for the job shop, plant edition Through the successful application of Lean in the job shop, a group of world-class plants share their best practices and numerous photos from their shops. Books24x7 Maleyeff, John Improving service delivery in government with Lean Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma combines Lean and Six Sigma, such as customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, root causes and employee involvement emphasizing a high degree of training from upper management to the shop floor. JF1525.Q3 M35 2007. Middleton, Peter Lean software strategies: proven techniques for managers and developers Written for software engineers, developers, and leaders who need help creating lean software processes and executing genuinely lean projects, this book shows how the most advanced concepts of lean production can be applied to software development. Books24x7 Morgan, James M. and Liker, Jeffrey K. The Toyota Product Development System: Integrating People, Process, and Technology By comparing and contrasting the world-class product development process of Toyota with that of a U.S. competitor, this book analyzes the effective product development methodology that has made Toyota the most forward-thinking company in the industry. Books24x7
  4. 4. Morgan, Jeffrey Creating lean corporations: reengineering from the bottom up to eliminate waste This book uses a bottom-up approach in which the employees who perform the tasks are empowered to create and manage their own portions of the business process. Each task is defined using a task model that shows the input-output relationships between tasks and their sequence. This approach is essential for creating and improving business processes that are large and complex but still efficient. HD58.87 .M67 2005. Murman, Earll Lean enterprise value: insights from MIT's Lean Aerospace Initiative This book arises from the Lean Aerospace Initiative at MIT and provides a new agenda and vision for the aerospace industry to take it out of crisis. It also redefines and develops the concept of Lean as a framework for enterprise transformation. Books24x7 Tapping, Don. The LEAN assessment for job shops and small manufacturers, plant edition This unique tool book will provide your organization with a self-administering course of action that leads to necessary cost reductions required by customers. Books24x7 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency The lean and environment toolkit: identify and eliminate waste, reduce business costs and risk; improve environmental results. The EPA’s intent in developing this toolkit is to enable Lean practitioners to improve both their business performance and their environmental performance by identifying and eliminating environmental wastes at their organizations. The toolkit offers practical strategies and tools for integrating environmental considerations into Lean initiatives in ways that support Lean’s focus on the elimination of waste and non-value added activity. Vatalaro, James C. Implementing a mixed model Kanban system: the lean replenishment technique for pull production Addressing the need for kanban implementation guidance, this is a comprehensive, in-depth guide to implementing a kanban within the value stream. The book carefully explains each component of a kanban system within the context of pull production. Books24x7 Wincel, Jeffrey P. Lean supply chain management: a handbook for strategic procurement Wincel (Donnelly Corporation) shows how to integrate lean initiative tools with supply chain management techniques to develop an overall company strategy that achieves sustained cost and profit improvements. Two separate sections propose a process for making radical changes in companies experiencing financial crisis, and an integrated supply chain management plan for companies under normal conditions that is based on a balanced approach to cost, quality, delivery, and technology. HD38.5 .W56 2004. Womack, James P. Lean solutions: how companies and customers can create value and wealth together The authors establish the groundbreaking principles of lean consumption, showing companies how to eliminate inefficiency during consumption. Lean Solutions will inspire managers to take the first steps toward perfecting their company's process of giving consumers what they really want. HF5415.5 .W66 2005